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Written Update 30-07-2012 

Episode starts with Arnav on the floor and Khushi on top of him. Buaji and Khushi’s mother come there and ask Khushi to take him inside. Khushi says Buaji has magic in her hand and she will do the massage but Arnav says it’s fine. Khushi’s mum says Khushi also has magic in her hand she will do the massage. Arnav agrees this time.

Arnav and Khushi in room. Khushi comes with some kind of oil and Arnav says what the. Khushi says not what the.. it’s oil that’s good for back pain. Arnav is taking off his shirt. Khushi turns around and asks him what he is doing. Arnav says problem is not in his shirt, it’s in his back and asks Khushi to help him. Khushi helps him to take off his shirt. Arnav asks where is your smile. Khushi says you still worrying about 24 hours deal? Arnav says he will decide what he wants in 24 hours and asks her to smile. Khushi smiles. Arnav asks her ‘should I’ (lay down on the bed) . Khushi says it’s your 24 hours.. do whatever you want. Arnav then pulls her towards him. He then lays down and Khushi is applying oil thing on his back.

Arnav says to Khushi, your mother was right.. you really have magic in your hand. He then says you must have loved that I slipped, you must have said good Arnav got punished. He says Anjali says you only fall when someone says about you. He asks did you say anything bad about me? Khushi asks what do you think? Arnav suddenly pulls her and puts her on the bed and he is on top of her. He says may be you didn’t know but when you’re quiet, your eyes tell all truth. They both are looking at each other. read full update with pictures only at desitvbox.com . Rabba ve plays in background. Khushi asks what she should answer? Arnav says it’s good they fell down. Khushi asks what? Arnav touches her nose and says you got red again. Buaji calls out Arnav and asks how’s the pain now. Khushi gets up. Arnav puts his shirt back on and says Buaji you were right, there is magic in Khushi’s hand. Khushi leaves from there.

Break 1..

It’s evening now. Buaji and Khushi’s mother go out and tells Khushi to take care of Arnav. Two guys come with couple of boxes. Arnav tells them to put them inside. Khushi asks what is this? Arnav says you only said you want to make money right? Arnav says you have to pack these gifts which are for his office staff. Arnav says you have 40 minutes so pack them fast. Khushi starts packing them. When Khushi is packing, Arnav turns on the fan purposely so all wrappers fly. He then puts tape on her mouth and says tape should be there. Khushi is done wrapping everything before time is up.

Arnav shows her a cup and says you forgot this. Khushi says she never removed anything from box. Arnav says you have to find that box and put it in 10 minutes are still left. Khushi again opens everything and in end she finally finds the box. Arnav tells her very good and ask her to pack everything again.

Arnav is at Raizada house now. He goes to Anjali’s room. Anjali asks but you were going to stay there right? Arnav says how would he miss ‘kheer’ and he knew if he doesn’t eat, Anjali won’t eat either. They both eat ‘kheer’ now. Anjali tells Arnav when she saw CD she realized that it’s not dream, in real her baby was in front of her. Anjali says as long as you’re with me, I will always be fine. Arnav says he will always be with her.

Back to Buaji’s house. Khushi says seems like Arnav forgot about his deal and that’s why he didn’t say anything when he was leaving and she is about to eat sweet because of that. But at the same time, Arnav calls her and tells her she doesn’t need to be happy. He says he just went to his home, hasn’t forgot about his deal. Khushi quietly says do evils ever forgot about their deals? Arnav tells her that she has to stay up whole night as Arnav may need her anytime. Khushi says what she will do on phone? Arnav says you could become radio and you don’t have to worry about all that just stay up. They hang up then. Khushi talks to herself and says what does he think? Made me stay up whole night, he’s taking advantage of me as I have no other option. Made me work like slave whole day, but now it’s my turn. You might have money, power but Khushi has brain and says she won’t let him sleep either.

Arnav is about to sleep now and Khushi calls him. Arnav asks are you missing me? Khushi says no, I just wanted to ask if you’re fine and asks him if he needs anything. Arnav says for now no but tells her to stay up in case if he needs anything.

