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21st september 2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Payal asking Khushi if she knows what is she doing. Khushi says, yes they are doing bachelors party. Payal asks her, then why you didn’t stop them? Khushi says, for what? All guys are celebrating.. what’s wrong with me? We, girls, have so many events in which guys can’t come. Payal says, you’re very innocent.. you don’t know how these bachelors parties are. Khushi says, I know.. we enjoyed whole night during Preeto’s (Khushi’s friend) wedding party… we ate gol gappes.. played antakshari.. and had fun.. guys will do same thing.

Payal asks her, you really think guys will play antakshari there? Payal says, no .. far away from this house.. do you think only guys will be there? Khushi says, obviously…Payal says, there will be girls.. there will be dance.. there will be wine.. Khushi says, but Arnav didn’t invite me.. did Aakash invite you? Payal says, not us.. other girls… whom we can’t trust at all. Khushi is shocked and asks.. all these happen in these parties? Khushi says, omg.. what did I do? I said him to go to the party happily. If anything like this happens, then I won’t leave Arnav.

Scene changes to the party. Nk and Aakash have a glass of wine in their hands and they seem drunk. Khushi and Payal enter there. Aakash says, we had lots of fun tonight and he suddenly sees Payal and gets shocked. Payal turns off the music. Khushi asks Nk, what is this? Nk says, all this was.. Payal asks Nk, how can you do all this? I never thought in my dreams that you would do such stuff. Nk says, thank you for the compliment.

Aakash asks Nk to sssh.. and says she’s mad. Aakash then asks Payal, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. Payal then takes Aakash to home with her. Khushi is angry at Nk and asks him, aren’t you ashamed? organizing such parties? Nk says, you said in morning organize party the way so Arnav enjoys.. he enjoyed now. Khushi then asks where is Arnav. Nk says, he must be somewhere here. Khushi is that angry that she forwards her hands to press Nk’s neck. Nk then points somewhere and says he’s there. Khushi sees a couple in a shadow and gets shocked. Nk says her, you can’t go there but Khushi threatens him again and he says, you can go.. go. Khushi goes there.

Khushi enters the room and Arnav is on bed. Khushi starts searching for something. Arnav asks her, what are you doing here? Khushi asks where is that witch. Arnav asks who? She starts searching for her everywhere. Arnav holds her hand and stops her. He asks what are you searching for? Khushi says, I am sure that I saw a girl here. Arnav says what? No way.. Khushi says, you stay quiet.. is this your party? is this what you wanted to do? How can you even think about it? Arnav gets serious. Khushi asks where is she? Arnav then shows her a statue and asks her.. you really think I can do such thing? Khushi says.. no.

Arnav continues, what if there was party for real? Khushi says, what? that means there was no party? why did you lie to me? Arnav says, you only told me to go and enjoy right.. if I can become Salman Khan for you then.. Khushi says.. you scared me. Arnav then says, you spoiled my bachelors party.. what about that? You will be punished. He goes closer and closer to her and says something in her ear. Khushi says, no.. I can’t do that. Arnav says, relax.. there is no pressure. Arnav then goes to kiss her but Khushi pushes him and runs away.

Khushi comes back in a black saaree and she dances on song “Namk Ishq Ka”. Arnav smiles seeing her and he dances with her as well.

Arnav asks Khushi, why did you come here? Khushi says, to tell you that only I have rights on you.. and if any witch comes then I… Arnav asks then what will you do? Khushi says, I will kill her. Arnav then takes Khushi somewhere.

It’s very dark. They then sleep on some whitish cloth. Arnav then turns on lights and he has made everything look like a night sky. Khushi asks how did you think about it? Arnav says, whenever we think about our mother… Arnav then points and says that’s my mother.. that’s your.. Khushi hugs him. She asks him, what do you think? What they would be talking about? They must be talking about us.. and must be saying that we are so lucky that we got true love. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav asks her, how do you think it’s true love? Khushi says, I know because one small tear from my eye and it hurts you a lot. Arnav says, everytime. Khushi says, I know.. when you went far away from me.. Arnav then kisses her on her forehead, hand.. and then he is about kiss her but Khushi closes her eyes and seems scared.. Arnav then stops and says, I know before marriage you don’t like all this.. he says, do you know..before I met you.. I always felt something is missing. He asks her to promise him that she will never leave her. He says, I won’t be able to live without you.

