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IPKKND 19th October 2012 Written Updates 

Episode begins with NK pacing around in Raizada worried about Nannav and Khushiji wondering where they had gone. He is nervous because Nannav forgot his mobile at home which he never does and Khushiji not picking up the call. A worried NK wonders if the kidnappers have kidnapped Khushi and Nannav for revenge. Anjali and Naniji who was descending down the stairs hears the word revenge and asks NK about it. NK starts talking non – sense an utter non – sense to which Mamiji, Naniji, Anjali and Payal believes. He tells that the ‘revenge’ which he meant is different and so on. There appears the newly wedded couple Arnav – Khushi at the moment. NK is super excited to see them.
Anjali then teases Arnav – Khushi asking where they had gone. Arnav replies they had gone for a walk. Mami taunts saying they are always going out. Khushi shyly walks away.

Arnav Khushi Room…
Khushi is no less than a Movie filled with Filmy Dialogs, Actions, Dance, Singing Song… What more to say ?! *sigh*
Arnav watching the second show at night oops I mean to say he is watching at Khushi who is describing her experience with Kidnappers with so much of action! Rabba Ve in the BG when Arnav admires Khushi’s nautankies. She gets conscious at the way Arnav watches her and asks him ..
K – Why are you staring at me like that ? Are you even listening to me ?
A – [ back from thoughts ] Huh ?? yeah I was listening to you… [smiles]
A – [ walks towards her ] Khushi, I have to admit You are very brave. A bit Filmy but still you are brave/courageous !
K – Filmy ?!
A – Ofcourse.. What do you think ? Taking away Kidnappers car away was a good idea and that too when you know driving nicely [ teasingly ]
K - :/
A – [smilingly] Kidnappers had kidnapped that boy for ransom but if accident had happened you would have killed him ?
K – [serios note] What did you say ?
A – [still smilingly and teasingly] Yeah.. If he was hurt then……. Anyways forget it..
He walks away.
Khushi recollects memories with Aarav, she is utterly surprised and confused on how these both have so much of similarities.

