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22/8/2012 episode written updates

Episode starts with Arnav’s family coming to the temple. Khushi’s mother turns back and sees Dadi praying, Dadi’s eyes are closed. She is shocked and scared.

Anjali comes back to Raizada house. She confirms with a servant that no one is at home. She then tells servant to go and meet his family as well.

Back to temple. Garima quietly runs away from there. Khushi is looking around and she sees Dadi and Arnav’s family there. Payal tells Buaji, Arnav told us that you all are coming to temple so we came here as well. Payal asks where is Garima.

Khushi says she was here only, don’t know where she went. Buaji tells Khushi to call her. Garima is going back to home in an auto and Aakash sees her. But before he calls her, she has left already. Garima picks up the phone and tells Khushi that she is going to home as she forgot to tell nurse about medicine. Khushi says, you could just have called home. Garima says that she tried and says leave all that. She tells Khushi to finish pooja and come back home and she disconnects the phone.

Break 1..

Dadi taunts Buaji and says Garima must have had an emergency again.. I guess she just doesn’t want to meet me. Buaji says, it’s nothing like that.. we didn’t know you’re coming here. Aakash comes back and tells everyone that he just saw Garima going somewhere in auto. Khushi says, I just talked with her. Dadi says to Khushi, I may not see your mother but you will definitely meet with Arnav today. Dadi says. I told you clearly that you can’t meet Arnav before marriage but you still told him that you’re coming here so he comes here to meet you. Nani defends Khushi. Payal takes Khushi on a side and tells that Arnav is waiting outside. Khushi is going there and she gets a call from Arnav. Arnav says, your pooja must be done now. When are you coming out? Khushi says, Dadi is blaming me for this. Arnav says, I don’t care what Dadi says. Khushi says, but I do care. She then says, leave all this. I don’t want you to get angry that too when I have came here to take our marriage’s permission from God. She says this is one of the rituals as well. Arnav says, ritual? okay and disconnects the phone.

Everyone is getting ready for the pooja. Suddenly everyone is shocked as Arnav is coming inside the temple. Arnav says what happened? It’s ritual right.. you need marriage’s permission from Kuldevi right. Manorama asks Nani to pinch her… she can’t believe Arnav and in temple.

Khushi tells Arnav to join his hands and pray. Khushi is praying and Arnav is looking at her and smiling. Khushi tells Devi ma, see Arnav in temple today but you don’t get happy because Arnav is doing all this for me. She tells Devi ma to have her blessings on him always. Arnav forwards his left hand for prasad. Khushi tells him right hand, not left.

Arnav asks Khushi, so now we got permission for marriage? Happy now? Khushi gives him a smile. Nani tells Arnav, if Anjali was here then she would get so happy seeing you in temple. On a side, Payal tells Khushi, Arnav is doing all this for you. Khushi then realizes that she should do something for him as well. She goes to him and says, I knew that you would come inside temple one day for sure and today you came. They leave temple now.

Outside temple. Dadi again taunts them about Garima and says she still didn’t meet her.

At Raizada house, Anjali has prepared tea for someone. She gives tea and says we can talk as much as we want now. It’s Shyam back in Raizada house.

Break 2..

Shyam says, when you get worried like this, you look even more beautiful. He says but you sent servant home and made sure that no one is at home before calling me here, then why are you worried? He holds her hand asks her to sit down. Anjali says, I know but I was little scared. She asks him, why you wanted to meet me here only? Shyam says, is this any crime to meet my own wife at own house? Anjali says, I just want to stay closer to you and never get apart. Shyam says we never got apart. Whenever I got chance, we met. And they show how Anjali used to meet with him. Shyam says, I just care about you and our baby. He then asks her how is she feeling and says that’s why I have to stay with you. Anjali says, I am fine. Don’t worry about me. Shyam says, I can’t stay with you all the time that’s why I get worried. Anjali says, me too. I am tired of meeting you like this. She says, I wish Arnav could realize that he is wrong. Shyam says, I am also tired of all this. I just want to tell truth to everyone and stay with you. Anjali hopes everything gets fine like before.

Episode ends..

Precap: At Khushi’s house. Garima is taking out the bags. Khushi asks why these bags? Garima says that she is going somewhere.

21/8/2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Arnav telling Khushi that she should write a book on 100 ways to spoil romantic moments. He then goes to kiss her but Khushi pushes him back and takes him downstairs where everyone is dancing and celebrating.

