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  28th september 2012 written updates (( arnav& khushi marriage completed)) 

Episode starts with Arnav telling Khushi that there is nothing beside hate, betrayals, and pain (with her). Khushi loses her balance and is about to fall down on the ground but Arnav quickly catches her.

Arnav says to her, Khushi.. by making me stand here.. you gave me answers of all my questions. Shyam is worried for some reasons and is calling someone. He tells someone something on phone. Blood from Arnav’s head fall on Khushi’s head, where you do sindhoor. Arnav continues, I am sorry.. Khushi. I got little late in coming but I had to come na. Everyone is happy now. Arnav says to Khushi, I want to marry you. I want to spend all my moments with you. Khushi hugs him and Rabba Ve plays in background. Khushi seems very happy and is smiling big.

Khushi says, I knew you will come.. you wouldn’t leave me alone. Arnav says, I told you na.. I won’t be able to live without you. Khushi then touches his forehead where he has got injured. On a side, Shyam asks Anjali, Arnav is doing all this purposely right? Don’t take me wrong. I really want this marriage to happen, but after knowing this truth.. will they be able to live with each other? Anjali is looking at Arnav-Khushi and says, no Shyam ji.. their relationship is not that weak. Nani says to Arnav, I am with you.. this is biggest decision of your life, but after this.. don’t do anything that would hurt Khushi. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav says, Nani.. you all wanted me to forget my past and move on right? That’s what I am doing. He holds Khushi’s hand and taking her somewhere. But Dadi stops them. Dadi says, even after knowing Garima is responsible for your mother and dad’s death? Arnav says, I can’t change whatever that’s happened. Dadi says, no one can change the truth. How can you marry Khushi? Arnav says, biggest truth is that I love Khushi a lot. Thorns kept hurting me.. but I can’t punish flowers (roses) for that. My mother told me this long time ago.. but I understood it today. He then pushes Dadi’s hand away from Khushi’s hand and tells her, I think you should also forget everything and move on. Dadi says, but all this that Garima did..Arnav says, she didn’t do anything.. it was all my father’s fault. He was married, but still he kept relationship with two women and betrayed them. And when he couldn’t face his mistake.. he committed suicide.

He continues, your way of thinking is wrong and if you can’t change that then maybe you should leave from here. Dadi gets angry and is leaving from there. Khushi stops her and says, your elder of this house and without your blessings I… Dadi says, blessings and to you? Only because of you I’m separated from my grandson and whole family. Dadi looks at Arnav and says, remember.. you will regret for your this decision in coming days. Khushi still tries to stop Dadi, but Arnav tells her.. let her (dadi) go. Dadi leaves from there now.

Arnav again takes Khushi’s hand in his hand. Nk says, Nannav you entered late.. but your entry was mind-blowing.. like a bomb. Nk goes to get priest back.

Khushi and Arnav are in a mandap now. They exchange flower malas. When Khushi is about to put mala on Arnav.. Aakash carries him up, but in end Khushi puts mala on Arnav. Everyone seems very happy. Arnav and Khushi now sit down. Anjali ties their knot. Priest reads all the mantras and they do all rituals. Arnav puts mangal-sutra on Khushi. And then does sindhoor to her. Shyam is not liking all this. Priest asks them to stand up now for pheres. They starts their pheres and everyone throws flowers on them, some happily (mostly everyone).. some not too happily (Manorama). After couple of pheres, Khushi comes in front now and they resume their pheres. and THEY ARE FINALLY MARRIED NOW!!!!

Khushi is about to say to Arnav, I.. Arnav says, I know and I love you a lot too. He then kisses her on forehead and they hug. They now take blessings from the elders. When they take blessings from Garima, she asks Arnav to forgive her. He says, you don’t have to apologize. .I am forgetting my past and starting a new beginning. It’s better if our past don’t come between us in future. Khushi hugs Garima. Buaji tell them, to be with each other like ALWAYS. Khushi and Arnav then have an eyelock.

Raizada family is back to their house. Nani does aarti of Khushi and Arnav. Arnav is just smiling. Nk tells him, get serious.. all these rituals are very important.. without them no entry for you. Nani gives a gift to Khushi. Now it’s Manorama’s turn.. she doesn’t want to give gift but in end she gives gift to Khushi and welcomes her. Khushi tries to say something to her but Manorama says, there is nothing greater than Arnav’s happiness for me, understand?