Now Khushi kisses him on his cheeks. Arnav takes out her bangles, kisses her hands. Arnav is again about to kiss her but Khushi hugs him. Arnav then opens her lace of blouse. And they finally kiss (not really but ye that’s what they show with camera angels).


It’s next day morning now. Khushi wakes up and is thinking about last night and smiling. She feels very happy. She says to Devi ma, you know right.. today is a very big day for me.. today is my marriage. She now realizes what she just said.. and she repeats.. TODAY IS MY MARRIAGE and is shocked.

Episode ends..

Precap: Buaji asks to herself.. what is this khushi doing? Khushi is in rush and talking on the phone.. she says, you won’t get any money if ice cream even melt down a little… and yes.. don’t forget some special kind of ‘halwa’ .. my husband has allergy from sugar. She now calls someone else.. Buaji asks her, do you know what’s today? Khushi is on the phone and says, today is my marriage.. I want roses not chameli. Buaji and Garima are shocked seeing her like this. Khushi tells them, she has prepared clothes and jewelries for everyone (and she herself is not ready yet).

20th september 2012 written updates   

Episode starts with Shyam lost in some thoughts. Anjali asks Shyam, how was my act? Shyam says it was very good.

Arnav and Khushi are sitting together. Aranv says, it was good but I hope that was it. Nk says, no Nannav.. a big surprise is still left. Arnav says, oh no. Nk says, Oh yes. Arnav then tells Khushi to do something. Khushi says, you want me to stop our own sangeet ceremony? She says, absolutely not. Our sangeet ceremony will be best and we are having so much fun. Arnav says, it’s more like punishment than fun. Khushi says, after 20-40 years when we get old, when we won’t be able to walk properly.. when you won’t have hair.. and then she says, no actually.. I don’t like bald people. She continues, so after 20-40 years with our hair when we watch these videos, we will say, “wah.. those days were so awesome”. Arnav is smiling. read full updates with pictures only at . Khushi then says, I know you will say one more thing.. Arnav asks what? Khushi says, in an old man’s voice, “what the..”. They both laugh. Arnav asks, what else do you know about our future? Khushi says, a lot but real fun will be when we live those moments together.. so why should I tell you all and spoil our future. Arnav holds her hand. Khushi tells him, you don’t need to say anything.. I know you also want to live all those moments. Right? Arnav gives her a smile. Next sangeet performance starts. It’s Nk and Manorama dancing on “pehla pehla pyaar hai”.

Arnav and Khushi are watching performance and they imagine as if they are performing it. So we get to see Arnav & Khushi’s dance on same song as well.

Everyone is happy, but on the other hand Shyam is worried about something. Anjali is introducing her friends to Shyam but Shyam is lost somewhere else. Nani looks at a cover on a table and she tries to open it. But at the same time, some guests come to her so she cannot open and she puts it on other table. Shyam tells Anjali, I have to make an important call.. I will be right back. He then goes to get that cover but cannot see it there anymore. He starts searching for it and finally sees it on the other table. He is going to get it but a waiter goes there before him and takes it and says, I will give it to Hariprakash (Raizada house’s servant).

Waiter gives it to Hariprakash and he goes to give to Arnav. Shyam is following him and trying to stop him.

On a stage, Nk announces performances are done but that thing is left. Nk asks him to do that thing. Everyone is wondering what’s that thing.. Khushi is getting worried. Nk then says, I mean “propose”.. my brother.. you will have to propose Khushi na. Khushi has a sign of relief. Arnav asks, but why? Khushi says, what you mean why? You will have to propose me. Arnav says, we are in our sangeet ceremony and getting married in few days.. so what’s point of proposing now? Khushi says, that even I know but till now you haven’t asked me properly about what I want. Everyone says, ask Arnav ask Arnav.. and everyone claps. Arnav is quiet. Khushi says, leave it.. he doesn’t ask question.. he just answers directly. He can’t do this. Khushi stands up and starts walking.

