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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 23rd November 2012 Written Updates 

Dont try to mess with Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada ! Bach Nahi Paaoge..
 Episode begins with Khushi asking Vikrant to leave Natasha’s hands. He asks shall he hold her hands which furies Khushi. [ Hey you bachoo, You are most welcome to hold her hands but before that GET A PUNCH OR HOLD from Arnav.. You will never think of holding her hand again :p] As usual our Khushi never takes any wrong doings and always opposes it. The Bharatiya Naari gives a nice answer which makes Vikrant speechless while other models to laugh at this Bezzati of Vikrant. It makes him furios when all the models started laughing at him, he leaves Natasha’s hands. Now there begins a challenge between the duo, Vikrant asks Khushi to walk so that he can sent her out from the show. She walks but trips. He asks who was her fav designer to which Khushi replies there is no one. He next asks what would she do if she wins the contest to which Khushi replies that she would help those people who wants to achieve their goal with their own will. When she continues, Vikrant stops her between and asks Sam to prepare Khushi for the Swin Suit round. Khushi is shocked !! Vikrant mocks her, Khushi replies that she will never wear swim suit. Girl who acted so well with Khushi starts smiling at this while I think Natasha Is having some bad feelings for Khushi.

Only Arnav has the Right to see Khushi in Swim Suit..!!! :P
Vikrant declares that Khushi is disqualified for this round, Natasha encourages Khushi to wear it as she would handle the rest but Khushi denies. The Hero enters claiming that Khushi will never wear Swim Suit. Yes! Arnav Singh Raizada to the Rescue. He tells Vikrant that If Khushi doesn’t wishe to wear Swim Suit NO ONE can force her. Vikrant asks who was he? [ How dare that bloody Vikrant ask that? He doesn’t know the Great Young Suave Arnav Singh Raizada?! I think Vikrant is an alien and iska chapter ab Arnav close Karenge :p] Sam tells ASR is the main sponsor, Vikrant tells that who ever it is he can never amend the rule of the contest. ASR tells that there would be NO such round of Swim Suit in Mrs. India Contest.
Vikrant :- You just CANT change the RULE !!!
Arnav :- I can and I JUST DID !!!
[ Wah Kya Dialog maara ]

V:- I am Water..
A :- I am Oil..
V :- I am the Minister !!!
A :- And I am the KING !!!
Vikrant goes speechless but he doesn’t give up and  tells it’s a beauty contest and he has to check how Khushi looks in western outfit. Arnav asks why is it only Khushi, Vikrant replies that he would check everyone in western outfit. Arnav replies then lets do it tomorrow. Before leaving Arnav gives a deathly look at Khushi for taking up such a contest where she has to expose herself which she would never do !!! Vikrant tells Khushi that he would see her tomorrow and leaves. Sam tells Khushi that she is lucky as Arnav Singh Raizada came to her rescue at the right moment. Khushi is feeling proud of it and has a smile and thinks :- ‘He has always rescued me’

In the office,
Arnav working in his laptop. Khushi tells that she knew she would help her like always and she is happy to see the old ASR back. Arnav with an expressionless face replies..
A – Excuse me, I wasn’t helping you.
K – But you said that..
A – I have done that for all the contests and NOT only for you. Why? Do you want me to help you ?
K – No.. I never said that.
A – Great! Waise I was thinking, if I had never been there what would have happened?
K – What ? Nothing would have happened, I would have managed.
A – how? By going out of the contest or by wearing Swim Suit?
K – Nothing of both would have happened. I would have convinced him that there would be no Swim Suit contest. May be you never saw how I made that Vikrant to go on his knees and shut his mouth when he held Natasha’s hands.
A – Oh really?
K – Ya Really!!
A – Ohk.. If that is so then get ready for the next round because it is going to be a difficult one for you!
K – OKAY !!!
She leaves angrily but stops when Arnav calls her.
A – After leaving, close the door and remember we are NOT Husband and Wife here.
An angry Khushi shuts the door and leaves.

While she walks away, Natasha asks why she helped her and asks her not to interfere in others life. Khushi explains that she saw a fear in her eyes when he held her hands, Natasha tells she knows very well how to handle herself and leaves.