Arnav takes Anjali on a side and says her to take care. He doesn’t want anything to happen with her because of all these functions. He then asks Anjali if she took medicine. Anjali says she forgot. Arnav then goes to get her medicines. Someone is changing the medicines. He drops a tablet on floor and sees Arnav coming there. He picks up the tablet and leaves from there. Arnav gives that medicine to Anjali.

Shyam turns on the TV and sees Anjali taking medicines. He has an evil smile on his face.

Anjali is not feeling well. Arnav says he will call doctor but Anjali says she’s fine.

Shyam says, not now Arnav, but after while you will need to call doctor.

Break 1..

At Khushi’s house. Buaji tells Garima that Dadi was asking so much about her but good in end Aakash came and saved her. Buaji says they found good guys for both Khushi and Payal. And then she one is little mad .. and Khushi gets mad. Buaji says she was just kidding.

A nurse comes to their home and she says that Arnav sent her. Garima calls Arnav to confirm it. Arnav says, I and Khushi missed you a lot at Roka so I thought to send a nurse to take care of Khushi’s father so you can attend all the functions.

Khushi takes nurse inside.

Buaji tells Garima, this is good. Now you will be with us in all the functions so at least Dadi won’t say that you’re not there. Buaji leaves from there. Garima says to herself that she can’t hid it anymore and she must tell Khushi now.

Khushi is on the phone with Arnav. She thanks him for sending the nurse. She then asks him what is he doing. Arnav says nothing, just some office work. Khushi asks him, can’t you be filmy sometimes? Arnav asks her what do you mean? She says, you could say am sleeping and looking at stars. Arnav says, first of all am not in bed and there are so many clouds that I can’t see any stars. Khushi says fine, then am disconnecting phone. Arnav says ok. Khushi keeps saying am disconnecting and Arnav keeps saying okay. Khushi then says you hang up first. Arnav says okay and disconnects. read full updates with pictures only at . Khushi says, what the.. and calls him again. She says, how can you disconnect? When someone says to disconnect doesn’t mean you disconnect. Arnav says that’s how it works for me, if it means something else then you tell me. Khushi says, when I said first you disconnect, you could say no first you. Then I would say no first you and we keep arguing like that. She says it’s me who wants to have some romantic talks and you never go beyond what the.. what the.. Arnav is quiet and she asks him why are you quiet now? Arnav is just laughing. He then changes his voice and talks as if he is Aakash. Khushi gets shy and worried. Arnav starts laughing then. Khushi asks are you laughing at me? Arnav says if you got shy then yes.

It’s morning now. Aakash tells Payal that he is impressed seeing all the decorations. Nani, Manorama and others are also doing the preparations. Arnav comes there with a priest and says everything should be done properly. Seeing that Aakash asks him if he’s okay? He says yeaa…

Arnav is signing some bills and he sees some strange transactions. He asks Anjali if her creditcard is with her. Anjali searches for it but can’t find it. Arnav tells her to relax and says he will cancel it. Anjali then says she’s going to meet her friend and she has called taxi. Arnav says no need to go in taxi and he calls driver. Anjali says she will be right back and leaves.

Arnav asks Payal if everything is ready. She says everything is ready and asks him to look at all the decorating. Arnav says, not right now, I have to go to a temple. Everyone is shocked and stares at him. Arnav asks what? NK says not what.. it’s what the. Arnav then says it’s nothing like that. I am just going to meet Khushi as she is going there with her family.

Nani says so you’re going there for Khushi huh? Dadi comes there and says, now a days Arnav doesn’t think about himself. She then says why don’t we all go? May be I can meet Khushi’s mother in temple. Arnav says okay. Aakash calls Anjali and asks if she is coming. Anjali says she will come home direct after meeting her friend and will do some rest. Everyone leaves for temple.

break 2..

Khushi, Buaji, and Garima are at the temple already. Garima says that she can’t lie anymore, she asks God to give her strength to tell all the truth about her past to Khushi. They are praying and Arnav’s family arrives there. Dadi tells Nani that God’s blessings are with them and they will definitely meet Garima today. Arnav is standing outside and all others go inside. Dadi sees Garima from the back side.

Episode ends.

Precap: Arnav takes off his shoes and coming inside the temple. Everyone is shocked seeing him coming in.

20/8/2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Arnav asking Khushi, so right now you’re not mine? Khushi says, I am yours already. And then suddenly she stops and says in her mind, what he learned talking now a days, he shuts me up now. Arnav is looking at her and smiling. They go to living room now.

Arnav heard Buaji telling Anjali that Arnav needs to put some dhaga on his hand because of some ritual. Anjali says he doesn’t believe in all this. Arnav just ignores it and walks away from there. Dadi says they should leave now and they will see them tomorrow in Roka. Arnav’s family leaves now.