Arnav is sleeping now. Khushi again calls him and asks if he needs anything. She keeps calling him again and again. Arnav asks her what’s her problem and tells her to let him sleep. Khushi says she’s just doing her duty. Arnav says, I DON’T NEED ANYTHING STOP CALLING ME. Khushi says she will do her duty properly whole night. She now calls at home number as Arnav turned off his phone. Arnav puts home line busy too and says what will you do now Khushi?

Someone now knocks the Raizada door and Arnav says can’t be Khushi it’s too late.

Break 2..

It’s Arnav’s manager. Arnav asks what are you doing here? He says Khushi called him.. Arnav tells her to sleep and let him sleep as well. Khushi says it’s her duty and asks him to turn on his phone else she will send everyone from his office to his house.

Khushi is drinking coffee to keep herself awake and says now no one is left.. who should she call now? Arnav comes there and snatches her phone and asks her to ssshh..

Episode ends.

Precap: Khushi gives 24,000 rupees to Shukla ji (her landlord) and asks him happy now?. He says it’s only 24,000 where are other 24,000? Khushi says what? He says new developer has came now and he charges for maintenance too. Khushi says you never told me before. He says he just came and asks her for another 24,000 rupees.

(IPKKND) 27th July 2012 Written Update 

Episode starts with Khushi counting all her money at Buaji’s house. She doesn’t even have 2400 rupees and she says 24000 is too much for her. She says she will do anything but will never take help from Arnav. Someone rings the door and she goes to open the door. Two guys come and ask her how are the rooms, Shukla ji told us you’re going to leave the house. Khushi doesn’t let them go inside and says they are never going to leave this house and ask them to leave else they might lose another house. They leave.

Khushi calls Shukla ji (with whom she did food business before) and asks him if he could give her 24,000 rupees and she will return him later. But Shukla ji says his condition is also not good and can’t help her this time and he hangs up. Shukla ji then tells someone if you come in between husband-wife fight then you have to lie like this. If I had helped her then I might have lost my job. Khushi now goes to Happy Ji and asks him for money now and in return she says she can work in his garage. Happy ji says you’re bahu of this big house and you want to work in garage? Khushi says leave all that. Happy ji says but he doesn’t have 24,000 rupees right now. Khushi leaves. Happy ji says in his mind, I am sorry Khushi ji, I had to lie because Arnav told him by doing this Khushi will come closer to him.

Arnav is in his office and counting down the numbers.. 3.. 2. .1 and Khushi comes there. He says, ‘Hi. So Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizad you’re back here? What happened?’ Khushi says, “ha.. haa.. haa” Arnav says, “Oh Happy Singh, how is he doing?” Khushi then says ‘Ki.. Ki.. Kir’ Arnav says, ‘Kirana Store? It’s not in this area.’ He then says she can take her time, he has no rush but then says, ‘oh you’re in hurry, you only have 24 hours’. Khushi asks him you’re having fun right seeing me like this? How can you behave like this with me? Arnav laughs and says he’s indeed having fun and says he was doing what he was supposed to that is pay rent but Khushi didn’t let him do. He then says to Khushi, you tell me I have ego, don’t you have ego too?

Break 1..

Arnav says if you don’t have ego then ask me for help? If you are shy to say loudly then you can whisper in my ears. Khushi says I don’t want help from you, I want money and for that I can work 1 month for you. Arnav says only 1 day is enough, she can work for 24 hours only. He says her to do everything that he says for 24 hours and he will give 1000 rupees for each hour. Khushi says do what you say? Have you lost your brain? Arnav says he has lost it and that’s why he’s giving this offer. He says clock is ticking. Khushi agrees. read full update with pictures only at desitvbox.com . Arnav now says so what work should I make you do? He asks him what you can do for me? He goes closer and closer to her. He says your time starts now. Khushi says she will work at office, she will take files from here to there, can type. Arnav says he doesn’t want drama in his office and she won’t go to Raizada house. Khushi asks then where you will make me work?