Nk says, wait a minute and tells Arnav to show khushi what he is really to Khushi. Shyam is still following Hariprakash. Suddenly lights go off and Arnav is disappeared. Finally Shyam catches Hariprakash but he doesn’t have cover anymore with him. Shyam asks him where is it? Hariprakash says, I thought it was Arnav’s and now I don’t know where did it go in dark. Shyam gets mad at him and says, why do touch stuff that’s not urs? Shyam is afraid what if Arnav got that cover.

Arnav is on the stage now with a microphone. He says, I found out one truth today.. a truth that I never came to know before. Shyam is all worried. Arnav continues, never understood it.. and that truth is.. love can do anything.. to anyone.. and then he dances on song “mujhse shadi karogi”. Khushi and everyone else is very happy seeing him like this.

Anjali says, I never seen Arnav happy like this before. Woo Arnav is going crazy.. he now takes Khushi on the stage now. He gets on his knees and asks Khushi, will you marry me? Khushi gets emotional. Arnav kisses her hand. Khushi hugs him.

Shyam sees someone opening the cover and looking at Garima and Arnav’s father’s photo. It’s none other than Dadi. Shyam runs there and tries to take that photo away. Dadi asks him, so you were searching for this? Shyam apologizes to her and says, but we have to collect proofs and tell truth to everyone. Dadi says, I know the truth and whatever needs to be done, I will do my way. She requests him not to repeat same mistake again. She says, have faith in me.. I will make sure the bad ones get punished. Dadi leaves. Shyam says, I don’t care about all that whose right and wrong…. I just need your help to reach my goal.

Next morning. All brothers are together. Nk and Aakash say roka, mehendi, haldi, sangeet are done. Arnav says, next is marriage now. Nk says, no.. one thing is left before marriage, bachelors party. Nk says, all guys should attend bachelors party because after marriage they don’t get to enjoy. He asks Aakash, am I right? Aakash doesn’t really answer and starts reading a magazine. Arnav says, no there won’t be any bachelors party. Khushi comes there and asks, why not? Nk is absolutely right.

She says, you all guys should relax. Arnav laughs and says, do you know what happens in that party? Khushi says, yes I know everything.

Khushi says, I know that’s why am telling you should do a bachelors party. She then tells Nk, one huge party for Arnav is your responsiblity now. He should have lots of fun there. Nk says, okay. Khushi leaves from there. Nk says, so it’s done.. tonight bachelors party fixed.

Arnav comes to Khushi. Khushi asks him, how is this necklace? Arnav says.. very bad. Khushi asks what? He then puts it on her neck and says, now it looks good. He asks her, so are your sure that you don’t have any problems?

Khushi says, it’s so beautiful then why would I have any problem? Arnav says, I am not talking about necklace. I am talking about bachelors party. Khushi says, why would I have any problem? All guys want to celebrate together then what problem could I have? And when you can dance like Salman Khan for me, then can’t I do this much for you? You go and enjoy the party.

Arnav smiles and says, okay. and with that episode ends.

Precap: Payal tells Khushi, you’re too innocent. You really don’t know anything. Bachelors parties don’t happen like this. You really think there will be only guys? There will be dance.. wine.. Khushi is shocked.

19th september 2012 written updates 

The show begins with everyone planning for Sangeet. Suddenly Khushi comes and they lie they are talking about food trying to hide their plan of Sangeet.
Khushi goes to Arnav and tells something is going in this house, everyone is in it for sangeet. Arnav smiles. Khushi drags Arnav to sangeet place and tells Akash she needs to go inside behind the curtains. Akash says you are not allowed. Suddenly light goes off… and show begins. Arnav says relax.

NK comes as anchor and presents DULHA & DULHAN… everyone comes forward and congratulates Arnav-Khushi. Aranv-Khusi gets seated. Nani ask Anjali where is DADI. Anjali says SHYAM has gone to bring DADI.