Now Khushi kicks a rice pot, puts her legs in red colored. and finally enters the house. Aakash stops and asks Arnav, did you forget our house’s tradition? Anjali says, leave it.. I don’t think Khushi will be able to take it. Khushi asks, what kind of tradition? Nk says, whatever kind of tradition it is.. you will have to do it right. Payal says, why are you bothering my sister? Khushi then asks Arnav, what kind of tradition? Arnav then carries her. Khushi says, what are you doing? You’re injured. Arnav says, I am not that injured either that I can’t carry my wife. He then takes her inside.

That’s the end of the lovely episode.

Precap: Arnav and Khushi are in their room. Khushi is putting medicine on Arnav’s head. There is a camera in their room from which Shyam is watching everything. Shyam says, I haven’t given up yet saale sahab (Arnav)…good players always have second plan ready if one fails.

 27th september 2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Arnav at place where he had planted plants with his mother and screaming. He’s crying. He then sees a rose which reminds him of his mother. How blood started coming out from his mother’s finger and he broke that plant of roses. His mother asks him what are you doing, chote? He says, this rose hurt you and now I will destroy it. She says, no son, you don’t do this.. this flower hasn’t matured fully and if you break now then it will die right? It needs lots of care and love right now. He says, I can’t love any thing that has hurt my mother. She says, sometimes we can’t see the difference in right and wrong, but always remember.. don’t hurt something that’s near your heart. She continues, see in this case, mistake was its thorn’s but you are taking out anger on rose, and you got hurt too in this. He says, I don’t care. She says, you should never hurt to someone that loves you and whom you love as well. You shouldn’t punish someone else for others mistake. He says, for me only you matter.. I don’t care.

Back to present. Arnav is holding a rose in his hand and thinking about Khushi. He then throws away that rose and leaves from there. On the other side, Khushi is thinking about Arnav and how he said that him and Khushi are one already.. Khushi is his wife and his mother’s daughter-in-law already. She is still sitting in mandap. Garima goes to her and asks Khushi to forgive her. She says, I tried a lot not to come between your marriage but.. Khushi turns away her face from Garima.

Arnav is driving his car somewhere.

Nk is trying to call Arnav but he’s not picking up. Buaji signals Payal to go to Khushi. Payal asks Khushi to go to home but she doesn’t move or say anything. Buaji also goes to Khushi now and says, he won’t come.. until when you will wait. If he had to come then he would be here by now. Khushi says, he will definitely come, buaji. He promised me.. I will have to wait for him. Manorama interferes and says, you should go to your home. It’s the end of you and your mother’s game. Anjali tries to stop Manorama but she says, why should I stop? Arnav is not going to come now. Khushi still says, Arnav will definitely come. Shyam says in his mind, say as many as times you want but he will not come.

Garima and Buaji are forcing now Khushi to get up, but she says no.. I must wait for him. Buaji says, have you gone crazy? Your Arnav won’t come here now. He left you alone here in mandap. Khushi says, he can’t do this. Payal says, everyone tried calling Arnav but he didn’t answer to anyone. He knows you’re waiting here right? If he wanted to come then he would have came here long time ago. They are forcing Khushi to go home. Khushi gets mad this time and says, I can’t go home. If Arnav comes here and doesn’t see me here, then he will think that I have no faith in him. I can’t break his faith. Today is my marriage.. I can’t go. Buaji now slaps Khushi.

Buaji says, why are you not understanding? Get out of this madness of love and face the truth. Arnav won’t come. Everyone has left from here. Fire also has gone off now. Khushi still doesn’t give up. She says, there is still some smoke left in fire.. I and Arnav were going to get married in front of this marriage and I won’t leave from here until this fire completely goes out. My heart says, he will definitely come.

Arnav is still driving.. faster and faster and thinking about his mother’s incident. He also thinks about his moments with Khushi. How she cares so much about him.. how he worries so much for her. And now he thinks about the moment when Garima’s truth came out. He seems helpless and doesn’t know what to do. He’s driving carelessly thinking about all these incidents.

Now incidents when he got kidnapped come in front of his eyes.. and when Khushi almost fell down. He shouts Khushi.. and then he realizes a truck is coming to his car. On the other side, Khushi gets worried and shouts Arnav ji.. Arnav ji. Arnav tries to get his car out of the way and he succeeds but his car hit to a tree. Khushi is shouting Arnav ji.. Arnav ji.. Nk stops her. She says, I am telling you something happened to Arnav.

Nk requests her to stop it. Khushi now sees all smoke going off and she runs there saying, noo.