What a Gunda is he ?
Khushi walking away searching for taxi and blabbering to herself. Just then Arnav’s car arrives and he asks her to get in but she refuses saying that he is not her husband there. He tells her to get in the car, but she flatly refuses. Arnav agrees and he leaves. Khushi is angry thinking that before Arnav used to send her out of the car and now he has never made her sit in the car. Just then a guy comes following her, Khushi is scared. At the right moment, Arnav comes there. Khushi is relaxed on seeing him and so courageously takes a wood and makes the guy run away. Arnav smiles at her, Khushi acts as if she had never seen him.
A – Okay now you have seen me. Now just go and sit in the car for my sake before another goon tries following you.
K – Didn’t you see how I made that guy run away.
A – Okay I agree now come and sit in the car.
K – okay! As you are requesting so lovingly am coming with you.

Both reaches Raizada. Nani asks the duo about the day to which Arnav tells the day was super entertaining and dhamdhar. Arnav walks to his room. Nani asks her to have food, Khushi tells she will eat only salad and has got to diet. Nani asks her to eat little else she will fall sick. Khushi tells nothing would happen and leaves.

At night.
Everyone having dinner. Khushi comes there and tells she would serve the food to everyone. She loses her control on seeing Aloo Paratha. Khushi is losing her control Lol… She truly has taken a great challenge ! Arnav comes there with a box in his hand and gives it to Khushi. She tells him that she will never eat any sweets which will make her fat, she goes on and on. Arnav hands Khushi low fat sandwich. She eats and feels good.

Arnav sees Khushi doing Yoga trainings. He just watches her …. Rabba Ve While Khushi was about to fall, Arnav reaches and holds her from behind. They slowly even do TITANIC Stance. Rabba Ve….. Arnav slowly touches… her… Arnav gently kisses her cheeks ending up in eye – lock.

PRECAP: Khushi’s friend cuts Khushi’s costume.

Ipkknd 22nd novmber 2012 written update (( arnav come to check all practises and tasted khush too)) 

Khushi is talking to Amrita that she is glad she is there and that she is not like the other girls and have helped her a lot. The presenter comes that they will be getting someone to help with the contest, his name is Mr Sam. He comes in looking all confident and eyes up Khushi, he continues that he is not able to train the women, he calls them horror stories and demeans the women. He tells them they need a miracle. He checks the girls dresses, he looks at Khushi and calls her a alien and she has old fashioned clothes, he tells her she should be there. He calls her his next project and if he can make her a diva he can do anything. Amrita makes herself feel better and Khushi asks for a jalebi and looks anxious. Mami is missing Akash and Anjali agrees that she misses Payal. Nani continues that with Arav is makes them feel a little better. Anjali informs that Akash they are settling in fine, Mami stating that she doesn't have anyone to tease. Nani teasing that Mami is warming up to Khushi. NK gets a call and it's the organiser and that the media are coming to the house to interview the family. Mami is excited hearing this and she wants to get ready and doesn't know what to do with herself. Khushi is looking apprehensive. Khushi informs to Sam she doesn't have another pair of clothing but she will manage. All the girls are doing various exercises like push ups, Khushi is not able to do it all. Mami asks Nani and Anjali how she is looking, Nani states she looks like Miss India. The interviewers come in and Anjali states that it would be great if Khushi is here as she watches Kamlesh's show. Mami states that she taught Khushi everything. NK, Mami and Kamlesh have a nice comedy act. Nani and Anjali state that Khushi is such a good person, Mami and NK have a fight over the mike and Kamlesh doesn't know what to do with them. Sam tells them to walk and Khushi wants to walk out but Sam stops her telling her its not so easy to leave he puts everyone through a regime. Arnav comes in and states how the contestants are doing, he replies it will be hard work to make them presentable. He sees Natasha and states he saw her pictures and they are impressive. Khushi is shocked and Natasha states she is happy that he likes them. Arnav asks who the girl is (pointing to Khushi) he tells Sam to make her to more, Khushi says 'what the' and Arnav states if she said anything, she replies nothing. Arnav continues they cant have sweet food like Jalebi, Khushi makes another noise and Arnav asks if she likes Jalebi, Arnav leaves and Khushi thinks wait till he gets home she will show him what she likes. Everyone is having salad lunch and Sam asks her what she is eating, he tells her the food she is eating is fattening, he tells her to have the salad, Khushi thinking that she will not be able to surive for long eating these kinds of food. Khushi comes to Natasha asking if she is having samosa, Natasha hides and warns Khushi not to say anything, and she is allowed one samosa a day but Sam will not understand. She gives Khushi one of the Samosa's. Contestants talk about Vikrant and Khushi asks who that is and she is informed he is some sort of player, Khushi thinking if he tries anything she will not let him go. Vikrant comes in and looks at the girls and informs Sam that every girl should look more georgous. Again Natasha is complemented about her looks, he asks her for a coffee but she declines stating she doesn't like the taste and leaves but Vikrant holds her hand. Nastasha is frozen and Vikrant is being rude. Khushi asks him to let her go