DADI finds the photo of Garima/Arnav’s Dad. Shyam tells i have already known Garima is that other women. I wanted to show the photo to you yesterday, but you met her. Shyam tells DADI why did you allow this marriage to happen even after knowing all these.
DADI simply keeps queit.

At function Manorama and NK are telling how Arnav-Khushi meet and their love story.

Shyam ask DADI why? DADI reveals she is playing game, dont get fooled. I will not forgive Garima and her daughters and they will pay.

Shyam is anxious, he can’t wait for DADI to do anything ? He is furious and cant let go this oppurtunity.

The musical function begins with Payal and Bauji dancing on some tunes.
Suno Suno Dulha walo…

Kya Pyaar Karega Hamri Bitiya Ko

Then comes Manorama & NK in reply

Dulhan patiyala hai…
Kya Pyaar KAregi Hamri Bituwa Ko

DADI and Shyam comes to hte function. She sits along with Garima on same bench. Garima is scared, DADI looks into her eyes and says everything is ok.
Garima tries to get up, but DADI holds her hands and once again says everything is ok.

Shyam is angry, what is DADI doing.
Suddenly a servant hands Shyam an envelope. It has same Garima-Arnav’s father’s photo refined from old photo.
He calls photo studio ask then why did they hand photo to someone else? He scolds them… and plans to use that photo very soon.

After call ends. Anjali comes and ask Shyam what is he doing. He says he had some work. Anjali takes envelope from Shyam’s hand and throws on the table.
Anjali takes her to function. Shyam is worried for enevelope.

At function. NK acts and Arnav. Manorama acts as Khushi in musical act of how Arnav-Khushi met.
Arnav-Khushi ki aawo sunaye tumhe storiyaan…

Episode ends

18th september 2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Khushi getting emotional and asking Arnav to promise her that they will come to this place after their marriage to take blessings of Arnav’s mother. They hug then.

At Raizada house, Garima begs Dadi for not cancelling the marriage. Garima says, what’s Khushi’s fault in this? I didn’t know Arnav’s father was married. I have regret for falling in love with him. I am sorry for everything that happened with this house. Dadi says, then you would have faced me and would have apologized to me. But no, till today you are hiding from me.. running away from me because you know it’s your fault. Garima says, believe me.. I tried many times to talk with you. Dadi says, lie.. I won’t let Khushi destroy Arnav’s life like how you destroyed Arnav’s father’s life. I will tell the truth to Arnav. Shyam is hiding and still listening all this. I will tell him that you’re responsible for his mother’s death. Now this marriage won’t happen. Dadi shouts Arnav.. Arnav. Garima is begging her not to tell all this to Arnav but Dadi doesn’t listen and goes to Arnav’s room.

Garima is worried and says to herself, Khushi won’t be able to live without Arnav. Shyam is looking at her and smiling.

Whole Raizada family is in a room except Arnav and Khushi. They are playing guessing the movie game. Dadi comes there and asks where is Arnav. Aakash says he went somewhere with Khushi. Dadi leaves from there. Nani wonders what happened with Dadi.

Garima is saying in her mind, I will have to talk with Khushi and tell her all the truth before Dadi talks with Arnav. That poor girl doesn’t even know from what all she will have to suffer because of me. Seeing Garima worried, Khushi’s father tries to calm her down. But Garima says, nothing happened.. I am just tired. Garima is calling someone. Nani comes there and asks her what happened. Garima says, I am fine.. I was just trying to call Khushi. Nani tells her to rest but Garima says.. it’s okay. Nani says in her mind, on the other side, Dadi seems worried and here Garima.. did something happen between them? Shyam says in his mind, no matter where Khushi and Arnav are .. in end they will have to come here. He says, when I waited this long for this big blast, then little more.

Dadi, in her room, is also waiting desperately for Arnav to return.

Everyone wonders where Khushi and Arnav are. And here they come holding each other’s hand. Nk tells Arnav, Nannav you can’t go out with Khushi like this at this time… it’s not allowed. Khushi says, we didn’t break any ritual.. in fact we did one more ritual. We went to meet someone very important.

Shyam comes to Dadi’s room and tells her, Arnav is here now. Shyam leaves.

