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IPKKND 2nd November 2012 Written updates ((aarav missing & arnav rescue him from hidning in the freeze)) 

Episode starts with Aarav telling Sheetal, I am not going to school.. we have to go to meet papa today. Sheetal keeps ignoring him. Aarav says, so now I got it.. you lied me again like always and you’re not taking me to meet my father. Khushi says in her mind, maybe Sheetal doesn’t want Aarav to meet Arnav. She says, what’s fault of this poor child in that? Aarav is crying as Sheetal tells him to leave for the school. Aarav leaves from there. Khushi tells Sheetal, I know it’s your personal matter, but Aarav is your son and you have no rights to hurt him. Payal and other family members also tell her, you shouldn’t have lied to him .. you broke his heart. Khushi asks Sheetal, why are you punishing Aarav for someone else’s mistake? Sheetal says, what do you think that I like talking like this with him? But I have no answers to his questions.. I can’t give him his dad no matter what. Sheetal leaves from there.
Raizada family is worrying for Aarav. Manorama says, I think Sheetal can’t fulfill her responsibilites for Aarav. Nani says, Sheetal has so much stuff to do but I agree whatever she did today wasn’t right. Sheetal was there and listening all that. Sheetal now gets call from Aarav’s class teacher. Sheetal tells her to collect money from Aarav, but principal tells her that Aarav is not school anywhere. Sheetal says, how is this possible? I dropped Aarav till bus myself. She gets call again and class teacher tells her that Aarav wasn’t in bus either. Raizada family is getting worried. Manorama says, did anyone kidnap him thinking him as a part of Raizada family? Khushi calls Arnav and he leaves from the office.
Khushi, Nk, Sheetal are on street and asking everyone if they saw Aarav, but no luck. They return to home. Khushi says, they informed to police. Arnav and Aakash return to home. Sheetal says, it’s all my fault.. I shouldn’t have scolded him. Arnav asks her, what did you say? Sheetal tells him how she lied Aarav that she will introduce his dad to him. Arnav tells her, why would you promise him that you can’t fulfill? Sheetal says, he was sad so I just said to make him happy and I thought he will forget in the morning, but he got even more excited. Arnav asks her, did you tell him where you will take him to meet his dad? Sheetal says, yes.. but I don’t think he knows how to go there. Arnav leaves right away to go to that place. Sheetal and Khushi are also with him. Aarav is on the street asking everyone for a cafe location. In car, Arnav asks Sheetal why don’t you tell him about his dad? Why are you making him do all this. Aarav is trying to cross road but too many vehicles are coming and he’s struggling. Some kid in school uniform is crossing the road as well and he comes across Arnav’s car. Arnav’s car was about to hit him, but Arnav put the break on the right time. They think it’s Aarav but it turns out to be someone else. Khushi says in her mind, Arnav is so worried about Aarav.. I never seen him like this before. Aarav reaches the cafe and is waiting for his dad. He wonders, even if his dad comes there.. how he will know it’s his dad. Arnav, Khushi, Sheetal are still searching for Aarav.
Break 1…
Aarav is desperately waiting for his father to come. Arnav, Khushi, Sheetal finally arrive at the cafe. A cafe manager tells Aarav, you’re waiting here since so long.. I think you should return to your home. Aarav says, no I am waiting for my father. Manager tells him, I will drop to your home.. do you know your address?. Aarav says in his mind, if I go home then mum will never let me meet to my father. He then tells manager, my house is right behind the cafe. Manager tells him, so you go to your home.. if your dad comes here then I will send him to your house. read full updates with pictures only at Aarav leaves the cafe and Arnav, Sheetal, Khushi enter. Arnav asks the manager, did you see any kid here? Manager says, yes.. he was waiting here for his father since long and then he said he lives around here so I told him to go to his house.. is he your son? Arnav says, no he’s not my son.. where did he go? Manager says, that I don’t know. Arnav gets mad and says, couldn’t you let that kid stay here for while? You had that rush to clear the table? Khushi says, maybe Aarav left to go to home.. and he might be around some where here. Sheetal says, no he can’t go home.
Break 2..
Arnav also says, he won’t go home.. he knows if he goes home then he won’t get to meet his dad again. Sheetal says, this was his last chance to meet his dad and he didn’t want to miss this chance. Khushi says, but if he was there.. then we would be able to see him. Arnav says, I am sure he is here.. and they start searching for him in the cafe. They can’t find him. Khushi says, he’s not here. Arnav says, no.. he came here to meet his dad.. I am sure he’s hiding so no one can see him but he can see everything. They see some freezer and goes to check there. Aarav is sitting inside that freezer and freezing. Arnav takes him out. They take him to the Raizada house where doctor says, he’s fine now.. I gave him medicine. You just take care of him.. it will be better if he rests. Everyone leaves the room. Arnav tells Sheetal, think twice before you tell anything to your kid.. you know Aarav is very sensitive so be careful. Arnav leaves from there.
Episode ends.
Precap: Maha Episode tomorrow. Aarav comes out of his room. Khushi tells him, you should be resting. He asks her, why everyone is making so much noise? Khushi tells him, tomorrow is Karva-chauth fast so everyone putting mehendi in their hands. Aarav says, oh yea.. mum also fasts every year. Khushi turns back and looks at Sheetal.