Ipkknd 21st novmber 2012 written update ((arnav angry to see khushi in miss india competition later accpet that ))

Everyone at beauty pagenet is busy practising ramp walk. Khushi is worried as she dont know how to do cat walk. Khushi’s friend (who actually is BYATCH) tells her to watch and copy. Khushi wears high heels and tries to walk but stumbles upon the arrogant model. She says sorry. At makeup room, everyone is trying make up. Khushi’s friend tells her to apply BRIGHT RED lipstick, but Khushi says she tried them and it didn’t work.
The judges are ready but waiting for the sponsor to arrive. Its none other ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA… Arnav comes and shakes hands with them. The into round starts each model enters the room and does catwalk. Then comes Mrs. Arrogant who impresses Judge and Arnav.
Only Khushi is left. The anochor calls Mrs. Khushi. She comes out of the room Arnav is shocked to see her. Khushi is shocked to see him in judge seat. She stops. The anchor says come and give your intro.
Arnav is just watching her. She cannot properly walk on heels and falls. Arnav says WHAT THE ….
Arnav seems angry just staring her. Khushi worried and thinks let this be some dream….

The male judge says Get up Khushi you can do. Even the anchor tries to convince her she can do it. But she is still sitting on ground. Arnav says Give Your Intro.
Finally she gets up and slowly walks on ramp shivering. She takes off her shoes and runs off. Everyone is shocked to see that. Arnav is very much disappointed.
At home Nani has gone to temple and brought PRASHAD for success for Khushi. Anjali says she is bit feared as Khushi has said nothing to Arnav yet.
Khushi comes home running and hides behind Sofa. Everyone is shocked to see her acting wiered. Manorama says maybe she has been disqualified. Nani says maybe she won and is excited.

Nani ask Khushi WHAT HAPPENED ?
Khushi tries to speak but she stammers….
Suddenly Arnav comes and says; I will tell WHAT HAPPENED !

Arnav says Khushi is participating in Mrs. India. Khushi hides behind Anjali. Arnav realizes everyone knew about it. Everyone is about to leave making some excuse but Arnav says dont. Arnav says how she ran from the event. Anjali ask how he knows. Arnav says; I am main sponsor of the event.
Everyone leaves. Khushi runs to room. Arnav comes to room and tells Fashion world is very mean and you wont be able to cope with it. So Dont think of going back.
Khushi argues and finally Arnav gives in and tells ok do whatever she wants.
Khushi requests him to not tell anyone in the contest that she is his wife. She wants to win this contest on her own….


PRECAP : At the pagent, show manager scolds Khushi for her attire and shoes. He says you might not be from this planet and advises her to leave the show.

Ipkknd 20th novmber 2012 written update (khushi pass to next level 2 in miss india competition ) 

Episode starts with Khushi giving the audition in which she says, I love cooking. The judges ask, why? don’t you have servants in your house? Khushi says, no but I have been taught that it’s good to prepare your own food.. and before she says anything more, one of the judges calls next contestant to come. But then, other judge stops Khushi and asks, why do you want to become Mrs. India?