Nk tells Arnav, so you couldn’t even wait this much.. you’re very impatient. Garima goes to Khushi and Arnav and asks Khushi to go with her. She takes her on a side and says, I want to talk with you about something important. Before Garima says anything more, Dadi comes there and says, WAIT. Dadi takes Khushi’s hand off from Garima’s hand. Arnav asks Dadi, what’s wrong? Dadi says to Khushi, there’s only little time left before your marriage.. and before that I want to tell you something. Dadi then puts a bangle in Khushi’s hand and says, YOU’RE WELCOME TO THIS HOUSE. Everyone is shocked and happy.

Dadi says, these are our family’s traditional bangles. We give them to generation to generation. As now you’re going to become bahu of this house, you have rights on them. Don’t remove them until your marriage is done. Khushi takes blessings from Dadi. Dadi leaves from there. Shyam is wondering what’s going on.

Nk says, I feel like am seeing a dream. Manorama also says this is a miracle. Shyam is angry.

Anjali comes to Shyam and he brings smile on his face. Anjali says, I can’t believe what Dadi just did.. now I think this wedding will be perfect.

Dadi is praying and Garima comes there. Shyam listens to their conversation. Garims tells Dadi, you really have a very big heart. You didn’t punish my daughter for my mistake. Dadi says, I don’t want history to repeat itself. I want this family to be happy. I can’t stop this marriage because of a woman like you. I can’t see everyone getting sad in this house. Shyam is angry. Garima says, you saved my daughter’s life.. she wouldn’t be able to live without Arnav. Dadi says, I know that. Garima asks her, did you forgive me? Dadi says, go .. your family is waiting for you. Dadi leaves from there. Garima thanks God for not breaking Khushi’s heart.

Buaji asks Garima, don’t you have to come to home or what? Nk jokes and says, else water will go off. Manorama says them to come early as there is sangeet ceremony tomorrow. Khushi’s family leaves but Khushi is still standing there. Arnav tells her, bye. But she is still here. She says to him, I am very scared.. Dadi gave me bangles.. gave blessings too.. Arnav says so? this is a good thing. Khushi hugs Arnav and says, I am very happy that I can’t even tell you how happy I am.. Dadi gave me bangles.. blessings and I met to your mother too.. so much happiness in one day and that’s why I am scared. Arnav smiles. Buaji shouts and calls Khushi. Arnav says, you’re really crazy. And I am very happy as well.. Khushi says, that’s why I am scaring.. by seeing laad governor’s smile. Khushi laughs and runs away from there.

Episode ends with Arnav’s smiling face.

Precap: Buaji and Payal performing (in sangeet’s ceremony).

17th september 2012 written updates

Episode starts with Arnav winning the ‘passing the pillow’ game and now he can give any punishment he wants to Khushi, as that’s what they decided before the game. He takes her to a room. He goes closer to her and Khushi’s heart beat gets faster. She says, I won’t do it. Arnav says, don’t you trust me? On the other hand, Dadi is coming downstairs to give Khushi’s father medicine to Garima. Garima is still there searching for the medicine.

Arnav puts a black cloth on Khushi’s eyes and takes her back to the living room. Everyone is laughing and Khushi takes off that black cloth. She asks everyone, why are you all laughing? Arnav shows her face to her in a mirror. Khushi gets shocked and shouts. Arnav has done mustache and stuff on her face. He says, you look really beautiful and to save you from others ‘kaali nazar’ I thought to do this. Khushi gets mad at Arnav and starts running behind him. While she’s running behind him, Dadi comes there and Khushi clashes with her.

Everyone suddenly gets quiet. Dadi looks at Khushi and says, I want to pray.. will I get any peace in this house for some time? Everyone leaves from there. Khushi is also leaving but Dadi stops her and asks where is your mother? Khushi points to Garima, who is searching medicine, and says she is right there.

Khushi leaves. Dadi goes to give medicine to Garima. Garima turns around and finally they come face to face. Both are shocked. Shyam is hiding behind a pillar and watching them.