1st November 2012 written update : 

Episode starts with Khushi saying to herself, Sheetal was looking at these photos which means she still hasn’t forgotten her past. Aarav comes there now and asks her, what are you searching for? Khushi says, I was searching for you. They talk with each other and in that Aarav says, I don’t have any problem with Arnav. He is cool unlike other family members. Khu shi then goes to her room where Arnav also says same thing that Aarav is very different and pretty cool. Arnav says, I am thinking to take Saturday off so I can spend more time with Aarav. Khushi is getting nervous and by mistakely she passes her clothes to Arnav. Arnav asks her, are you alright?

Everyone has gathered outside in the living room. Sheetal is checking Aarav’s school stuff and she tells him, do you know next week is parents day in your school. Aarav says, I know and I won’t go that day in school. Sheetal asks, why not? You’re new to this school so you have to go. Aarav says, fine I will go but only on one condition.. you will have to tell me whose my father. Whenever there is a parents day, everyone asks me there about my father. Sheetal says, I am your mother and I am your father. Aarav gets mad and shouts at Sheetal saying, you told me you will introduce me to my father when we come to Delhi, then where is he now? I knew you won’t tell me.. you all are bad people. He gets mad and starts throwing all stuff around. He leaves from there. Nani asks Sheetal, why don’t you tell him about his father? Sheetal says, it’s not in my control.. if I could then I would have told him long time ago.

Khushi goes to Aarav’s room where he’s playing loud music so he cannot hear her or anyone else’s voice. Khushi doesn’t care.. and she talks loudly with him. Aarav’s keep increasing volume. Khushi also raise her voice. In end Aarav gives up and turns off the music. Khushi is still screaming and saying, no matter what I won’t go until I talk with you. She now realizes he has turned off the music already and she shuts herself up. Aarav tells her, you don’t need to make me happy.. I am fine. And when my mum and dad, whom I have never met, don’t care about me, then why do you worry about me? Khushi says, worry about you? No No. I came to ask you for help. But if your mood is not good, then it’s okay. She is leaving and then she stops. She says, but I always thought that whether anyone else help me or not… you will always help me. But if your mood is not fine, then it’s okay. Aarav seems like he wants to help but he doesn’t say anything and Khushi leaves. He turns on music again.