 Khushi says, because I want to do something that I never imagined of doing in my dreams and prove myself, I want to be independent. By doing this, I believe I can prove that I can do whatever I want. And I want to test myself as well about what I can do. I have to show my husband that I am not only a good wife of a good husband, but I also have some identity. The judges get impressed with her answer. Some other lady comes in modern dress and asks, are you done or there’s more to say? She says, they asked you to give introduction, not lecture. Khushi then asks judges to forgive her as she took more time than given. Lady asks Khushi to leave from there. Khushi sits down on a side.

Lady confidently starts giving her introduction. She says, my name is Natasha and my mission of coming here is only one.. which is to WIN because I never learned how to lose and wins always fall down to me on my legs. People say, I am not only a model, but I am a brand name as well. But I believe I am a winner. She walks away now. Another contestant tells Khushi, what a lady she is.. didn’t even wait for judges’ comments.. what an attitude. Natasha looks at Khushi and says, don’t know what has happened to this competition’s standard.. bhenji’s from villages enter this competition now. Khushi says, what this girl thinks of herself? Natasha turns back and says, I think myself which you can become one. This leaves Khushi shocked.

At Raizada house, Arnav is helping Aarav with his homework. Anjali is impressed seeing that. Khushi returns home wondering how can anyone talk like this with anyone. Nani asks Khushi, you came back from your mother’s house? Khushi first gets confused, and then says.. yes I went to meet my parents and I am back now. Arnav asks her if she is fine now? Khushi says, yes I am fine.. and goes in the kitchen. She talks with herself now saying why she had to do all this.. her life was going so good.. and she doesn’t like doing anything hiding from Arnav. She says that she will tell him once she’s selected. Nk comes there with full of excitement. He asks her, what happened there? Khushi says, I had to introduce myself and answer to judges’ questions. Somehow I did that.. but i don’t think they will select me. They will say whether they selected or no later. She says, there were some ladies whom I can’t even compete with. Nk says, don’t worry.. I am sure you will be selected. Khushi is about to make jalebis, but Nk stops her. He gives her carrot instead reminding she has to become Mrs. India. He leaves from there. Khushi says, wow Khushi.. this is how you make your life hell. What I have done to myself? I will have to eat this carrot now instead of sweet jalebis.

Khushi is in her room and now talking with carrot and says, you’re my temporary friend. I will go back to jalebis soon. Arnav sees her and asks, so carrot took place of jalebis? He then asks her to sit down and says, I know you didn’t go to your mother’s place. I talked with her already. Why don’t you tellme what are you doing? I don’t know but I am not feeling good about this. Khushi says, of course because you think I can’t do anything beside jalebis. Arnav says, it’s not like that.. I just want to help you out. And even you know that you mess something everywhere you go. Khushi gets more annoyed and tells him, this time I will prove myself to you. and asks him not to talk with her. She says, I am already so tensed and I can’t even tell you anything. Arnav says, fine i won’t ask anything. but I have brought something for you. I am sure you will get happy seeing that.

Arnav gives ‘chanas’ to Khushi. She gets excited, but then she remembers one of the contestants saying that she will always remain behenji. Khushi gives ‘chanas’ back to Arnav and says, I can’t eat them. Arnav asks, but why? Khushi says, I just can’t eat.. take them away. Arnav then kisses her cheek. Khushi moves back, but Arnav then carries her and takes to the bed and turns off the lights.

It’s next morning now. Everyone is doing the brekfast while Khushi is desperately waiting for someone’s call. Arnav notices that and asks her, are you waiting for anyone’s call? Khushi says, no.. I am just used to the phone now. Arnav leaves and Khushi’s phone rings. Khushi gets nervous and says, what if they say no? Everyone tells her how you will find out if you don’t pick up the phone. Khushi still says, I won’t pick up. Aarav picks it up and gives it to Khushi. Khushi talks with them and hangs up. Everyone asks Khushi what they said? Khushi says, they said I am going to the next round. Anjali says, that means they selected you. Khushi dances in joy saying they selected me.. they selected me. Arnav comes back and asks, selected? Where?