Buaji and Khushi’s mother are talking with each other and Arnav and Khushi come there. Buaji asks him how come you’re here? Then says what am I asking and invite him inside. Arnav says he will have to come here for next 2 – 3 days because of work. Buaji says that’s good thing but due to rain water is dropping here and there so you will have little problem Arnav says he doesn’t mind. Khushi’s mother smiles and looks at Khushi and says she knows what work Arnav has and then her and Buaji leave from there. Khushi quietly says coming to house is in deal too or what? Arnav asks her if she said anything. Khushi says is it in deal to tell you everything? Arnav says no but he will put that in next deal. Khushi says there won’t be any new deals. He says he’s going inside and asks her to bring tea there for him.

At Raizada house, Anjali takes out some CD from a cover and smiles. A servant comes with food and Anjali asks to send Arnav to her. He says Arnav is not at home since morning. At the same time, she gets a call from Arnav and he asks if everything is okay. Anjali says when you come back, I will show you baby video and also give you ‘kheer’. She asks him are you in office? Arnav says he’s at Buaji’s place and asks her if he could stay there tonight. Anjali says ok (without getting sad or angry) and hangs up. Anjali then says buaji is sick so it’s better if Arnav stays there. She looks at CD and about to cry but controls herself.

Khushi comes with tea. Arnav ignores her and goes here and there. Khushi also goes behind him and in end puts tea on table. Arnav says there are 1 or 2 rules. He says with service, he also wants smile and now as he’s her boss, she will call him.. Khushi says laad governor? .. Arnav says actually Arnav is fine. Arnav says he doesn’t want her to be angry either. Arnav now says that he wants to watch TV. Khushi says him you can go outside and watch. Arnav says he wants to watch here only. Khushi says so should I get TV here? Arnav says no, what if Buaji or her mother wants to see. He then tells her to become TV and entertain him. Khushi starts giving news. She says Arnav’s company in loss because boss is not paying attention and is behind bothering some people. Arnav says MUSIC now. Khushi starts singing, aaj mausam hai nahi suhana .. taana saahi ka hai bahana.. what the what the..

Arnav says NEWS again. Khushi starts giving news again and this time she gives news that a wife added sugar in tea and …… now Arnav says DANCE. Khushi says there is no channel of dance in TV. Arnav says this TV does. Khushi asks you will make me dance? Arnav says why are you not smiling.. this deal is cancelled now and he starts walking. Khushi stops him and shows him Salman Khan’s steps. She hurts her leg. Arnav runs to her and Khushi tells him to leave her and keep laughing on her dance. Arnav tells her to sit and asks where is balm. He goes to get balm.

Break 2..

Arnav gets balm. He says sorry, he hurt her and applies balm to her leg.. rabba ve plays in background.

He asks if she always has ‘payal’ in her leg. Khushi says always.. it’s her mother’s. She tries to get up and says she has work. Arnav says her to relax and he will do it. Khushi says no and starts walking. Arnav carries her and takes her there. As he goes outside, he also slips and Khushi falls on him.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is shirtless and Khushi is applying balm on his back. Arnav asks her you would have loved him slipping right? He then pulls her and puts her on the end and he goes on top of her. Khushi says what are you doing? Arnav says when you’re quiet, your eyes tell all the truth.

IPKKND 26th July 2012 WU 

Arnav questioning Khushi on why did she lie about buaji being sick. Khushi gets back at her saying why did you pay the rent, i could have done that too. And why does it matter so much to him, he says it matters. 

Arnav again asks but she says she doesn't need to give any explanation about the lie. She says sorry if i hadn't lie you would have not let me come. This was the only way i could have came here. She says with whatever happen during my birthday, flashback of arnav blackmailing khushi to come back home otherwise he will break payaah wedding on her birthday.

Khushi tells him everything will be alright in 13 days, Arnav asks her what is it that she is being scared of telling him. 

Arnav tells Buaji he is leaving when she asks him if everything is alright to which Arnav says maybe.

As arnav exits the door, Khushi goes to close it and he opens the door and tells her he is with her so she should tell him what’s wrong. Khushi says nothing and he leaves from there.