Next Morning
Khushi opens the curtain..
A – [ sleepy ] Khushi..
K – Good Morning.. I am not Khushi today but Khan Sama
A – [Confused] Khan… what ???
K – Khan Sama means cook who cooks food in 5 star hotels.
A – Ohh You mean chef !
K – Yes! One minute..
When Arnav yawns Khushi comes there dressed up like a Chef.
K – I am Khushi. And here is your breakfast. Now you may please go and freshen up.
A – { smiles } Okay
Arnav comes freshen up, wiping his face with the towel. But Khushi takes it from him and asks him to sit. She brings a small table and places it on the bed infront of him decorating it with a table cloth and a flower vase. She serves him the food.
A – WOW …
K – I have made his WOW by searching in internet. I wonder why they call it as Pan Cake, when it is just a sweet in India.. Ohh whatever it is, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada here is your Pancake, fork and and spoon. Please have it ..
A – But there is no need of it…
K – I know that.. In big hotels, they serve with those things which are not necessary.. Now you may please have it.
Arnav is impressed..
A – {makes her sit next to him} Chefs are also allowed to sit.
He takes a piece of it, and feeds her but Khushi refuses as she is fasting that day as it was Kanya Pooja..
K – and so I brought this food here.
A – Why ?
K – Arnavji, you cant eat in front of others. How would you feel when someone is eating *hmm… hmmm* when you are fasting ??
A – Excuse me ? Do I do *mmm.. hmmm…?*
K – yeah! That too when I make it for you…
A – By the way these are nice Pan cakes.
K – [smiles]
Arnav continues eating when Khushi is feeling uneasy.
A – Khushi have some..
K – Noo!! I …
A – Khushi, you can have a small piece. And I wont tell anybody as I don’t believe in these rituals.
K – [ gets up and stands facing her back to him ] No! I cant have them. DM would feel bad, Cant I stay away from food atleast for her ? I am fasting for her..
A – [ continues eating ]
K – are you done ?
A – yes! [ she serves him with coffee]
K – I must cook different food today.
A – Then I must leave this house today!
K – haaaawww Why ???
A – haaww why ?? Don’t you remember what happened last time ?
Khushi recollects the last time where the kids had spoiled his model and drew the moustache on his Photo. Thinking of it she starts smiling.
K – At that time, I used to be scared of you..
A – yeah! How about now ?
K – Now am not !
Arnav looks in her eyes, and asks really? Khushi pinches his cheek and says, yes really. Arnav says, please don’t do such stuff.. I am not a kid anymore. Khushi says, then why do everyone call you chote? Both smile. Khushi tells him to get ready as they have to buy gifts for kids. She leaves.
Sheetal has came to some office for the job. One of the office staff says, we were just looking for someone like you but before you get the job, you have to talk with our boss. He’s in meeting right now.
On the other side, Khushi has came to a shop to buy gifts for kids. She is bargaining and Aarva comes there. He heard her voice and sees her. He says, oh no.. and starts leaving from there. Khushi sees him and stops him.
Khushi asks him, where is your mumma? Aarav says, mumma has gone for the interview and I am waiting for him. Khushi asks him, so which toy did you like? He says, I don’t like toys. Khushi says, but all kids like toys then why not you? Aarav says, because all kids like them and I am not a kid. Khushi says, I know that.. you’re not kid.. you’re chote. Aarav asks, can I go? Khushi says, no.. your mumma told you to wait here right? Then help me in buying toys. Aarav asks, what? you play with toys? Khushi says, no.. it’s for someone else. She asks, which toys 10 years old girls like? Aarav says, how would I know? Khushi then sees a doll and asks him if she should buy it? He says, no and shows her.. gun toys. Khushi says, not at all and puts it away. Khushi shows him more toys.. but he says all are very bad. Khushi asks, why? He says, because I told you na I don’t like toys. Khushi says, do you know.. you’re very strange. Aarav says, I am not strange.. those girls are strange.. who play with toys.. who make them eat.. put clothes on, as if they are not toys.. they are human beings.
Sheetal enters the boss’ office. And it’s none other than Arnav. He asks, Sheetal.. you here? Sheetal says, actually I came here for designing position. Arnav says, you were interested in designing in the college too.. I had no idea.. you would become a designer. They sit down. Arnav asks so how is your son? She says, he’s good.
Khushi is done shopping now. She tells Aarav.. so let’s eat something now. Aarav says, I am not hungry. She says, that’s what I don’t like.. you’re a kid so talk like one. It seems like you’re throwing rocks from your mouth. And what is this? Why angry face all the time? Smile little.. talk little.. this world is not that bad. Khushi then keeps going on.. that I know we girls are different and we talk extra… She’s busy in talking and on the other side, Aarav is getting dizzy. Khushi finally notices that and asks to herself, did he got unconscious from my talks? now what shall I do?
In the office, Sheetal shows her designs to Arnav.. and he’s impressed. He says, this job can easily be yours. Sheetal says, sorry Arnav.. I can’t do this job. Arnav asks why? She says, I just can’t do it. Arnav says, I am so sorry.. I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.
Arnav’s phone is ringing. Sheeta says to Arnav, your wife’s call. Arnav picks up the phone and Sheetal is leaving from there. Arnav says, what? Aarav is unconscious? Sheetal hears that and gets worried. Arnav asks Khushi, where did you meet him? Khushi says, I met him in a store.. you please call and tell Sheetal. Arnav says, Sheetal is right here.. I am taking her to our home. Sheetal says, I left Aarav alone.. I am a bad mother. Arnav says to her, relax. .. they are at my home.. I am taking you there. They leave.
Aarav is at Raizada house and he finally opens his eyes. Whole Raizada family is gathered there. He sees everyone’s faces and gets up all of a sudden. Manorama asks, why did you get up like that? We are not ghosts. Manorama asks Khushi where did you find him? Khushi says, he’s Arnav’s friend’s son and I met him on that day…… she stops and then says, when we went to ice cream.. we met them. Nani tells Aarav not to scare or worry. Aarav says, it’s okay.. now I am fine and I am leaving. Khushi stops him and says, you’re not going anywhere. And how you’re fine? You got unconscious.. and I have called doctor. You rest here. Aarav asks, doctor for what? I am going to my mum. Khushi says, I have informed your mother that you’re here.. she would be coming here. Khushi says, I think we should make Aarav eat something. Aarav is getting up and leaving but Anjali stops this time and asks for soup. He again gets up but this time Nani stops him and asks what about khichdi? Payal says, milk.. While they deciding.. Aarav quiet leaves from there. Everyone wonders where he went.
Episode ends.

