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Ipkknd 5th novmber 2012 written updates 

Arnav and Khushi romancing and finally the moon comes out and Khushi runs out. Mami is talking to Mama on the phone and breaks her fast, other women are slowly breaking their fast as well, Payal is looking through the taali at Akash and Anjali is taking pictures of everything. Everyone finishes the breaking fast rituals, Anjali looks slightly upset and Nani consoles her, Anjali says she may be upset but is happy for everyone and she is fine. There is a hand coming out of the table and taking food, Anjali sees this in the camera and goes to the table. She sees that its NK and takes a photo, NK seems to have been cought with the taali and runs away, he then sees Sheetal through the taali, Mami comes in saying Karva Chauth in reverse and looks at Sheetal. Khushi then breaks her fast and questions Arnav about the challenge, Sheetal is looking on as Arnav is breaking KHushi’s fast with a Jalebi. Khushi sees Sheetal looking but Sheetal turns her back.

Khushi is at the poolside and is tidying up and wonders where the taal is. Sheetal is seeing all this from inside. Nani enquires about Arav but he is sleeping. As Arnav goes to sit down he sees Khushi outside and goes to get her to come in to eat. Sheetal states she will go and help Khushi, she comes th to Khushi for help but Khushi declines and states she cant find her taal. Sheetal wants to help and Arnav states for them to go as he will not eat without her. As Khushi is walking she is wondering about Sheetal. Sheetal gets her shawl out and looks at the moon through it, she calls Arnav’s name and looks at him through the shawl and makes excuses about a phone call. Khushi tells Arnav to go ahead and that she will be along in a while. She notices Sheetal going under the table and drinking water from her Taali and is shocked about what she is seeinga dn that Sheetal used her taal. This means Sheetal kept a fast for Arnav

Khushi asks where Arnav is taking her, he tells her he wants to give her something. Khushi talks to herself that she needs to speak to Sheetal. NK states that after fasting food tastes even better. Nani complements about his fasting and that he will get a good wife. Arnav tells Khushi to get ready as they are going out for dinner. Khushi says she is tired but Arnav wants to do something special for Khushi but she tells him to leave it and they will do it any other day. Arnav calls Aman to cancel the reservation. Khushi notices a envelope with her name and it seems like some legal documentation. Arnav tells her that her Dabba service is a legitimate company now. Khushi holds her ears and apologises and wonders how to fix it. She tries to think of ways to make it up but nothing matches, this makes Arnav laugh and he hugs her. Khushi asks what made him think of this, he wants her to be independent as one day he may not be there, Khushi gets upset with him talking like this. As they are about to leave Arav comes in asking for a favour.

Arav and Arnav are playing chess and everyone is watching. Payal states how Arav and Arnav look like each other. Nani states that she never realised how nicely he gets on with Arav. Khushi asks about Sheetal to Payal, Payal asks if Khushi ate well. NK asks for a glass of water. She then gets a letter from the servant and it’s the DNA report, she recalls her conversation with Arnav and wonders if this is Devi Maiyaa’s wish, she opens the letter and is apprehensive, she reads the letter and is shocked and teary about the results, she looks at both Arav and Arnav and back at the letter. Arav stating he will make Arnav lose, but Arnav states he wont lose. Arav does check mate and Aranv loses and they both clap hands.

Sheetal denies keeping Vrat and Khushi shouts that Sheetal did keep a vrat and that to for Arnav and shows her the document and states that Arav and Arnav are father and son.

IPKKND 3rd November 2012 Written updates MAHA EPISODE (( first Arshi romantic Karvachauth))

Episode starts with Aarav calling to Sheetal and she goes in. Khushi tells everyone else that Sheetal will manage alone. Aakash agrees and says, we should leave her alone for some time. Everyone agrees. Sheetal goes in Aarav’s room. He apologizes to her. Sheetal says to him, what will happen by saying sorry? Why don’t you listen to me? Why did you go there? What if anything happened to you? Aarav says, I want to meet dad. Sheetal says, even I want you to meet your dad, but everything doesn’t happen the way we want. Aarav says, not even once? Sheetal says, I am with you na.. what else you want? Aarav says, yea and they hug. Khushi is watching them and gets emotional.