Buaji now tells Khushi that she wanted to give that dhaga to Arnav. Khushi says but you know him. Arnav is still at door and listening their conversation. Khushi says, Arnav loves you all so much.. isn’t that enough? And when he doesn’t believe in all this then why we should force him? Buaji says, you’re right and says look whose supporting him? Last time when you supported him, you got slapped and you’re still defending him? Buaji asks her, you love him a lot right? Khushi shy and hugs her. Arnav comes in and says he forgot his phone. Khushi gives him and they say bye to each other. Arnav leaves.

Break 1..

Khushi’s mum finally returns to home. She says that she couldn’t find medicines so had to go to other stores. Buaji says to her, you should have been here. Khushi’s mother asks if everything went fine. Buaji says, yes and tomorrow is Roka. Khushi’s mother says that she will go and give medicine to Khushi’s father. Khushi’s mother seem very lost and confused..

Arnav is trying to sleep but can’t sleep. He gets up and thinks about calling khushi but then says she must be sleeping. On the other hand, Khushi is also awake and she replaces Salman’s photo with Arnav’s photo. Khushi looks at Arnav’s photo and asks him to smile now.. saying his one more wish came true (her replacing salman’s pic with his). On the other side, Arnav’s looking at moon and smiles.

It’s morning now. All guests are coming in Raizada house. Khushi’s family arrives now and Dadi is searching for Khushi’s mother but she hasn’t came here either.

Arnav, Aakash take blessings from Buaji. NK says as soon as Anjali comes, rok-tok’s rasam will start. Everyone laughs.. Buaji says it’s Roka not rok-tok. Buaji says you’re very funny.. Anjali comes now and says everything is ready.

Arnav says to Khushi, you will stand on right side and me on left. He then says now di will do tika to you. Everyone is shocked as Arnav knows about this ritual. Anjali asks him how do you know all this? Arnav says that he just found out. Khushi asks him, did you research about all these rituals? Arnav says this time everything needs to be done properly na. read full update with pictures only at . Everyone is amazed. Roka begins. They do tika n all. Arnav tells Buaji, you’re forgetting something and he asks her for raksha-dhaga about which Buaji was telling to Khushi. Khushi asks him seriously? Arnav says, everything should be done properly. Buaji gets emotional. Khushi says, I can’t believe it. Arnav then shows her that she is not dreaming.

shyam is watching all this..

Roka continues and they exchange rings. Arnav tells her that we have done this before. Khushi asks when? Arnav says, remember I put bandage on this finger before, so technically you’re mine already.

Everyone dances now. Arnav is standing on a side and looking at Khushi dancing. He smiles looking at her and goes to her. He takes her somewhere.

On the other side, Shyam is doing something with some medicines or something.

Break 2..

Buaji goes to Dadi and says you did very good preparations. Dadi complains about Khushi’s parents and say they are not her real parents so why would they care. Aakash sees them and goes there. He says this function would be stressful for her parents so I said it’s better if they stay at home.

Khushi asks Arnav, what are you doing? Arnav says, I am just looking at you closely because Dadi said that I can’t see you after haldi. Khushi says, anjali will come. Arnav kisses her on forehead and says let her come. Khushi then says.. dadi might come. Arnav kisses her on cheek and says let her come. Khushi now says buaji and Arnav kisses her on the other cheek. Khushi now says.. aman ji will come.. Arnav says let him and is about to kiss her on lips and then says what? Khushi says, if he needs something then he may call na.

Arnav tells her, you should write a book, “100 ways to spoil romance” by Khushi Kumari Gupta. Khushi completes his sentence, Singh Raizada.

Episode ends..

Precap: Shyam is doing something with medicines in Anjali’s room. Arnav is passing by from there and Shyam sees him.