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IPKKND WU 18/10/2012 

Part 1
it starts frm the lady yelling.. n thn Arnav says sheetal.. khushi says do u knw her??? Arnav says yes we were clg frends. n he introduces khushi as his wife..
Sheetal says sorry.. n sheetal says thts my son Aarav..
khushi tells Arnav tht he is the same kid with whom our suit got exchanged..
Arnav n Aarav are happy to see each other..
they leave
Arnav n khushi c
ome inside the car n they arg...ue.. Arnav says wat wud have happend.. wenever u help somethin wrong happens..
so she says frm nw i wont help anyone..
Arnav n khushi come home NK says thm i am sooo happy to see u all.. Anjali asks u met thm few hrs back..
Mami says the love birds coming together.. Arnav says khushi wanted to eat ice cream so took her.. Mami says i guess u did nt make her eat right flavor ice cream..
khushi leaves frm there.. Anjali says go n say her sorry..
khushi comes to room n Arnav asks for file.. khushi says frm today i wont help anyone will only do my work.. n leaves frm there.. Arnav thinks tht he did say khushi too much..
in the kitchen Payal, Anjali n khushi are there.. anjali says lets make something for Arnav.. khushi says no need to do anything..
if u do right ppl think u are poking nose everywhere..
Arnav cums n asks for his white shirt.. she says i dnt knw.. she leaves frm there bt Arnav holds her hand.. khushi says u ask the kidnappers i did hit thm.. he says u cant do tht to me..
she rushes frm there..
khushi is watering the plants Arnav cums n says nw u wont let me touch u tooo..
n she starts singing her mausam hai suhana song.. she starts leavin bt Arnav takes her dupata n covers her mouth n eyes with dupatta n carries her frm there

Part 2
Arnav carries khushi in his car n says dnt u try to open it.. or i will tie ur hands to.. Nw only her eyes are tied..
traffic police stops Arnav n asks Arnav for his license.. n asks Khushi if she is fine.. she says he is trying to kidnap me.. the traffic police says u can go i dnt want to come in bween Husband wife fight..
they reach tht same garden where he has his memories of his mother..
Arnav says i am trying to tlk to u frm such a long tym..
she says i dnt want to tlk to u..
Arnav says oky u cant stop tlking for 5 mins she tries n says yes i cant.. i am like this frm my childhood

Part 3
Arnav bends his head in front of khushi n khushi says u dnt need to do tht in front of me.. Arnav says no its needed u test my patience, talks a lot.. so thts y u are bending its nt necessary.. He says no bec there cant be a person lyk u who is so selfless, helping others, ur traditions i respect all tht..
i dnt bend my head in frnt on anyone bt today i felt it doin bec there is no one lik...e u..
N the rabba ve music in the background n khushi hugs each other..
n khushi says its shockin u said so much n i did nt even say anythin.. bt u shd nt do tht its soo filmy..
Arnav says sorry i shd have nt said u so much.. Khushi says no u were tensed for me.. dnt worry i wont leave u ever n go..
i will always be there with u.
Arnav says i knw u are very strong bt nxt tym if somethin like this happens thn plz call the police


17th october 2012 written update (( khushi save little Asr from kidnapping) 

The show begins with Khushi thinking about the MINI-VERSION Arnav.She tells to Arnav that she met mini-version of ASR, even his name is ASR. She tells the boy told the suit was old fashioned. Arnav too says its old fashioned... Khushi is surprised...

Arnav wears the suit and comes down to drawing room where all ladies are watching news. Khushi and NK plans to go to Bhindi baazar.
News of dacoits, thieves, murder comes and the ladies say that country is heading to destruction. Khushi says no no ... our country also had Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Viveknanda. etc...
Finally Khushi NK leaves to Bhindi baazar. at Bhindi baazar.. Khushi gets busy bargaining . NK fells fearful when someone stumbles upon him. NK shouts please dont kidnap me... Khushi clears confusion.

While Khushi is explaining how a kidnap is done.. she sees actually 2 goons trying to kidnap a boy. She shouts and acts like hero to stop it. The child comes out of car and hides behind Khushi. Khushi starts her action beating the goons with vegetables. The boy is same MINI-VERSION ASR... he says lets drive and run. Khushi enters car with buy and drives away.