Arnav is pretty much unconscious now after his car hitting to a tree. Blood is coming out from his head. He says, “maaa” and then his eyes get closed.

Break 1..

Khushi comes near fire and all smoke has gone completely now. She cannot believe it. She is broken now. Nani says, my daughter and goes to her and hugs her. Nani tells her not to lose hopes.. Arnav will definitely come. Khushi gets up and starts walking.

Break 2..

Garima comes down on her knees and says, where are you going my daughter, Khushi? Khushi turns back and says, amma (mother). She is going to her and suddenly Arnav is there holding her saaree.

Everyone is shocked seeing him there. Nani asks him how he got hurt. Khushi says, I knew you had an accident. She tries to touch him but Arnav goes back. Nk asks Arnav, where were you? Arnav says, I was searching for answers. He says to Khushi, when I fell in love with you.. I didn’t know our past was connected.

He continues, I didn’t know my past, from which I was running, would come out like this on my marriage day. I am here today just because of you where there is only pain, betrayals, hate and nothing else.

Episode ends.

26th september 2012 written updates 

The show begins with DADI scolding Garima telling she is the reason for her son-daughter’s death.
Garima tells dont punish my daughters for my sin. I am ready to bear any punishment.
DADI: what was Anjali-Arnav’s fault ? Like for your sin my children faced trouble same will your daughters face …
DADI geos forward and takes off bangles from Khushi’s hand and tells from today YOU HAVE NO RELATION WITH ANRA or MY FAMILY.
DADI tells guest to leave what are they waiting for…
Garima ask for forgiveness but DADI says she wont and leaves…

Nani tells Garima she is confused wheather to forigve her or not !
She lost her daughter.
Manorama goes on scolding … I too dont believe.
Payal tells if my mom is problem, my sister wont have any relation then I too cant belong with Raizada family.

DADI is about to put off the AGNI fire by pouring water. Khushi shouts NO, she runs towards DADI and holds her hand to stop her from pouring water.
Khushi tells today is her love’s examination, Arnav will come, he loves her more than himself. So she sits infront of fire waiting for Arnav, but the fire goes offf…
Garima cries in despair and Payal holds her.

Arnav on the other hand is in delimma, he remembers his moments with Khushi. HE cries too…
Khushi on the other hand is still waiting for Arnav…

Anjali cries .. Shyam tries to console Anjali. Shyam tells Arnav might be in too much tension we should look for him. Anjali ask Akash & NK to go and look for Arnav as his phone has been out of contact.
Payal tells Khushi to get up… from pandal… Akash brings water for Khushi but she doesn’t drink,., she is adamant .. Arnav will come. Nani is looking all these and crying. How will Arnav face all these…
Akash tells everything will be fine.

NK comes and tells Nani to be strong and gives her medicine. He requests Manorama to stop being bitchy in this situation as everyone is tensed.


Garima cries in front of her husband tells him to believe her. She didn’t know he was married. It was all in past before meeting him.
Bauji tells Garima will Arnav believe ? What will happen to this house now ?
Khushi tells Payal dont worry, Arnav will definitely come…
Garima, Bauji, Baba cries seeing Khushi going hysteric.


Khushi sees everyone crying … She tells Payal do you think Arnav will not come ?
Khushi goes on… She will scold him… for being late…
Khushi ask Payal: What if he doesn’t come back… ?
Payal has no answer…

Arnav still hearing DADI’s voice saying its Garima who spoiled your life … your parents life…
Arnav gets angry and breaks the benches… and shouts… Aagggh…
He truns back and slowly walks and finally breaks down crying …
Arnav cries a lot …

Episode ends

25th september 2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Dadi showing Garima’s photo with Arnav’s dad to Arnav. Arnav is shocked. Dadi asks Arnav, after knowing this, will you still be able to live your entire life with Khushi? Will you be able to take saat-phere with Khushi? Dadi says, tell me.. I want to know your answer. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Dadi says, I just found today when I saw this photo. I can’t stay with anyone from that family. That woman who took away everything from our family, how can I even let her shadow be on this family? Arnav still quiet.. Dadi says to him, my son, your father, was everything for me and that’s why I can’t keep any relationship with that family. Now what you have to do is your own decision.

Outside, everyone is waiting for Arnav. Nk is trying to call him but Arnav is not picking up. Shyam says, he must be stuck in traffic.

Back to the room where Arnav and Dadi are. Arnav is thinking about the incident with his mother. And on the other hand, he is thinking about that night he spent with Khushi. He seems to be angry with himself and he leaves from there.