Khushi is trying to plant some trees. Nani and Anjali wonder what she is trying to do. Aarav comes there and sees Khushi struggling. Nani and Anjali smile and leave from there. Khushi is not sure what to do. Aarav comes to her and says, move from here.. I will do it. Khushi says, no thanks. I know how to do. Aarav tells her, don’t say that again and move fast else plants will die. Aarav sits down beside her and teaches her how to plant trees properly. Khushi smiles and says in her mind, finally at least he got something to do by and is happy. Sheetal comes there now and tells Aarav, I brought colors for you. Aarav says to her, I don’t want it. I am fine. Khushi leaves from there.

Sheetal apologizes to Aarav. Aarav also apologizes to her. He says, but I am still angry at you. Sheetal kisses him on his forehead and says, you should understand that whatever I am doing is for your good. I don’t have answers to some of questions and it’s better if you don’t find out some stuff. Aarav says, mum please.. I just want to meet my dad once.. after that I won’t bother you. Sheetal says, promise? fine then.. I will introduce him to you. Aarav gets happy and asks where we will meet? Sheetal says, in a cafe. Aarav gets happy and thanks her.

Arnav is in office and he is just thinking about how Aarav was angry and was throwing stuff around. He cannot concentrate on his work and calls Khushi. He asks her, how is Aarav now. Khushi tells him he’s better now.

It’s evening now. Sheetal is standing alone and is very sad. Arnav and Khushi go to her. Sheetal apologizes to them for Aarav’s behaviour. Arnav says to her, if you don’t mind then can I tell you something? He says, I know there must be some reasons and that’s why you’re not telling him about his father, but it’s a big thing for someone with Aarav’s age not knowing about his father. Khushi also agrees with Arnav. Arnav says, we really feel if you tell Aarav about his father, then he will handle things in a better way. Khushi says, Aarav is understanding.. he will understand and now he has rights to know who is his father.. no matter who it is. Arnav also says, I am sure he will handle.

Sheetal says, when Aarav was young.. he wasn’t going to playground.. because everyone else’s dads were coming with them. So I set play area outside our home. I tried my best to be his mother and father as well…. but I failed.. I could never become his dad. And I know when Aarav finds out about his dad.. his problems will increase. Arnav says, I seriously feel that he will handle. Sheetal says, no I can’t tell about his father.. and my one decision will affect many people’s lives. I can’t spoil others lives for my happiness. Sheetal leaves from there.

It’s next day now. Everyone is in the living room. Aarav comes there with two shirts and seems very excited. He asks everyone which shirt should I wear? Everyone wonders what happened to him. Khushi tells him, wear the one you want. Aarav says, no please tell me na. Anjali tells him, wear the brown one. He says, good idea.. I was thinking for the same one.

Aarav now asks for Arnav and Aakash. Khushi tells him, they went to office. Nk asks him, why .. are you missing them? He says, kind of. He then tells Payal to make some nice food for him. Khushi gets shocked seeing his good behaviour. She goes to him and asks, tell me what’s going on in your mind? Aarav says, nothing. Khushi says, I don’t believe you. Aarav says, I am in good mood today because I am going somewhere. Khushi asks where? Before he says anything, Sheetal comes there with his school uniform and asks him to get ready. Aarav asks, why school uniform? Do you remember we have to go somewhere? Sheetal says, yes we will see that later but for now you get ready. Aarav is getting sad.. and says, you said we’re going to see dad. Khushi gets happy knowing that.

Episode ends.

Sheetal is on the phone with principal and tells her, I have sent money cheque with Aarav.. please collect it from him. She then says, what? Aarav didn’t come to school. Raizada family is shocked.