Sheetal comes to the living room where whole Raizada family has gathered. She tells everyone, Aarav is fine now. Arnav apologizes to Sheetal. She says to him, you don’t need to apologize and I will take care from next time. Manorama reminds everyone, tomorrow is Karva-Chauth. Sheetal gets excited and says, even I forgot. She then goes somewhere. Khushi explains Nk, it’s one of the most important days for a wife. Arnav says, yea right.. and leaves from there. Nk asks what happened to him? Khushi says, he doesn’t believe in this day. Anjali gets lost in some thoughts. Khushi sees her and holds her hand. Anjali says, yes and it’s first Karva-Chauth of my two bhabhis. Payal says, I will definitely keep this fast, am not sure about Khushi. Khushi says, why not? I will also keep this fast. She then prays God to help her in keeping this fast.
All bahus are getting mehendi done in their hands. Anjali is putting mehendi on Khushi’s hand. Nk is putting mehendi on Manorama mami’s hand. Sheetal comes there and asks, wow can I put mehendi too? Mami says, you kept fast too? Sheetal says, no I just like mehendi. Nani then puts mehendi in Sheetal’s hand. Khushi gets lost in thoughts and looks at Sheetal. Khushi’s mehendi is done and she’s going upstair where she sees Aarav. She tells him, you should be resting.. what are you doing here? Aarav says, I am fine and why everyone is making noise? Khushi says, it’s Karva-Chauth tomorrow so all bahus are getting mehendi done in their hands. Aarav says, oh yes.. it’s the festival when mumma fasts. Aarav now goes to Sheetal. Khushi is in her room and eating one last time before midnight like she has never seen food before. She is talking to herself while eating. She says, on one side Sheetal says she is not keeping this fast, and on the other side Aarav says, she keeps this fast. And if she does this fast, then for who? Arnav comes there and asks her what’s going on? Khushi says, I am eating as much as I can until midnight, so I don’t remember about all this tomorrow. read full update with pictures only at Arnav says, okay. And then he tries to eat too, but Khushi tells him, don’t touch this food.. it’s for me. Arnav tells her, who told you to do all this? Khushi says, why not? All wives keep this fast for their husbands long life. Arnav says, I don’t believe in all this. Khushi says, but I do believe and she tells him to learn something from Salman Khan who keeps fast for her wives in all his movies. Arnav asks, so you want me to fast? Khushi says, no.. else you will get sick. Arnav tells her, you can’t keep this fast. Khushi says, you don’t know me properly yet.. once I commit then … and then some sounds come from her stomach. Arnav laughs and challenges her that she can’t fast. Khushi asks, what kind of husband you are? Arnav says, if I win then no fasting from next time. Khushi agrees.

All ladies are cooking in kitchen where Nani tells them, why are you helping me? I should be preparing all this alone for all my bahus. Khushi says, we are helping so all food get prepared faster. Anjali says, it is so much fun.. wake up early .. prepare food like this and eat in morning.. and then don’t eat anything whole day. She then tells everyone not to worry.. at least no one is betraying now.. and she is very hapy now. In the background, mami is snoring. She opens her eyes and asks if food is ready or no. Nk also wakes up early to encourage all bahus. Nani gives some gifts to bahus and they do other rituals. Khushi tells everyone to eat as much as they can because sometimes moon take forever to show up. All these remind Nani of her husband. Khushi says, and my husband.. snoring and sleeping there. Sheetal comes there now and she wows seeing Kheer. She says, it’s my favorite desert.. can I eat? Anjali invites Sheetal. Sheetal sits down beside Nani who feeds her Kheer. This reminds Khushi how Nani said that it’s ritual that sasuma feeds her bahu first. Khushi says, yesterday night mehendi and now kheer.. isn’t it like she’s keeping this fast? and if she is.. then for who?

Khushi is dreaming.. Arnav breaking fast of Sheetal and Arnav says, awesome-threesome. When Arnav is about to give a hug to Sheetal.. Khushi says to Sheetal, you witch. Khushi gets up all of a sudden. She says to herself, now she started coming in my dreams too. She wonders how she will do this fast. She says, husbands should fast too. She says, it’s okay.. I will do it. I won’t think about gol gappe, jalebis.. she says to herself, you will have to do this.. else Arnav will win. She worries how the day will pass.. she has to kpep this fast and on top of that find out what’s going on with Sheetal.

She comes downstairs where everyone is at dining table. Arnav is eating his breakfast. Khushi asks Arnav, will you eat all this? Arnav says, so? I don’t have any fast. Manorama gets excited seeing all the food. She says, should I break my fast? Khushi also has water in her mouth and wants to eat. Mamiji somehow controls herself and leaves from there. Nk is not eating anything either. He says, how much you will torture me? And then he says, I mean Khushi ji. Nk sees Sheetal coming there, and says, you have to do so much for you love. When Sheetal comes there, he says, I also kept this fast so I get a good wife. Anjali asks him, what kind of wife do you want? Nk looks at Sheetal and says, I want a wife that is modern from outside, but traditional from inside, an independent, etc.. and the one who loves playing basketball. Anjali says, basketball? Isn’t it a strange demand? Nk says, someone with whom you get happy when talking. Khushi and Nk ask Sheetal to have breakfast too, but Sheetal says, I don’t eat such oily food in the morning. She leaves from there. Anjali asks Arnav to eat another food saying it’s delicious. Khushi closes her eyes and says to Anjali, you both brother and sister are alike. She leaves from there. Nk follows her. Anjali and Arnav laugh. Anjali says to Arnav, it was so much fun.. but why are we doing this with Khushi? Arnav says, you know I don’t believe in all this. We can’t decide how much a person can live doing all this.. fasting and stuff.