On the other side, Khushi all ready in bride’s clothes, wonders where Arnav is. She then sees a car coming in and gets happy. She says, here he is. Buaji also sees car and gives news to everyone that Arnav is here. But it’s only Dadi who comes out of the car. She comes in to the wedding hall.

Garima is standing there with aarti. Everyone is searching for Arnav, but he is no where there. Nk goes to check car but he is not in car either. In the room, Khushi is very happy and she says, I have to scold him.. why did he take so much time. Buaji tells her, you can’t see him.. but Khushi doesn’t stop and runs to the main hall. Nk tells everyone, Arnav is not in car. Anjali asks Dadi where is Arnav. Khushi also comes there now and asks Dadi.. will he come in different car? Dadi is all quiet. Nani now asks Dadi about Arnav. Dadi is staring at Garima and smiling. Khushi goes to Dadi and asks her, did anything to happen to Arnav? No right? Then why he didn’t come?

Dadi looks at Garima and says to her, you really thought that he will come to this wedding hall? Garima says, how is this possible? Dadi says to her, after what you did with my family.. how did you even think that I would let this marriage happen? Khushi and others are clueless. Shyam is happy. Dadi continues, how did you even think that I would let you have all this happiness in return for sadness and pain that you gave to us? Khushi asks Dadi, what are you talking about? What happened? Dadi says to her, you should ask all this to your mother, not me. Garima says to Dadi, but you said you forgave me? You lied to me? Dadi says, yes.. I lied because I wanted to hurt you same way you hurt to us. I wanted to you know the pain.. Because of you.. I had seen such days too. Everyone is wondering what’s going on.

Khushi asks Dadi, but what’s my mother’s fault in this? Dadi continues, it hurt me even more when my son and bahu committed suicide. And it was all because of you (Garima). Anjali asks Dadi, what are you saying? Nani also says to Dadi, you must have misunderstood. Khushi asks Garima, why Dadi is saying all this? Dadi says, because this is same Garima who trapped my married son in her love. Everyone is shocked!!!

Dadi continues, this is same Garima because of whom my family destroyed.. becaues of whom my Arnav and Anjali got orphans. Khushi says, this is not truth.. this is lie.. She asks Garima, it’s all lie right? Garima is just crying. Dadi says to Khushi, so got your answer?

Anjali goes to Garima and asks her, why did you do this with my mother? Why? She didn’t do any mistake.. Anjali is crying. Khushi again asks Garima. Garima says, Khushi.. please believe me .. I didn’t know he was married and he had two kids. If I knew then all this wouldn’t happen. Dadi says to Garima, you knew everything and you still did all this intentionally. She asks her, you know what we call woman who has an affair with a married man right? You’re that kind of cheap woman. Khushi asks Dadi to stop.

Khushi tells Dadi, you can’t talk like this with my mother. When she’s saying she didn’t know he was married then she must have not know about it. My mother doesn’t lie. I have faith in my mother.. I know my mother very well.. she didn’t hurt anyone intentionally. Garima is emotional seeing Khushi’s confidence in her. Dadi says, if it’s like that then.. Anjali continues, why you didn’t tell us about this before?

Dadi asks Garima to answer Anjali.. why you didn’t tell truth before? Why you kept hiding yourself? Nani also asks.. why you didn’t tell truth before? If you had then may be we could.. Garima says, I wanted to but I couldn’t. What could I say? I was afraid that Khushi would lose her happiness. I am a mother in end.. Dadi says, if you were a mother then you wouldn’t take Anjali and Arnav’s mother away from them. You’re just a cheap and greedy woman. Khushi asks Dadi to stop.

Khushi tells Dadi, you can’t say like this. I understand your feelings.. your pain to lose your son.. your pain to lose your bahu.. I know very well how it feels when you don’t have your parents with you. But I also know that my mother can’t be responsible for all this. Manorama says, she is responsible for all this. Because of her, Arnav’s parents are no more. Aakash asks Manorama to stop. Payal steps up and says, I know my mother was quiet because of me and Khushi. Dadi says, I don’t care about all this.. all I know is you’re (Garima) responsible for my son and bahu’s death.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi takes out bangles from Khushi’s hands that she gave to her. Dadi says, from today you have no relationship with Arnav and our family.

