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14th august 2012 written updates 

Episode starts with Khushi in their room, thinking about Arnav saying that he loves her damn it. Title song plays in background. Arnav is outside, driving car fast.

It’s morning now. Khushi is sleeping on a couch. She wakes up and sees the bed is cleaned up, there are no roses or anything, no decoration in room. She searches for Arnav but can’t find him. She wonders if Arnav came then why he didn’t wake her up. She says may be he would be outside and she goes to living room.

She sees Dadi and remembers about last night. She says namaste to dadi but she doesn’t say anything. She then says namaste to others and goes to kitchen. Khushi seems worried so Payal asks her if everything is fine. Nani calls Khushi so she leaves. Nani asks Khushi in what situation and how her and Arnav got married. Khushi looks at dadi.

Khushi says they got married in temple. Nani then asks was priest there? Khushi says it was very late so they couldn’t find priest. Anjali says without priest? and without mantras? Nani asks how is your marriage a marriage then without priest andmantras? Nani then asks if they did any rituals. Khushi says sindhur and mangalsutra. Nani asks no pheres? And Khushi’s buaji enters house now.

Khushi asks her how come you are here at this time? Dadi says she called her here. Dadi then introduces herself to buaji. Dadi asks her parents didn’t come? Buaji says Khushi’s father operation is going on so.. Buaji then asks why they called her here. Nani says because of what Arnav and Khushi did.. is shameful. Buaji asks Khushi what she did now? Dadi then says Khushi is living in this house without marrying properly with Arnav. They went to temple and just by exchanging malas they got married like kids. Khushi tries to explain but Dadi says when elders are talking, it’s not good to interfere. Buaji asks Khushi if she married without pheres? Buaji seems very angry. Khushi asks her to apologize her.

Buaji then is about to slap her and Arnav comes there and stops Buaji. Arnav says he hasn’t given permission to touch his wife to anyone, and slapping her is way too far. Dadi says to Arnav, whom you are saying your wife, you never married with her, you didn’t even take pheres. Arnav says he doesn’t believe in all pheres, mantras, etc.. He only knows that they are living together since 6 months and she’s his wife. Anjali says we all know that you don’t believe in tradition and rituals but this is not right. Arnav says.. di please.

Dadi then says to Arnav, you calling this marriage but in our society we call it something else. Khushi is shocked. Dadi says she doesn’t know how a girl can take this. Arnav comes forward and says, I am sorry to say that my and your societies are different and in my society she is Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. He looks at Khushi and says, “I am very well aware in which conditions we got married”. Dadi says whether society is yours or mine, the woman who didn’t take pheres can’t be called a wife and can’t become bahu of any house. Arnav shouts, DADI. Nani stops him.

Dadi then asks Buaji how can you allow your this? Is that what you have taught her? Dadi then says whatever it is but Khushi can’t stay in this house anymore. Buaji orders Khushi to go with her right now. She pulls her with her hand. Arnav tells Buaji that she can’t do this. Anjali says to Arnav you have to accept that you’re wrong. Buaji is taking Khushi and Arnav loudly says, STOP IT.

Arnav says, I don’t believe in all this crap but if you all think that we have to marry properly with pheres and stuff then I am ready, I am ready to marry my wife again. I am ready to take pheres as well and do other rituals as well.

Someone is watching all this happenings at Raizada house on a TV (most probably it’s Shyam but they didn’t show face yet).

Nani is happy and asks what are you saying? Arnav says yes we are ready to marry properly so you all accept us as husband and wife. Nani says she has no problem and if they are ready to marry properly then everything will be fine. Anjali also says she really wanted to attend her brother marriage and she’s very happy now. Dadi agrees but says they can’t live together until they get married. Arnav asks what? why dadi? Nani says when you agreed for re-marriage then why problem with this? and says before marriage husband and wife should not live together.

Nani then tells Buaji that they will come and take Khushi with them. Buaji says they will wait.
Buaji takes Khushi with her.
Khushi comes back again. She goes to Arnav. Everyone leaves from there. Khushi says to Arnav, ‘before going I also want to say, I love you damn it. I will wait for you’. They both smile and Khushi leaves now.