Written Update - Wednesday 31st October 2012 

Episode starts with the basketball match between boys team and girls team. Aarav has the ball and Manorama is trying to steal ball from him. Manorama cannot steal, so she pulls Aarav’s cheek. Nk disqualifies mamiji for touching Aarav. Manorama says, its time for my make up anyways and leaves the field. Sheetal tells her not to worry.. they will win only. Game resumes. Arnav has the ball now and Sheetal is trying to steal it from him. Khushi is just blocking Aakash. Arnav and Sheetal come close and are about to clash. Khushi notices that and gets upset. Sheetal passes the ball to Khushi. Khushi is just blanked out and holding the ball. Aarav then steals the ball from Khushi’s hand and he throws it to the basket but it misses. Aarav gets disappointed, but then Arnav grabs the ball and sends it to the basket. Arnav tells Sheetal, you still got time.. you can just say your leg is injured and I will cancel the match. Sheetal doesn’t quit and says him, don’t fly too high otherwise when you fall down, it will hurt. Sheetal tells Khushi, let’s show them what we can do.
Khushi purposely puts her leg in Aakash’s way and falls down. She acts like as if she got hurt and tells Aakash, you did this purposely right? Aakash is trying to explain himself saying he didn’t do anything, but Nk doesn’t listen and disqualifies him. Khushi gets up. Arnav says to himself, she got up very fast. Aakash goes to other family members and tells them, Khushi cheated.
Game resumes and finally girls team get some points thanks to Sheetal. Arnav gets the points again and score is 3-1 now. Sheetal scores twice and score is tied at 3-3. All this time, Khushi is just standing on a side and warming up. Nk says, now last points will decide the winner. Khushi gets the ball in her hand.. she runs and makes the basket. She is dancing and celebrating already. Arnav says, it’s a foul. Khushi says, wht foul.. you’re just feeling bad. Nk comes and says, it’s a foul and you have to go out now. Arnav tells khushi to go and learn first. Sheetal tells Khushi, you’re not allowed to hold the ball and run. Khushi says, that Nk didn’t explain properly in the beginning that’s why. Sheetal tells her, don’t worry… I am enough for them (Arnav, Aarav). Khushi leaves the field.
Game resumes. Aarav has the ball and everyone is cheering for him, including Sheetal. This time to make Aarav makes the basket.. Arnav goes and carries him up. And Aarav makes the final and crucial points. Sheetal is very happy and carries him up. Whole family go there to join them except Khushi. Nk says, this is so beautiful.. losing team is happier than winning team. Manorama asks, you disqualified me for touching Aarav’s cheek and wht about this? Arnav carried him. Arnav says, we are in same team so it’s allowed. Nk says, final score is 4-3 which means boys team win. Arnav and Aarav high-fives and hugs each other. Khushi is just sitting far and watching them and getting upset. She walks away from there.
Back into the house, Khushi is talking with herself. She says, what was wrong in that? They must be getting happy as they won. Khushi is making jalebis and Sheetal comes there. Sheetal asks her, how can you make jalebis knowing Arnav can’t eat them? Khushi says, I know but.. Sheetal says, what are you trying to do? Make Arnav ill purposely? Arnav comes there. Sheetal says him, look darling she is making jalebis again.. one day you will die because of that. I will make salad for you. Khushi says to Arnav, I can make salad for you too. Arnav says, Sheetal is right.. leave from here. Khushi screams, NOOOOOO. She tells Arnav, you can’t do like this with me. She gets down and holds his legs and begs him. Arnav keeps saying, get out from here. Arnav, Sheetal, Aarav are laughing like evils and Khushi is begging Arnav not to remove her from this house. She now realizes that she was just day-dreaming and none of them are in the kitchen. It’s only a servant who is standing there who tells her to remove jalebis else they will get spoiled.
Everyone returns to home now. Nk tells Sheetal, you’re really an amazing player.. and you should try in professional team. Khushi is again standing far and watching them. Aakash says, seriously it was lots of fun. Arnav says, this is nothing.. you should have seen us in college time. He says, we even had a nickname but he can’t recall. Sheetal says, awesome-twosome. Arnav says, bang on.. and high-fives Sheetal. Aarav says, but now I am in team too so it’s awesome-threesome. Khushi as usual is feeling jealous and getting upset.
Break 1..
Nani now says, seeing Aarav.. it reminds me of Arnav’s childhood. Arnav asks where is Khushi and Khushi comes there and says, I am here only. Arnav asks her, where did you go? Manorama takes jalebis from Khushi’s hand and says, it’s time to eat some sweet on this happy occasion. She goes to Aarav and says, first the youngest member. Both Arnav and Sheetal shout NO together. Sheetal says, Aarav can’t eat this. Aarav asks her, why not? Sheetal says, because you don’t eat sweets. Arnav says, all big basketball players take care of what they eat and what not.. you want to become a big basketball player right? Aarav says, yes. Arnav says, so you will have to avoid jalebis and sweets. Aarav says, I want to become a good player like you… and big players also have to do homeworks which I have to do. Aarav leaves from there.
Anjali tells Arnav, now you know how to handle kids. Manorama says to him, now if you have your own kid then it will be easier.. in end practice makes people perfect.
Break 2..
In her room, Sheetal is looking at some photos. Khushi is passing by and notices that. She goes into the room and asks Sheetal, you’re sitting alone here? Sheetal hides photos and then puts them away. In that, she drops some of the photos on the floor. Khushi says, I am sorry.. I should have knocked the door. Sheetal says, not a problem. Khushi then asks, what was that? Sheetal says, nothing.. I mean nothing important. Khushi says, Aarav’s dad.. ? I have noticed.. whenever Aarav’s dad topic comes, you don’t feel comfortable. Sheetal says, Khushi please.. I have left all that behind. Sheetal leaves from there.
Khushi is also leaving, but then notices photos on the floor. She picks them up and sees, they are photos of Arnav and Sheetal playing basketball back in the college time. She says to herself, Sheetal was looking at the photos that means she hasn’t forgotten her past.
Episode ends.
Precap: Sheetal is scolding Aarav and says, how many times I have told you that… Aarav says, that I can’t ask about my father, but you only told me when we reach Delhi then you will introduce my dad to me. Then where is he? Khushi, Arnav, and Aakash are there and watching all this.