24th september 2012 written updates 

Buaji and Garima talking about the wedding preparations, Buaji then wonders what Khushi is up to, she is on the phone to caterers talking about ice cream and making sure there are sugar free food available for Arnav and that she wants roses for her wedding. Buaji tries to intervene but Khushi interrupts and tells them their clothes are ready. Buaji tells Khushi to calm down its her wedding. Khushi says she knows and her stuff is ready as well. Garima says whether they have seen a bride like this, Buaji says well Arnav is not a normal groom either.

Anjali is helping with preparation, NK is fast asleep and everyone is trying to wake him up, Payal asks if he watched all the hindi films. He says he is researching all the rituals to take part. He asks where the horse is because the youngest member rides the horse with the groom. Anjali says that this is a modern wedding so it will be a car. NK has a bag with him and Anjali asks about it, he replies he has stolen the shoes as per the film, Mami says he cant steal the shoes, he asks how much money he should ask, Anjali informs that the girl side steal the shoes and the guys have to protect them. Payal asks for the shoes stating she will keep them safe.

Nani enquires about Akash and Arnav, anjali replies they have gone for a fitting. She then enquires about Dadi but she is not seen anywhere
Garima gives jhumkes to Khushi. They have an emotional moment, Garima tells her when she brought her she was very scared that Khushi will not accept her, but that day Khushi cried for her mom, Khushi hugged her and went to sleep. Garima thanks Khushi for accepting her as her mother, even though she is aunt she tried her best to be her mother. Khushi says Garima cant cry, she is a different type of bride and Garima is a different type of mother
Nani comes and asks why Dadi is not ready and she cant wear white to the wedding. Dadi continues with her prayers and does not answer.

Preparations are still on going in the RM house. Akash and NK heloing with the clothes, Arnav does not want to wear the pagri. Khushi calls Arnav but NK takes the call , he replies that if Anrav had the phone he will be busy with calls, Anrav wants to get the phone but NK doesn’t give it, he tells khushi that Arnav is busy. Anjali talks to Khushi about getting ready. Anrav wants to speak but no one gives the phone to him, Khushi wants to speak to Arnav but no one passes the phone. Nani tells them that Arnav will be coming with Dadi. Arnav finally gets the chance to speak to Khushi, he asks if she is okay. (seems like Barun has a sore throat) he asks if she is okay after yesterday, she replies there isn’t a moment they spent together that she regrets. She tells him to come on time and not to make her wait at least today. He agrees to come on time
Anjali telling Arnav that Khushi will now be his after today.

Someone comes with a saree for Dadi to wear to the wedding.
Khushi is looking beautiful in her attire. She is wearing her bangles and saying she got those bangles from Dadi and the Arnav bought her bangles as well. She hears the car and tries to run to see but Payal tells her to calm down and act like a bride. Khushi asks Nani were Arnav is and Nani replies only they have come, Anjali states that Arnav will come with all the band baja in style, and only then will Arnav come to her. Buaji telling that Khushi has been doing everything herself, Nani tells her to remain the same. NK comes and says something to Arnav, Khushi confused asking why he should hide the shoes, Anjali then asks about the explanation that she had give him. NK saying he is not enjoying any rituals. Buaji tells him that he should get married, NK gets a shock. Buaji saying no one here knows who is from groom’s side and who is from bride’s side. Anjali tells Khushi this moment is the most apprehensive, only a small time left and they will be together. Khushi then accidently makes the bangles fall on the floor and she is shocked to see this.

Arnav has a bracelet in his hand and is about to leave when Dadi comes in, he enquires why she isn’t ready, and she says she will not go or get ready. She wants to tell Arnav something Dadi says they must talk now, he wants to speak in the car, but she wants to do it the discussion now. He wants to get to the wedding. Dadi says that after hearing what she has to say he can decide whether to get married today or not. Arnav is getting angry at Dadi and is about to leave but Dadi stops him. He tells her to stop and Khushi is waiting for her. Dadi wants to show Anrav the picture, Arnav saying he doesn’t want to play games with Dadi and the other day she accepted her. Dadi tells Arnav that after knowing the truth he would not want to marry Khushi, Arnav replies if that’s the case then he doesn’t want to know such a truth that will separate him with Khushi. Arnav says he will not tolerate Khushi being humiliated, Dadi then asks what about the humiliation her mother will get if he marries Khushi. Dadi then tells Arnav that Garima is the reason his mother and father killed themselves. Arnav is shocked and then Dadi shows the picture of Garima and her dad.

PRECAP – Dadi asking whether he will not marry Khushi and spend the rest of his life with her.

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