NK sees Khushi going away he calls Khushi. Khushi is worst driver. ... She doesn't pick up phone. NK calls Arnav and tells Khushi left.
The nearby people explains how Khushi was brave enough to save a boy from goons. Arnav is shocked to hear Khushi drove a car...

Khushi is driving car, the boy says she didn't need to save him , he could have saved himself. Arnav sees the car and follows Khushi but Khushi thinks its the same goons behind her and tries to drive faster.

Arnav honks horn but Khushi doesn'T stop and finally when she was about to hit another car. She hits brakes.
The boy says she doesn't know how to drive car. The boy goes on complaining about Khusi. Arnav stops car behind her car. She comes out of the car. Arnav scolds Khushi for going out of her way to save someone else. The boy too comes out of car and her mom calls her Arrav...
The boy tells someone tried to kidnap him. The woman starts scolding Khushi how could she kidnap such child ... Khushi tries to explain so does the boy.. .but she goes on and on... Arnav comes and tells SHUT UP.. .she tried to save your child from being kidnapped... The woman looks Arnav...

AND... BAAAM... Looking Arnav's close up face looks like THEY BOTH KNOW EACH OTHER...

Episode ends

16th october 2012 written update (( new entry chote young Asr enter arnav & khushi life )) 

Episode starts with Arnav asking Khushi, what is all this? Why are you doing all this? My client sent that cake. Khushi says, I know Arnav ji.. but you said you don’t want to celebrate your birthday. Arnav says, I know and I have heard this thousands of times since morning that I don’t want to celebrate my birthday, but you could wish me at least once as you’re my wife. I don’t want any birthday party, but after marriage.. this is my first birthday so I can at least expect to spend some time with you.. but you just sticking on one thing.

Khushi says, yes because you said that.. and I can’t go against what you say. You said no wishes, no party.. and now when all that is happening, then why are you getting upset? What do you think that I don’t want to celebrate your birthday? From food to guest list.. everything was ready. I had planned so much but I let that all go so everything happens the way you want. She then says, I changed myself so much for you Arnav ji.. and you can’t even spend some of your happy moments with me? Arnav is just staring at Khushi. Khushi goes on, maybe I just expect too much from you. She leaves now.

Everyone is at dining table and Khushi comes there now. She’s serving food to everyone and seems very sad. She goes in kitchen to get food. Manorama tells everyone.. we did what Khushi said us to do.. which is not to wish Arnav.. then why is she still upset? Anjali says, I think all went wrong that Khushi planned. Nani says, there’s still time.. we should with Arnav. He must be thinking why no one wished him. And Arnav comes there now. As soon as he comes, everyone wishes him happy birthday. Khushi comes back and sees everyone wishing him, but she’s still quiet. Arnav looks at her and hopes she also wishes him. Nani then asks Khushi to sit down with them and have dinner as well, but Khushi says that she is not hungry and again she goes back to the kitchen. Nani then tells Arnav, what you did wasn’t right.. she had planned so much for you.. but she couldn’t do anything because of you.. and then you got angry at her. Arnav gets up and leaves from there.

Arnav is standing alone at the pool side. Aakash comes there and says, so..fight between you two? He then asks, These girls are so strange right? I mean.. they remember everything.. when we met first time.. when what happened.. and then celebrate all those days with them. He then says, actually this is the way of them saying how much they love to us.. sometimes it’s too much.. but if these girls didn’t love us then we guys are nothing Without them… He then says, you would have understood what I am trying to say. Arnav says, I know Aakash.. and then he says to him.. I am not good at all these situations.. what should I do? Aakash says, you know better than me what you should do and he leaves from there. Arnav is thinking and thinking…

Someone is cooking in kitchen and making all Khushi’s favorite dishes (I believe). It’s none other than Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.. he’s in a chef dress. He struggles but still is trying to cook. Everyone except Khushi is hiding and watching him. Arnav is reading the recipe book now and is frying something. No one can believe this.. oil goes on Arnav’s face and Anjali rushes to go and help him. But Aakash stops her saying this is between husband and wife.. let bhai do what he wants. Arnav now keeps himself far from oil and continues.. Nani is smiling looking at all this. He’s finally done cooking.