Khushi says to Arnav, I got SMS saying my number got selected and I will get lots of money. Arnav smiles and says, I get SMS like this everyday.. it’s all scam. Khushi says, and I thought I would be crorepati. Arnav takes his jacket and leaves. Everyone again starts celebrating it. Nk says, now it’s time for 2nd level. Aarav says, which is usually harder than level 1. Nani tells Khushi not to worry.. she will pass that level too. As result of hard work is always good. Khushi says, I will have to go there in an hour now.

Everyone wishes all the best to Khushi as she leaves for her 2nd round. Nk asks Khushi to give her autograph to him as who knows if she gets so famous and doesn’t get time tomorrow. Khushi says to herself, this happiness seem incomplete as she didn’t share it with Arnav.

Khushi arrives at the audition place. Officials say to all selected ladies that tonight with judges, sponsors will also come and ask questions. Officials say everyone has to prepare themselves so it’s important to prepare well as tonight’s results will decide who will stay in this competition and who will have to go back to home. Khushi gets worried and says, now what will I do?

Episode ends.


Ipkknd 19th novmber 2012 written update 

Nani and Anjali wishing Khushi good luck, Arnav comes and asks Khushi to go with her.
Khushi demands to know where she is being dragged, Arnav states he knows she is angry and Khushi agrees, its because of what he said to her about not having the courage to face the world. Arnav states he knows she is talented and used in the right manner she will go far, he knows she wants her space so he has a surprise for her, there is a project that he wants her to be the head of, Khushi thinks about what Nani states, Khushi states she doesn’t think she will be able to it. Arnav wants to help but Khushi states she needs to do it herself and says she has important work to do, Arnav is concerned.

Khushi wishing to Devi Maiya that her dream comes true, she states that she doesn’t look like a Mrs India, she recalls what her family members said to her, she gets confident that she will be able to do this.

Khushi goes into the office and is told to get in line and fill a form.

Another woman makes a nasty comment about the tika on Khushi head and is surprised to see her. The other women makes comments about her clothes. Another lady comes in commenting about her earrings and how she has been looking for them, she saw it on a ramp, she says her name is Amrita. Another woman calls Khushi middle class. Amrita says that the other women are jealous of Khushi and she gives Khushi encouragement, Amrita then thinking that her job is done making Khushi confident and how east it was in her behenji look and she will be eliminated.

Arnav asks for Khushi but Mami and Nani give different answers. Anjali comes in and Arnav asks if Anjali is here but then where is Khushi, she makes a excuse. Anjali says that Khushi went to Mandir and then will go to her Maasa’s house. Arnav wants to call Khushi but everything tells her not to, Arav comes and covers that Khushi’s phone is not working. Arnav leaves, Nani scolds Mami to think before she speaks. Anjali hopes everything is okay. Nani is confident that everything will be fine

A lady starts off the process, and tells them to start introducing themselves, the Amrita lady tells khushi to be herself. A lady comes in and she is introduced as a top model as the Judge. Khushi claps and she is called a stupid behenji by another contestant. It seems like the both judges don’t like each other.

One by one the contestant are called and asked questions about why they want to take part and it seems like each answer the model pulls down the answers and answers back. Khushi gets worried, she thinks to leave as she will get embarrassed.

One by one the contestants come up and they seem to get dejected by the judges comments. Amrita comes up and gives the answer about showing people there is more to a woman after marriage and she wants to show this to the world and help others. Judge J asks she may be asked to be away for a long period of time, Amrita answers that she knows very well how to balance professional and personal life. Another contestant get nervous, Khushi is worried about the female judge and wishes if Arnav was there. Arnav is shown through a window, she goes to get up but is told to sit down, Arnav is on the phone and stops and calls Khushi’s name, she in turn calls Arnav’s name and goes to the door but doesn’t see anyone there, they both miss seeing eachother, Khushi thinks its never been that she felt Arnav and he wasn’t there. Khushi is called and asked if she wants to give the audition. Khushi goes and introduces herself and says she likes cooking, the female judge asks if she doesn’t have a maid, Khushi answers that she does but she like feeding people and goes on to speak about her mother, but the female judge stops her and calls for the next person, Khushi is shocked


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