Khushi is talking with herself and says, I know he is doing all this purposely. But I won’t give up. Mami also says, I won’t give up. They two sit down together on a side where no one can bother them. But Arnav comes there with a bowl in his hand. He asks Khushi to make aalu-ke-pakode for him. Khushi has no choice.. she goes to the kitchen. Arnav is in the kitchen as well.. Khushi tells him, I will tell Hariprasad to make them. Arnav says, no.. I want the ones made by my wife.. no one makes them like her. Arnav slowly slowly says the recipe and how Khushi makes them so khushi gets excited. In end he says, and then me and you eat them together. Khushi gets excited and says, I will make them right now. After pakores are ready.. Khushi says, let me taste one. And then she realizes that she is doing a fast. She asks Arnav, why are you doing this with me? She gives them to Arnav, but he says.. I don’t want them now. He leaves. Khushi is looking at the pakores. Arnav comes back and tells her, no one is watching.. you can have one. He leaves. Khushi controls herself and doesn’t eat.

Arnav is sitting outside with his family. Khushi comes there with pakores and says, I specially made for Arnav. She then says how spicy they are and stuff. Nk and Manorama tell her, we were with you in the morning and now how can you do this with us? Khushi asks Arnav to eat but he says, no way..they are so oily. He says, give them to Sheetal… she is our guest. He leaves. Khushi is curious to know if Sheetal eats them or no. Sheetal makes excuses that Aarav has homework. But everyone forces her so she takes a plate and says, I will eat in my room while helping Aarav with his homework. Khushi also goes somehwere. Nk says, don’t know when this moon will come out. Nani says, there’s still time.

Khushi is wondering if Sheetal would have eaten those pakores or no. Aarav doesn’t like them, just like Arnav, so he won’t eat them. She then says, it wouldn’t be difficult to find out. She goes to Sheetal’s room and says, I just came to see what work needs to be done for diwali. She’s then going around the room to search for the empty plate. She finally sees the empty plate below bed and has a sigh of relief. She leaves from there happily. She goes outside and sees Hariprasad. He says to her, your pakores were awesome. Khushi says, what? You ate those pakores? Hariprashad says that Sheetal gave them to him as she didn’t want to eat them. Khushi says to herself, that means Sheetal kept this fast. And why is she hiding? It can only mean one thing.. the person who she kept fast for.. is in this house only.

It’s evening now. All guests are in and everyone is waiting for moon to come out. Nani introduces Sheetal to the guests. One of the guests asks Sheetal, what does your husband do? Sheetal makes excuse that she has to see Aarav and leaves from there. Khushi goes to the pool side to see if moon came out. Arnav is on the phone with someone there, but Khushi doesn’t see him yet. Khushi sees food in front of her eyes and gets excited. Arnav brings food in front of her and asks her to eat.. he says, no one is watching. Khushi gets furious and says, what do you think.. I am keeping this fast just for show off? All this seem a joke to you right? Yes, I agree that I am hungry and I am thinking about food over and over.. but forgive me.. all this might be joke for you.. not for me. I want to keep this fast. Arnav says, okay I am sorry. Khushi continues, I want to stay happy with you for forever.. and I believe that forever will get longer by keeping this fast.. can’t you understand? Arnav gives her a hug and says, I am sorry. Can I do something to make you feel better? Khushi points at the sky and asking to bring moon indirectly. Arnav turns her around and asks her to look into the water. Khushi sees her own face and smiles.

A song plays in background. Arnav kisses Khushi’s hand. And then they dance. Arnav carries her and is about to kiss her. But Khushi gets shy and just hugs him. She says to him, it’s a very special day for me today. Arnav asks, why special? Khushi says, because it’s my first Karva-Chauth vrat today and it is for your longer age. And I will keep it every year. Arnav asks her, can all this happen just with one fasting? Khushi says, I believe in it so.

Khushi is then opening something and it goes into her eyes. Arnav blows into her eyes to take that out. He then snatches pooja’s thaal from her. Khushi asks him to return it to her, but he doesn’t and he again tries to kiss her. But Khushi smartly takes it back from him. She tries to run away but her earing gets stuck into Arnav’s shirt’s button which reminds her of a similar incident that happened before. Arnav then points at the sky signaling moon is out, but it hasn’t. Khushi then runs away from there and is about to fall down. Arnav quickly catches her and says, I will keep taking care for forever.
Episode ends with Arnav and Khushi’s smiling faces.

Precap: Moon is out and Sheetal looks at the moon first. She then shouts, Arnav so he looks at her. She quickly looks back to him through her dupatta and breaks her fast after looking at his face. Khushi notices all that.

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