Anjali talking to herself "what do you think, I can never do something wrong". Manorama spying and wondering who she was talking to. She thinks Anjali has gone mad and she thinks there is def something wrong with Anjali. She convinces herself that Anjali is fine and she needs to stop being a detective like always. The wind blowing and Manorama gets scared.

Payal sleeping in her room when Manorama comes there and tells her to go to her room with her. Payal sits on Manorama's side, Manorama tells her to sleep on the other side. Manaroma is snoring so payal can't sleep and she goes outside in the living room with nani when Arnav comes in the house. 

Nani says how time flies when payal says yeah it’s going to be 6 months since the marriage. Arnav realizes why khushi left and leaves for his room. As he comes in his room, he is thinking about what nani said about 6 months coming to end. He is remembering the moments when he reminded Khushi of the contract to stop her from living. Arnav mad as he realizes what Khushi has done.

On the other side KHushi says one more days over, only 12 more days and then I won't be Arnav's wife. 

Arnav in his room thinking how he is 12 days, and after that she will become Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada forever. And this time everything will be in the right way.

Khushi with a plate on her head where Arnav is putting thousands of money and KHushi is telling him to stop as she won't be able to repay him. That was Khushi's dream, she wakes up from sleep and realizes that its been late and why buaji didn't wake her up. She hears her mom's voice and runs outside and hugs them. Seeing her dad she says how his health is getting better. Her mom questions her why is she here at the moment and asks her whether Arnav is also here. BUaji comes and says when has KHushi answered properly. 

The beel rings and Khushi runs to open the door, it's the house owner. When buaji asks her who is it, she makes excuse its chootu. The owner asks her when is she giving the rent. She says my husband already have you money to which the owner says he took the money back. He says i better have my money in 24 hours otherwise you will have to leave the house. 

In RM manorama picks up the phone but no one is answering so she is thinking of who might be calling and she needs to find out. Naniji asks her who it is, she tells her it might be for you, your secret admire. Nani scolds her how she should think before saying. Manorama tells her Anjali might be sick. Nani asks HP where Anjali is, he tells her she went to the doctor. Nani calls Anjali and tells her how she went alone to the doctor, Anjali tells her appointment was really early in the morning she didn't want to disturb anyone. 

Nani tells her to wait for her to come over but Anjali says my appointment is right now so by the time you come ill be gone. 

Khushi comes the Raizada office when Arnav is on phone and keeps ignoring KHushi. Khushi is getting mad and cuts the phone and tells him to listen to her. SHe is mad at him for stopping the check for the rent, Arnav tells her how she had problem when he gave the money and how has problem when he took it back. She tells him how the owner has given 24 hrs, when Arnav asks her what shes going to do now and asks her if she needs help to which KHushi denies and says i can handle it myself. 

ARnav says how he has heard it before and tells her how she is eventually going to come to him for help...Episode Ends !