Ipkknd 30th october 2012 written updates ((arnav team VS sheetal team in basketball match part 1 )) 

Episode starts with Khushi rushing out of the teachers room. She says to herself, I had to make tea for all the teachers.. God knows what more I will have to do. She decides that she will find out Aarav’s father name today for sure.

Khushi then takes a mop in her hand.. and goes inside an office pretending as she is cleaning the floor. Someone is in the office there, Khushi tells him principal called you for tea. Guy gets excited and leaves from there. Khushi starts checking all the files as soon as he leaves. Some other teachers come in there now and Khushi hides. They play hide and seek and finally other teachers leave and Khushi is alone there once again. She continues checking the files and finally finds file which says, New Admission 2012 file. She finds Aarav’s form as well, but water has dropped on Aarav’s admission form and Khushi can’t read anything properly. Principal is shouting whose inside and in that Khushi drops her mustache.. she is about fall from the table, but Aarav comes inside the office and sees Khushi and saves her. Principal comes in now as well asking who is there. Khushi hides and Aarav puts Khushi’s mustache in his pocket. Aarav says, there was cat here. Principal tells Aarav, but you were supposed to be in class at this time. Aarav says, he wanted to pee. Principal leaves.

Khushi got impressed the way Aarav made excuses. She comes out now. Aarav asks her, what are you doing here? Khushi says, I came to see how you’re doing on first day. Aarav asks, in peon’s dress? and in head’s office? Looking at you, it seems like if you’re going to some fancy dress competition. Khushi says, exactly.. there is fancy dress competition in my area.. so I came here to see how I look in peon’s dress. Aarav says, whatever.. and tells Khushi, if anyone sees you like this then dont say you’re with me. He returns her mustache and leaves.

Khushi is disappointed as after trying so much.. all she found was wet paper. She comes home and says to herself, maybe Arnav was right.. I will have to remove this doubt from my mind.. at least until I don’t get DNA reports in my hand.