Khushi is standing alone in their room and Arnav comes there with food that he cooked. Khushi asks what is this? Arnav says, I was upset today so I did what you do when you get upset. Khushi says, when I am upset.. I make jalebis,, and how would you make jalebis? Arnav is all quiet. Khushi .. in a shock..asks him, you made jalebis? Arnav then shows her what he made.. Khushi laughs and asks is this jalebi? It’s very good.

Khushi then sets up a candle beside jalebies and asks Arnav to wish something and then blow candles. Arnav closes his eyes and wishes something and then blows the candle. Khushi claps and sings ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Arnav then makes her eat jalebi.. Khushi says, it’s very good and then she is about to make him eat.. but then says you can’t eat this na. Arnav says, little bit is fine and then he takes one bite. He then goes.. this is so bad.. how can you eat this? Khushi says, you made it that’s why.. Arnav then remembers how he also said samething before when Khushi made puri halwa.

Arnav now apologizes to Khushi and says, I shouldn’t have done what I did today. Khushi holds his hand.. and says.. not a problem. Arnav says, I promise that you can do whatever you want for my next birthday. I won’t say anything. Khushi says, and my birthday? Arnav says.. I will.. I will wish you. Khushi hugs him and says, I don’t like this at all when we fight like this.. Arnav says, I don’t like it either.. I have to make jalebis then which come out to be terrible. Khushi says, and I have to eat them. They both laugh.

Arnav now asks, you brought my gift or forgot? Khushi says, how can I forget.. remember I told you… you get better result when you wait. She goes and gets the gift. Arnav is trying to open it. Khushi asks him to hurry up.. and then she says, you go and wear this.. I want to see you in this. She pushes Arnav to go.

Arnav shouts from inside, “Khushi I don’t think this will fit to me”. Khushi asks, is this tight or lose? Arnav says.. tight. Khushi says, not a problem.. I can make it a bit lose, but you first wear it and come outside. Arnav says, I won’t be able to wear it. Khushi says, at least try a bit. Or come outside and I will help you. Arnav comes outside with a suit. She says, how is this possible? I took your measurements yesterday. Arnav then remembers how she was doing her sweet talks and measured everything. He asks so what should we do with this? Khushi says, will return to a tailor. She’s angry at tailor. Arnav asks her, aren’t you forgetting something? Khushi kisses him on his cheek and wishes him happy birthday.

Arnav now kisses on her cheek and says, you were right.. it’s better result when you wait. Both smile. Arnav now carries her and takes her to the bed.

It’s morning now and Khushi is at tailor’s place. She’s angry at him. She says, you ate my cloth piece and sent me this small suit. I gave you measurements of a fit person and you sent me a small child’s suit…aren’t you ashamed? Tailor asks, don’t know.. how we did this mistake. He then asks on whose name this suit was? Khushi says, Arnav Singh Raizada.. ASR. Someone there says, yes. Khushi asks, who said yes? She looks around and sees a kid… dressed just like Arnav and anger on his face. He goes, excuse me? You called me? Khushi says, nahi beta (son) .. I said ASR. He says, that’s what my name is.. ASR. Both are staring at each other.

Khushi looks at tailor. Kid, in angry tone, tells tailor.. you sent me wrong suit. Tailor says, I see.. suits are changed.. because of same names that’s why all this mess. Khushi says, I told you for home delivery.. but at least he (kid) should have checked it when picking it up. Khushi now asks kid, where is your mum? He says, why you want to talk with my mum? Khushi says, your mum by mistakely picked up wrong suit.. Kid goes.. I myself picked up this suit, and that too after you received yours. Mistake is not mine.. mistake can never be mine. You should have checked as soon as you got your suit, and should have told him. Khushi is shocked looking at his behaviour.

Tailor apologizes to the kid. Kid goes on and says to Khushi.. because of you .. I got wrong suit and I don’t wear such old fashioned clothes. Khushi says, really? then why didn’t you check your packet? Kid gets angry and walks toward Khushi. He says, because I was busy!!!! Khushi is in a shock. Kid tells to tailor.. next time.. there shouldn’t be any mistake.

Khushi asks, what do you mean that you were busy? What do you think.. I am free here? She points her finger at him and says, look kid.. Before she says anything.. the kid puts her finger down and says, shut. He says, I am not a kid.. I am ASR! He takes suit package from Khushi’s hand and leaves from there.

Episode ends with Khushi asking herself.. is this in real or just a dream.