Flashback scene:
Dadi is telling Garima, aren’t you ashamed of doing all this with a married man? Didn’t you think about his wife, children? You took away everything from me.. from my family. Garima says, trust me.. I didn’t know he’s married.. he never told me.
Flashback scene ends:

Dadi says, you? You’re that same Garima.. I can never forget that face. You’re that woman… Shyam is laughing. Dadi continues, how dare you to come in this house? Garima asks her to listen to her but Dadi slaps her.

Khushi and Arnav are in a room. Khushi tells him, you love to bother me right? I didn’t pick up your phone.. so you disconnected my phone.. and now this? Arnav is cleaning her face.. he asks beside bothering you.. what could be other reason to clean your face? Maybe your face is cleaned already but I am still.. Khushi looks in the mirror and her face is cleaned already. She says, next time I won’t get in any of your traps and I will run away that you won’t be able to reach me. She’s leaving from there. Arnav holds her hand and stops her. Arnav seems serious and He says, don’t say this again.. promise me. Khushi promises him that she won’t say such thing again. She asks him if everything is okay. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Khushi tells him, no problem.. you can tell whenever you want. She then hugs him. Arnav then says, I want to show you something which is Nk’s room. He says, I don’t want anyone to know so they go from the backside.

Arnav and Khushi come somewhere in a car. Arnav gets down first and he opens door for Khushi and forwards his hand to her. Khushi now comes out. He says, when I was young.. we came here with mum and she said.. she wants to show us something.

Flashback scene:
Arnav’s mum is telling him and Anjali, small tree becomes a big tree one day and gives life to all of us. This small tree will also become big one day. Arnav asks her mum, when this will become big tree? His mum tells him, have patience chote.
Flashback scene ends.

Arnav and Khushi look at that same tree which has got huge now. Arnav gets emotional. Khushi holds his hand. Arnav says, I and Anjali used to come here every summer to see if that small tree because big one, but mum always said have patience. And then finally it became big tree. Khushi asks, is that why you love trees so much? Arnav says, yes.. mum used to love gardening. I like it too because whenever I do gardening I feel like am closer to mum. He says, this is special place .. I don’t bring anyone here. When I come here.. I feel like my mum is somewhere here.

Back to Raizada house, Dadi says, I should have understood.. it’s you who is hiding from me. You took away all happiness from this house. you took away Arnav’s father. Garima says, this is not the truth. Dadi asks her to stop and says, first you trapped Arnav’s father with your love and still you were not satisfied so you sent your daughters in this house. Shyam is still listening and laughing. Dadi says, you sent them to destroy my grand children’s lives. Garima says, i didn’t know that… Dadi shuts her, and says I don’t want to hear anything. You and your daughters succeeded till now because I wasn’t here. But now not anymore.. I won’t even let your shadow come on this family. You destroyed my family.. now I will destroy your and your daughters’ lives.

Back to Khushi and Arnav. Both are very emotional. Arnav says, all these rituals.. everything that we are doing to be one is on its place.. But by bringing you here today, we are one already. You’re my wife from today.. daughter-in-law of my mum. Khushi smiles and is very happy. Khushi now remembers someone left a rose to her on her birthday. Arnav says, yes I brought that.

Dadi tells Garima, nothing is going to change now by you telling anything or doing anything. Because of you, my bahu and son committed suicide. And now I will make you suffer.. you daughters.. Garima gets down on her knees and says, what’s fault of my daughters in this? Dadi says, there is no point of asking for forgiveness now.. because of you Arnav’s and Anjali’s childhood destroyed.. our family lost happiness.. even after these many years.. those incidents don’t let Arnav and Anjali live happily. Garima apologizes her and begs her not to punish her daughters for this. She says, swear of God.. I didn’t know he was married. Dadi says, you’re lying. Garima says, for real I didn’t know Arnav and Anjali are his children… I didn’t know that until I met you… please don’t involve my children in all this. Dadi says, I will.. you spoiled my children’s lives.. and there can’t be better punishment there for you than this. Dadi says, it’s good I saw you before marriage.. now this marriage won’t happen. Garima is shocked.

Episode ends.

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