17-8-2012 written updates 

Arnav tells Dadi that Khushi is an orphan like him and she's been brought up by her masa-masi. Dadi drops her decision to go to the GH henceforth since she feels Arnav knows a lot about them. Arnav is confused at Dadi's reaction.
At the GH, Madhumati complains to Garima about Dadi's behaviour. The phone rings and Khushi picks it up, having a normal conversation. Garima gets a bit worried and doesn't wish to meet Dadi yet. Khushi tells her they aren't coming and Garima breathes a sigh of relief. Khushi and Madhumati get worried seeing her unusual behaviour. Garima confesses that she is scared that something might go wrong and Khushi assures her nothing will, not with Arnav around. Madhumati also comforts her.
Next morning, everyone at the RM is preparing for the shagun. NK is being funny as usual but Manorma is her usual funny, catty self.
Arnav is talking to Khushi and hears Madhumati screaming in the background. Khushi tells Arnav he cannot meet her for the shagun, it has to be just family but Arnav says no one can stop him.
Later, Dadi also tells him he cannot see Khushi's face till the wedding. NK blurts out that Akash went in every function of his wedding and the rest of the family tries to stop him. Arnav, meanwhile, is appalled at this suggestion. NK lightens the atmosphere saying that without Arnav, they won't give the shagun to the wrong female. Arnav, however, is still upset.
Garima tells Madhumati she is going to get Shashi's medicine. Madhumati doesn't want her to go at this time but a desperate Garima says she has to go since they've run out of the medicine. Madhumati has no choice but to agree but ask her to hurry back since she should be here when they come. Madhumati is worried that nothing should go wrong in front of Dadi and Garima half-heartedly tells her she'll be back and everything will be fine. But Khushi has to remind her to take the prescription and is worried seeing her Amma's condition (who BTW, looks terrible).
The Rs reach GH with the shagun. Garima sees Dadi and hurriedly hides behind a man, scared and afraid. As soon as she gets an opportunity, she rushes out of sight. Dadi gets a little suspicious about the figure but proceeds towards the GH. Everyone gets ready to start the shagun.
Madhumati welcomes the Rs. Madhumati asks NK about his wedding and he again imagines her as his brideROFL.ROFL Dadi is still cold to Madhumati and NK tries to lighten the mood but Dadi stops him. Manorma starts with her usual gibberish but Nani and Anjali give her a 'look' to shut her up. Payal emotionally greets Shashi and asks for Garima. Dadi is displeased that she has gone at this time. Madhumati tries to take care of the situation but it doesn't work and Dadi even makes a comment on Garima not being Khushi's biological mother. Madhumati calls Khushi outside and she comes with tea for everyone (She looks GORGEOUS! I wish they make this look permanent for her. Lovely hairstyleHeart). Dadi asks if Garima is ever coming back.
Madhumati diverts the topic and they begin with the shagun. Later, Dadi announces that roka will be tomorrow and bride and the groom cannot meet each other after haldi. Arnav announces his entry leaving everyone shockedBlushing Dadi gets angry at Arnav disobeying her. Arnav argues back that shagun is now over and haldi is a while away so he is not disobeying her in any way (OMG, I love himStern Smile). NK also seems impressed. Arnav tells Khushi he wants to talk to her alone and she is further taken aback (This guy is so shamelessTongue). He takes Khushi's hand and leads her away leaving everyone with various reactions (See what I mean?). Dadi is aghast at Arnav's attitude and openly criticises him. Anjali manages to calm her down and promises her that ArHi won't meet after haldi.
Khushi, meanwhile, doesn't not approve of Arnav upsetting Dadi either. Khushi tells him it's their roka tomorrow and explains what roka is. She tells him that they will make each other wear rings in the ring-finger since it's nerves go to the heart directly. Arnav acts smart and Khushi, who wears her heart on her sleeves, also falls in his trap and admits she's always hisHeart

Precap: Khushi asks Garima what took her so long. Garima lies that she couldn't find the medicines. Madhumati tells her that she should've been here as Dadi was asking about her repeatedly. Garima asks if everything was fine. Garima assures that it was and the roka is tomorrow.

16-8-2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Arnav coming at Khushi’s house. He is about to knock the door but he says it’s very late and it won’t be good to disturb her family just to meet her. He then calls Khushi. Khushi is also awake and standing beside her window. Arnav asks her you didn’t sleep yet? Khushi says you’re also awake. Arnav then says you look very beautiful in white dress. Khushi asks him how do you know that I am in white dress? Arnav is right behind her and says I keep every news about you. Khushi turns back and gets shocked. She asks him, what are you doing here? Arnav says I am here to talk about something very serious.

They sit on bed now. Arnav asks her, do you remember I locked you in a room when we met first time and I didn’t let you attend Payal’s marriage either. He says because of him Payal’s first marriage broke and how he made Khushi’s life miserable. Then he says, he misunderstood about her and Shyam and he married with her. Arnav says, you told me so many times that there is nothing between you and Shyam but I didn’t agree. You tried so hard to stop me at airport but I didn’t and You still risked your life and saved me. Khushi asks him but why are you telling me all this now? Why you have to think about past? Arnav says he has to because he wants to tell her something. read full updates with pictures only at . He holds her hand now and stands up. He says, I may not even know how many times I hurt you. For every single time, I am sorry. Khushi also stands up now and says you don’t need to tell all this because I know that you love me a lot, damn it. They hug now and Rabba Ve plays in background.