Precap: Arnav is waiting outside, in a car. Khushi sits in the car and seems confused. Arnav asks her what happened? She says, I just came meeting you… meaning your name.. your attitude but small in size. Arnav is confused now and asks what are you saying? Khushi says, I just met a kid in store.. who is just like you. And his name is also ASR and that’s why suits got changed.

15th october 2012 written updates 

Anjali and Mami tell Khushi that Arnav doesn’t like celebrating his birthday and Khushi is sad. Anjali explains that if anyone does anything he will be upset and for Khushi not to do anything. NK states that is boring and Akash challenges him to sing Happy Birthday to Arnav and see what happens. He explains Arnav doesn’t like wishing or being full updates with pictures only at Khushi states that that is the old Arnav and things have changed since marriage, Khushi explains that she will celebrate his birthday and as his wife she wants to make is special . As Khushi leaves Anjali explains how Khushi might feel if Arnav shouts at her. Arnav comes and asks what he will be upset about. Khushi is ordering food and Arnav comes to speak to her. She goes with Arnav and he tells her not to do anything for his birthday and leave it as it is. Khushi gets a call and Arnav enquires about it, but she brushes it off.
Akash explains that the last time someone wished Arnav he got very angry with them. Anjali explains to Khushi that Arnav doesn’t like celebrating.
Khushi is upset that he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. Khushi continues that if he is like then she is like this. Mami states she will get movies to watch rather then watching angry Arnav.
Khushi is ordering clothes and she is asked for measurement, Anjali is worried but she tells Anjali not to worry.

At night Arnav is on the laptop and Khushi tries to sneak out a suit, he calls her and enquires about taking his suit, he states that he knows what she wants to do with it, she explains that she wants to give it to the laundry and he replies that it is a new suit so there is no need. She replies if its cleaned then it wont get old. Khushi gets a call and enquires if she still not planning something, Khushi denies it and Arnav states that its good she isn’t, Khushi wonders how to take the measurement.

Khushi then gets all poetic and romantic with Arnav and Arnav questions what she is trying to do, she states that wants to say something but is shy to, she tells him to close his eyes and he is confused, she then fakes romance with him and gets his measurements, he goes to get is leg measurement and there is a awkward moment, she continues to fake and states that patience leads to fruitful outcomes and Arnav is damn confused and wonders what she will do tomorrow

It’s the next morning and Arnav wakes up and Khushi wishes him a good morning. Khushi tells him to get ready for office and he is getting late. He is confused and sees Khushi getting a box and wonders if its his present, but its just bangles. He then asks khushi what the plan is, but Khushi states he is not a child and he even stated that he didn’t want to do anything, she tells him food is ready.

As Arnav comes down the stairs he gets a call from Aman, he thinks he has called to wish him, he answers Thanks to Aman but Aman answers what was the thanks for he only called about a meeting. He wonders if Aman forget his birthday. Everyone is formal on the table and he wonders if everyone forgot. Arnav asks what else there is for breakfast and Khushi states there is nothing else. NK leaves stating he is meeting friends for breakfast. Khushi gives Akash his tiffin, no one seems to wish Arnav birthday, he is thinking that with KHushi hear he thought something would happen but everyone seems to have forgetten. Anrav gets ready for office, khushi calls him stating he forgot his phone.

Akash and Anrav talk business in the office, he asks Akash if he has forgotten something, he explains that its his birthday, Akash replies he remembers but he even says his birthday is like any other day. Arnav wants to eat. Khushi arrives with a Dabba to eat with Anrav, Arnav tells Akash it will be a big meal with a note, Akash is about to leave but Khushi tells him to eat with them, but he declines. Khushi has brought simple food and Arnav asks whether this is all it. Khushi tells him to eat quickly as she doesn’t have much time and has shopping to do. Khushi is about to leave and states she forgot something, Arnav thinks she is about to wish him but gives him something for digestion?. Anrav seems angry that Khushi hasn’t wished him.
Arnav and Akash arrive home from work and everyone is watching a film. There is a knock on the door and there is a cake for him. Khushi goes to the guy and tells him that they cant accept the cake as Arnav doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday. Arnav asks what she just did, Khushi explains that he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday and leaves, he looks on

arnav is fighting with khushi that she keep saying he doesn't like to celebrate his birthday but as this is his first birthday after marriage he does not celebrate his birthday but at least she would wish  him and spend time with him

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