Aarav is looking at his drawings which got 2/10 and is disappointed. Sheetal comes there to cheer him up. She says, if you don’t come then I will have to play alone. Aarav gets excited knowing they will play basketball. Aarav asks Sheetal, you will let me win right? Arnav comes there now. Sheetal says, it’s hard because it’s impossible to beat me in basketball. Arnav says, really, then who was that who lost in college? Aarav gets up and tells Arnav, my mum can never lose. Sheetal asks Aarav to leave from there. But Aarav keeps asking her, you weren’t losing right? Sheetal tells him, I used to lose some times. Arnav laughs and says, Sheetal you used to lose everytime. Sheetal says, fine.. whatever you say.. and she leaves from there with Aarav. Khushi was listening all this and she gets excited.

She now throws a basketball to Arnav. Arnav asks, what is this? Khushi says, I know you’re very upset with me. Arnav asks, you throw basketball to whoever is upset with you? He says, I am not upset anymore.. Khushi says, I still want to make you happy. You love basketball right? so I have planned basketball game. Whole family is ready and comes out. Arnav tells Khushi, you didn’t have to do all this.

Sheetal is giving tips to Aarav and Nk gets impressed. Arnav says, giving tips and playing is different. Arnav and Sheetal argue that they never used to lose. Sheetal says to him, you were coming with boys team and was still used to lose. Arnav says, you were winning because I was letting you win. Khushi is getting nervous seeing them. Nk asks them to stop fighting and prove themselves by playing. Khushi says in her mind, I did all this to make Arnav happy and what’s all this happening? Sheetal says, I don’t need to prove myself. Arnav says, sure.. becuase of no practice you might have forgotten how to play. Aarav request Sheetal to play and prove that she’s champion. Sheetal agrees. Khushi says, I will also play.. but Arnav tells her no saying she will get hurt. Khushi hits herself on her head and says, why you had to bright basket ball.. you could just make halwa.

They are on the ground now. Arnav, Aarav, and Aakash are in boys team. Nk is referee. Nk is waiting for girls team. Khushi comes first with band on her head. Everyone is staring on Khushi’s side. She wonders, why everyone is staring.. is she looking that good. But shortly her happiness disappear as Sheetal comes out and it turns out that everyone is staring at Sheetal. Sheetal takes off her jacket and Nk nearly falls down on the ground. Khushi cannnot stop herself either and looks at Sheetal. 3rd person in girls team is Manorama mami. Rest Raizada family members are there to cheer.

Arnav says, are you guys kidding me? do you even know how to play basketball? Khushi asks him, are you scared? Arnav says, lets play. Nk tells rules to everyone.. that no one can run with ball.. they must pass. They are not allowed to hit anyone or hold anyone. He points at Sheetal and says, if you follow rules then you can win.

Aarav and Arnav high-fives. Sheetal-Khushi high-fives and they are ready to go. But before they begin.. Sheetal and Arnav argue once again that they will win. Arnav tells Sheetal, Ramu used to play better than you. Khushi steps up and asks Arnav, who was ramu? Arnav says, our old servant.

Nk tosses the ball up and game begins. Arnav makes the first points up for boys. Boys are dominating at the first. Aakash scores now.

Ball now comes to Khushi and she kicks the ball. Nk whistles and says it’s foul. Arnav says, you can’t kick the ball. Khushi asks, why not? Once I get the ball.. I can do whatever I want. Aakash says, this is basketball.. you can’t kick the ball. Khushi says, even God forgives for your fist mistake.. I deserve one more chance. Nk says, okay Khushi ji.. last chance. But from now if anyone makes foul then they will be disqualified.

Game resumes. Arnav has the ball in his hand and Sheetal is trying to steal it from him. Khushi doesn’t like what she is seeing.

Episode ends.

Precap: Aarav and Sheetal high-fives. Aarav hugs Arnav. Khushi is sitting alone at a distance and looking at them. She seems to be upset.