Precap: Arnav enjoying how Khushi wants to get Arnav's help but isn't able to tell him. Khushi telling him how can he do something like this to her.
Written update 25th July 2012
 The show begins with Arnav coming to Khushi's house in Car. She sends Bauji somewherelse. She calls Arnav who was about to knock Khushi's house door, lies him that she is in Laxmi something hospital, please come here. Arnav leaves to go to Hospital. Khushi enters house after he leaves with
Buaji. She once again calls Arnav tells him she has reached house safely. So he doesn't need to reach hospital.
Arnav ask what doc said: Khushi tells they didn't meet doc. Arnav calls doc while driving. He is planning to go once again to Khushi's home . At Raizada house someone is BLANK calling ... Manorama picks up no answer, Nani no answer... Few momments later Anjali comes to Nani/ Manorama and says she wants to go out for a walk for a while.
Madhumati is sleeping during daytime, suddenly Arnav along with Doctor comes. Khushi opens door and shocked. Khushi tells Bauji is asleep so come later. But Arnav and Doctor barge in and doc tries to check her but bauji is asleep. Doctor tries to check pressure which is normal. Khushi tells Bauji has stomach ache, so Arnav leaves room. Khushi now tells lie to doctor some funny story where Bauji's life was made hell by her daughter in law.
Doctor is bored to hear... but Khushi goes on and on ... Finally Khushi reveals that Bauji is ok but she
had to come here to take care of Bauji. Doc gives some flase precription... and tells Arnav Bauji has some minor ailments... and leaves..
While Khusi is about to go to buy medicine, Arnav stop and hugs... her... and finally KISSES HER.,..
Khushi is shocked... EYES WIDE OPEN... Arnav leaves... At home, Anajli has been out for a while. Manorama is anxious where had she gone. She goes out and sees Anjali is talking with someone but she couldn't see who is other person and she can only see backside of Anjali. Manorama calls Anjali. She suddenly turns back and act s like she was talking on phone.But suddenly her mobile phone rings.
Manorama sees it... But Anjali lies maybe the phone was cut and she didn't realiase ... Manorama doesn't say anything she takes Anjali inside... Arnav reaches Khushi's house. Arnav tells he heard sad story... and repeats same story which Khushi told the doc. Khushi is worried... Arnav now know Bauji is not sick...
Khushi tries to stop Arnav from going on ... She takes Arnav to another room. Arnav ask why did she lie about Bauji's health. But Khushi attacks him by asking why did he pay the rent of Bauji's house she doesn't need any charity...
Arnav: Dammn it. Its not charity... you are my wife...
Episode ends
Nani tells Arnav its been six month of your marriage... Suddenly Arnav realise why Khushi left. The contract was just for SIX MONTHS ..

(IPKKND) 24th July 2012 Written Update 
Episode starts with Khushi entering her Buaji’s house. Buaji asks what is she doing there? Khushi is sad and crying. She goes and hugs her and says she was missing her a lot. Buaji says you could call then, why you had to come here for that. Khushi asks why .. she can’t come to meet her? Buaji says you can definitely come, and then she sees her bag and asks what is that?

Arnav is driving back to home and he sees Khushi’s phone in his car.

Khushi takes out ‘laddu’s and asks Buaji if she gives her that then would she let Khushi stay there? Buaji asks but what has happened? You just came few days ago on your birthday. But before she says anything more, Khushi puts a ‘laddu’ in her mouth and goes to make food as she’s hungry.

Arnav comes back and is outside home. Inside house, Khushi is saying to Buaji that she will make food today. She sees Arnav outside of their door and she gets shocked. Arnav rings the door and Buaji goes to open the door. Buaji is about to open the door but Khushi sends her to kitchen saying ‘that rice’. Khushi opens door now. She pushes him behind and asks him why he came there? read full updates with pictures only at desitvbox.com Arnav looks down to his collar and says, ‘it’s okay, You’re my wife. It’s your rights’. Khushi then takes off her hands from his collar. She says him, Buaji just slept and you’re making noise here. Buaji in kitchen wonders about rice. Arnav gives her phone to Khushi and asks if everything is fine. If not then he can call doctor. Khushi says everything is fine. She has to make food now. Arnav says okay, take care and leaves.

Break 1..

Khushi goes to Devi ma and asks to forget her as she is lying since morning to everyone. She says but what she can do, she has no other option. How can she tell him that she has left Raizada house. And anyways her and Arnav’s relationship is just for some time. She says when she saw Anjali’s face in morning, she felt what Anjali wanted to do. Anjali talked with her but …. she can’t see Anjali like this anymore. Khushi says Anjali will only stay happy if she is not around her. And if Anjali is sad then Arnav will be sad which he can’t see. Buaji asks her what were you saying rice. Khushi says have to make them. Buaji then asks who was on the door. Khushi says someone came to ask for vote.