At Raizada house, Dadi says to Nani, I don’t understand that Arnav still wants to marry Khushi after me saying that her buaji insulted me and our entire family. She asks Arnav doesn’t have any self respect? And that girl, Khushi, what kind of ‘parvarish’ she has got? Nani asks her to stop and says you don’t know Khushi. She did so much for our family and she is so lovable. Nani says she doesn’t understand how Khushi is so understanding at this small age. Nani also says Buaji talks loud but she is soft from inside and her parents… Dadi has something going on in her mind after hearing her parents name.

Break 1..

Nani continues.. what should I say about them [Khushi's parents], when you meet them, you will know how good values they gave to Khushi. Dadi asks what names you took? Nani says Sashi ji. Dadi asks and what about her mother? Nani says Garima. Dadi stands up and says, “Garima.. may be..” Nani asks her if she knows her. Dadi says she will have to think about it.

At Khushi’s house, her mother is praying and says they are coming tomorrow with shagun and she does not know what to do.. one daughter has already married and went to that house and Khushi.. she is marrying again and going to that house. And me….how can I let this happen? I don’t understand how shall I tell this to everyone. Buaji comes there and asks what is she doing in dark? She says she was not sleepy so came here. Buaji then says you’re thinking about what Arnav’s Dadi said right? and tells her not to worry, everything will be fine. They then hear car’s noise. Buaji says it’s not only you.. there are others too who are not sleepy. They go to the door and sees Khushi. Buaji says I know who came. Khushi gets shy and runs away from there.

At Raizada house, Anjali is waiting desperately for Arnav. NK tells her that she should sleep. Anjali says no, I can’t miss this big opportunity. She sees Arnav entering house and she laughs. They stop Arnav. Arnav says what the.. Anjali says, ‘what the.. I also wanted to say that’. They then ask where did he go this late. Anjali says may be you went to meet Khushi? Arnav says so? NK asks him why are you smiling? Anjali says because Arnav has fallen in love. Anjali tells him, you can refuse as much as you want but love change everyone. NK leaves from there then. Anajli starts coughing and Arnav takes her to her room.

Arnav gives her medicine and asks her why is she awake till this late? Anjali says she is fine. Arnav then says you can tease me as much as you want but there are so many rituals and you have to take care of yourself else I won’t do all this. Anjali says okay. Arnav leaves from there and he hears Nani asking Dadi why she came out of her room so angrily.

Arnav goes there. Nani asks Dadi why you look so tensed? Dadi says I am tensed because Arnav is marrying a wrong girl and he doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t even know who are the parents of that girl. Dadi says since I came here, her parents didn’t even come once to meet her and they are going tomorrow with shagun without knowing whose her mother. Dadi asks how can we go with shagun in this situation? Arnav comes there and asks why? What’s your complain now? He says Buaji didn’t talk properly because you said bad stuff about Khushi and Buaji loves Khushi a lot so she would obviously defend her. Dadi now asks her family’s past don’t matter? Why her parents still didn’t come to meet me? Arnav says her father is on wheel chair. Dadi asks what about her mother. Arnav says so that’s the problem and he says that they will go and meet her right now. Nani asks what? Arnav says yes because Dadi always tries to find a reason and he doesn’t want that. Dadi says she is ready. Arnav and Dadi leaves.

Break 2..

Arnav calls Khushi and tells her that they are coming. Khushi then gives that news to her mother and she is shocked and scared. Khushi asks her if she is fine. Buaji comes there and asks at this time? Has dadi gone crazy? Khushi’s mother says she can’t meet Dadi… she says I mean it’s very late. Buaji says I know dadi is scary but Aranv is coming with her and he will handle everything.

Dadi is telling Arnav that your anger stops you from thinking but whatever happened today is good. She says now she can meet her mother and says she doesn’t know anything about Khushi. Arnav says that he knows enough about Khushi and that’s important for him. He says, I love Khushi and I know everything about her family. He says Khushi is an orphan just like me. Garima is Payal’s mother. When Khushi’s parents had accident, they adopted Khushi and that’s how she grown up with her masa and masi. Dadi asks is this story true? Arnav says this is not story, this is the truth. Dadi is having some thoughts.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav’s family is ready to go. Arnav is coming down and Dadi asks him.. where are you going? Grooms can’t come in shagun.
At Khushi’s house, Buaji warns Khushi’s mother that they should do any mistake as Arnav’s dadi is also coming. Khushi’s mother is very tensed.

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