Ipkknd 29th october 2012 written updates (( arnav upset of khushi & khushi try in every way to know Aarav's dad name)) 

Episode starts with Arnav asking Khushi how can she do DNA test of him and Aarav. He is angry at Khushi. Khushi says, just like that. Arnav says, what do you mean just like that? You think Aarav is my son? Don’t you have faith in me? He then gives her envelope and asks her to open and remove doubt for forever from her mind that there is any relationship between Arnav and Aarav. Sheetal is watching all this from outside and she is hoping that Khushi doesn’t open it. Khushi is about to open but then she tears it. She apologizes to Arnav and says, I did a mistake.. and I promise you I won’t do anything like this again. Arnav says, I am telling you last time… I and Sheetal were just used to date. Arnav leaves from there in anger.

Khushi is thinking what she should do now. She then sees Aarav and says, even though he is not mad…. she decides that she should do something for him. She calls him but Aarav doesn’t respond as he’s busy with his drawing. Khushi goes to him and he gets mad.. he says, when someone doesnt respond that means he is busy. He leaves from there in anger as well. Khushi sees his drawings and says, these drawings clearly show how much Aarav is missing his dad. She goes to Aarav’s room and tells him to fight with her instead of getting upset with her. Aarav says, it’s okay. Khushi keeps talking but then decides not to otherwise it would make Aarav upset too. And it’s not good to upset two people on the same day. While Khushi is leaving, she sees Sheetal’s diary. One side of her says, you can read it.. other side says, you can’t read. She is confused whether to read it or no. In the end she decides to read. She begins to read and it says, today I met a guy in school who was rude but was nice as well. Khushi gets nervous thinking it might be Arnav. She reads more and it says, I went to watch movie and I liked that guy so much.. but I was not sure if he likes him. That evening was so beautiful that I wanted it to stay forever. He gave me flowers but I wasn’t sure if he loves me as much as I do. Diary only says, that guy that guy.. and doesn’t say any name.

She reads more.. today was a very special day.. today we came very close to each other.. that close that we were able to hear each others heartbeat. And then pages are removed from diary. Khushi is wondering how she will know if it was Arnav or someone else. Aarav comes out of the bathroom so Khushi leaves now.

Khushi comes to some store room to check Arnav’s school stuff, I guess. She hears Arnav’s voice, don’t you trust me? Khushi says, I trust you.. but this desperation won’t live me peace. She says to God, only you can help me.. just make me sure that Aranv and Sheetal weren’t together in 2006. She then sees a photo in which Arnav is with many girls. She starts imagining everyone holding a kid and saying, this is ASR ASR. She says to herself, stop thinking about all this. She then sees Arnav and Sheetal’s photo of 2006. She says to herself, Aarav is also 5 years.. isn’t it like how I am thinking?

Khushi says to herself, I got emotional and teared reports too. She calls hospital to check if they have another copy. They say, their computer is not working and it will take couple of days to get fixed. She now says to herself, they studied together.. that doesn’t mean Aarav is their son. But I just can’t stay like this.. I have to do something. She now goes to Aarav’s school to check father’s name on admission form.

Khushi is at Aarav’s school in peon’s dress with mustache. She clashes with principal but principal doesn’t notice her and leaves from there.

Khushi clashes with another peon who tells her to put the files there and go with him.. , He says, your job is to make tea.

Khushi serves tea to all teachers there. Everyone says, what a tea.. is there anything special today. Khushi says (in girls’ voice), why it wouldn’t be special.. I put special ilaychi (special masala) in it. She now realizes that she is in man’s dress and used her own voice. She quickly runs away from there. She comes outside and says to herself, I had to make tea for all teachers.. don’t know what more I will have to do. But if not now, then never.. I must find Aarav’s dad name today.

Episode ends.

Precap: Raizada family and Sheetal, Aarav are ready for some sports game. Sheetal and Arnav are arguing. Sheetal says, she was always winning. Arnav says, you were winning because I was letting you win. Khushi is getting nervous seeing all this.

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