Arnav back at Raizada house. Payal asks her if Buaji is fine. Nani also asks how is she. Arnav says should be fine. Nani asks that means you didn’t meet her? Arnav says no and then Nani tells him to call her. Arnav calls Khushi and asks her to give it to Buaji. Khushi says she is sleeping but Buaji is talking loudly and Arnav hears it and he says seems like she woke up and asks her to give her phone as Nani and Payal want to talk with her. At the same time, someone else calls at Buaji’s house number and Khushi goes to pick it up. She talks about home rent. Arnav hears it. He asks whose call was it. Khushi says leave it and she says to give phone to Nani. Arnav says give to Buaji. Khushi says give to Nani else she won’t give it to Buaji. Arnav says, ‘this girl is crazy’ and he gives phone to Nani. Khushi talks with Nani in Buaji’s voice. By mistake, she says Nani ji but then she coughs and says she is fine in Buaji’s voice. Nani asks what happened to your voice. She says she got ill. Nani says not to worry, Khushi is there now and she will take care of you. Nani then asks if she comes there, but Khushi says no. And then Nani gives phone to Payal.

Buaji comes there and asks Khushi what was happening. Khushi says she was talking with Preeto. Buaji asks then why were you saying Nandkishore and why were you coughing? Khushi says she just was copying everyone, her, mami ji etc.. She says Hello Hi Bye Bye and leaves.

Arnav tells to Aakash, he will have to cancel a Mumbai deal but Aakash says he will go there. Arnav then asks Aakash if everything is fine between him and Payal. Aakash says everything is fine and leaves.

Aakash is talking on phone and he says he got the ticket. Manorama asks him for how many days he is going. He says he will be back in few days. He then asks Payal if she wants to go with him. Nani says it’s wonderful idea and tells Payal to go to Mumbai with him. Aakash says to Payal, he’s going to pack his bag and if she wants to go then tell him fast.

Manorama says Khushi went to Buaji’s house. Payal will fly with Aakash. What she will do.. sit at home with Nani? Payal tells her, she can’t go with Aakash. Khushi is not there so Payal should stay at home.

Payal comes to her room. Aakash is on phone and he says an extra ticket for Payal but Payal stops him. He asks her what happened? You’re not coming? Payal says Khushi is not here and.. Aakash says right.. Khushi.. Buaji.. you just stay here and he leaves.

Aakash is leaving home now and Manorama is crying and says him to take care. Aakash says not to worry, he will be back soon. Manorama then gives him a warning that Mumbai is not like Delhi and says sea is dangerous there and asks him not to go near it.

Payal asks him if he took his ticket. Nani says Payal that she should have gone with him. Aakash says he will be busy there so it’s okay. Anjali says him to take care and Arnav says he will drop him to Air port and on returning, he will go at Buaji’s house as well. Nani says this time meet with Buaji. They leave.. Nani and Anjali also leave. Manorama goes to Payal and asks her why are you crying? Your husband left that’s why or your trip plan got crashed that’s why? She then leaves from there.

Break 2..

At Buaji’s house. Khushi remembers her moments with Arnav when he came to live there. Khushi says to herself, stop it now, you took this decision on your own and now you can’t go back. Buaji comes there and looks at her and asks with whom you’re talking? Khushi says with myself. Buaji asks are you fine? She asks if she had a fight with Arnav. Khushi says no and asks her to stop all those questions. Buaji says she will call Arnav herself. And at the same time, outside ‘gol gappa’ person comes and Khushi says leave all this… let’s go and eat gol gappe.

They are eating gol gappas and Khushi tells her Shukla ji called today. Buaji asks her did he say about rent? Khushi says yes. Buaji says since last few days there are many problems. He gave us time and now it’s been 3 months. Khushi says not to worry as she has came back. Buaji asks why are you saying like this? You have just came for few days right? She asks Khushi to tell the truth but Khushi this time puts Gol Gappa in her mouth. She hears a car sound and gets worried. Buaji asks what happened?

Arnav comes out from the car. Khushi has a worried look.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is on door with a doctor. Khushi opens the door. She asks him why you brought doctor here? Arnav says so he can check Buaji and asks her to move. Khushi says Buaji is sleeping and asks doctor to come back later. Arnav asks doctor, should patients be awake for blood pressure checking. Doctor says no, he can still check while she sleeping.

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