They again show someone watching all this on a TV and this time they show his face. It’s Shyam. He says as long as I am alive, Arnav and Khushi can’t be together. He then remembers about how he got cameras fixed in Raizada house. He says I am watching you closely and I will do anything to stop this marriage.

Episode ends..

Written update 13-08-2012 

Episode starts with Anjali receiving a text message. She’s reading and smiling and Manorama comes there. Anjali hides her phone. Manorama asks whose message it was. Anjali says it was just a forwarded message. Manorama then asks why did you take so much time in temple? Anjali says it’s Janmasthmi so there were lots of people in temple and I stayed to talk with a priest. Nani then calls Manorama so she leaves.

It’s night time. Khushi is pushing some bag in her room but it’s not moving because it’s stuck with something. Arnav is standing there and watching it. Arnav then goes and removes that thing and bag suddenly moves & Khushi fell down and her head crashes with floor. Arnav gives her a hand but she gets up on her own. Khushi is annoyed. Arnav says unbelievable.

Nani and Dadi are ready to do Kanah’s pooja and they call everyone. Whole family do Kahan’s pooja now. Arnav looks at Khushi and smiles. Khushi tries to ignore Arnav.
After pooja, Arnav and Khushi & Aakash and Payal take blessings from everyone. Nani then says she wants grand children now. Arnav whispers in Khushi’s ears that you always say that we should listen to elders, see what Nani is saying.

Break 1..

Khushi is still annoyed with Arnav and she goes to kitchen. Arnav follows her and says her let’s go. Nani comes there and takes Khushi with her.
Everyone in living room now. Arnav says loudly, I am calling you since so long and asks her to come right now. Nani tells Khushi to go and check what Arnav wants to say.
Khushi now comes to their room and tells Arnav how can you shout at me like this in front of everyone? Arnav then throws a box and says gift for you. Khushi asks is this way to give a gift? Arnav then tells her to go and wear it without saying anything.

Khushi comes out and it’s some red dress. She’s hiding behind a door and Arnav sees her and stands up. Khushi then sees their bed decorated. Arnav asks her why are you standing there? Come here. Khushi says I don’t have dupatta. Arnav then shows her dupatta and asks are you coming here now or shall I come there? Khushi doesn’t come out so Arnav goes there. Song plays in background (Tumhi Dekho Na).
Arnav holds her hand and calmly takes her to the bed.  Arnav puts dupatta on her head now and Khushi looks like a bride. Song ends. They hug now and Rabba Ve plays in background. Arnav now carries her and puts her on the bed. Khushi’s heartbeat getting faster. Khushi then strikes that without saat-pheres marriage is not completed.

Khushi says, “No Arnav Ji, we can’t do this. Our marriage is incomplete. We didn’t take phere”. Arnav asks her to stop it. He says you’re living in my house being my wife and you say our marriage is incomplete. Khushi says all rituals matter a lot and we didn’t take phere. Arnav then takes her with him to take phere.
They come on terrace now. Arnav is breaking tables to gather wood and he gives fire.

Break 2..

Arnav says to Khushi now we have fire as well, let’s take phere which are very important to you. Khushi says we have to marry properly. Arnav doesn’t listen her and carries her and starts doing pherers. Khushi is still saying we have to marry properly with priest, mantra, etc.. Khushi then says last time too they didn’t marry properly and they are living together since 6 months. Dadi comes there and listens that.

Arnav is holding Khushi tight and don’t let her go down. Dadi leaves from there.
Khushi asks Arnav to leave her. Arnav puts her down. Khushi asks him what did you do? Dadi is not talking properly with me and now she saw me like this. Arnav says you’re my wife, you’re on my terrace, and I didn’t do anything that would look bad to Dadi. Khushi asks what if Dadi heard about pheres? Arnav asks what is this pheres? Are they greater than our feelings?

Khushi says if pheres don’t matter? If rituals don’t matter? Then what matters to you? Arnav says loudly that, “I love you, damn it”. and suddenly there is a big silence. Arnav leaves from there now.
Episode ends with Khushi smiling and feeling happy.

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