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IPKKND 23rd July 2012 

Episode starts with Anjali telling Arnav that she knows he has got married and now there’s a new world for him. Arnav says no one can between them, she was an important part of his life and will always be. Anjali says time has changed, since Arnav has stopped answering to her questions, everything has changed. Arnav says nothing has changed. He says, he married with Khushi just because of Anjali.

On the other side, Khushi is explaining to Nani that Arnav came back because on the last moment, his meeting got cancelled. She says may be Arnav shouldn’t have got back as whenever Anjali sees them together, she gets sad and now she will stop talking with Arnav once again. Khushi says Anjali thinks everything that is happening is because of her and may be Anjali is right. Khushi says when she tries to something good, everything goes wrong. Nani says Anajli has gotten weak because what happened today but she says Khushi is not responsible for all that. Khushi and Arnav are married and they have right to spend time together. Nani asks Khushi not to take Anjali wrong way, she has never hated Khushi. In fact, before marriage she always wanted Khushi and Arnav to be together.

Arnav tells Anajli that he didn’t marry her because he used to like her. He only married to her because of Anajli and her baby because he used to think her and Shaym .. (had an affair). He says he fell in love after they got married. He then reminds Anajli what she said to him before that some girl will come in his life without whom Arnav won’t be able live and he says it’s Khushi. He says he never thought anything like this will happen in life but it did.

Arnav says to Anjali but because of her coming, their relationship can’t be affected. Anajli is smiling as of now.. Arnav asks her not to think like that ever. Anjali says she will never say like this again and she kisses him on forehead and they hug. Anjali is smiling and seems happy.

Break 1..

Payal says to Aakash she took all her anger out on him by mistake. She just wanted to say like how everyone is upset, she is also upset and she just wants to help Aakash, everyone else. She wants to make Anajli understand. She says she is also part of this family and asks him not to think that she is not part of this family. Aakash says that she is right. He says he thought a lot, he tried to understand everything that happened and he says he wants a new beginning now and try to make their relationship like before. Payal is very happy. Aakash says just to be careful and now to repeat this mistake again. Payal promises him this won’t happen again and they hug.

Arnav’s room. Khushi is sleeping and he tells her that Anajli understands everything and she told him herself. He says everything will be fine slowly slowly. He then says Khushi lost her challenge today when she came running and hugged him. He says when Khushi is sleeping, it becomes so easier to talk with her. Title song plays in background. Arnav is looking at Khushi. He puts his hand in Khushi’s hand and fall a sleep.

It’s morning now and Khushi is talking on phone with Buaji. She says if she’s not fine then she can go there. Nani comes there and Khushi tells her that Buaji is not feeling well. Nani says then let’s go and visit her. Khushi says Anajli needs Nani so she will go alone. She asks Nani not to tell Payal about it otherwise she would get tensed. Arnav comes and Khushi leaves from there. Nani tells Arnav that Buaji is not feeling well.

Arnav comes to his room where Khushi is packing her bag. Arnav tells her he will also go with her. Khushi says him to stay with Anajli. Arnav says he has talked with Anjali and she… and he gets quiet suddenly. He then gives her ‘chane’ and says he brought for her. Khushi starts eating right away. She drops them on floor and gets down to collect them. Arnav says her, why you had to come down your knees, you could just accept me as your husband. Khushi then remembers what Arnav said her that she will come running to him and what Khushi said that when it happens, she will accept Arnav as husband. She remembers about last night and then says she is leaving now. She thanks him for ‘chane’ and leaves from there.

Payal is asking Khushi why she didn’t tell her. Khushi asks her to stay there and take care of everyone there. Payal looks sad. Khushi apologize her again and says she had no intention to interfere in her life. Anjali comes there and asks Khushi what happened to Buaji. Khushi says her blood pressure got high. Anjali tells her to go after having breakfast and she goes to her room to rest. Khushi is happy and she asks Payal if she saw that Anajli talked with her.

Nani gives ‘laddus’ to Khushi for her mother and father. She says her not to worry, Buaji will be fine. Khushi has tears in her eyes and she hugs Nani.

Aakash comes there. Manorama also comes and gives him tea. Manorama tells Khushi, there is no need to come back fast and says she can stay there as long as she wishes. Khushi tells her to take care and she is about to leave. NK comes and says Arnav will drop you Khushi ji. Arnav says he was going anyways. Khushi says she will go by herself but NK says you will have to go with Nannav else his heart will break. NK asks him to stop. Nani also says Arnav will drop her and Arnav starts walking.

Break 2..

Arnav drops Khushi and says Buaji will be fine. Khushi is still sad so Arnav asks her if anything else is wrong. He says her to look around and says ‘mausam hai suhana’ and then he asks what was that.. ‘mausam hai suhana aaj buaji ke ghar jane ka hai bahana.. what the what the what the..’ Khushi is still sad. He asks what happened. Khushi then proceed to take out her bag. Arnav says her to go and he will bring her bag and meet Buaji as well. Khushi says him no, and says if he comes then Buaji will get busy in preparing stuff for him. Khushi leaves now. Arnav says her, take care and he leaves as well. Khushi looks back to him.

Episode ends..

Precap: Arnav is on the door (at Khushi’s home). Khushi saying Buaji that she will make food today and Buaji is absolutely fine. Arnav knocks the door and Khushi sees him from window. Buaji goes to open the door and Khushi is worried.

20-7-2012 IPkknd Written Updates..!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 20th July 2012 Written Update Episode
It’s night time and Khushi is scared. Door gets locked, she asks for help and in end she breaks it and opens it. Whole Raizada family is stuck in traffic. Anjali is not feeling good. Payal gives her juice but Manorama takes from her and says you don’t need to worry about her. Aakash calls a traffic police and he says him due to accident all traffic is jammed. They decide to go back to home but Anjali says about ‘santskan’. Nani says in this condition, it’s not good to sit for hours and they go back.
Back to Raizada house, it’s all dark and Khushi is praying God to keep her safe. She sees someone and asks who is it. It’s Arnav and she runs to him and hugs him and title song plays in background. Khushi says thank God, you’re back and says she was scared so much. Light comes back and it’s all red roses there. Arnav asks her what happened, got scared? read full update with pictures only at Khushi asks him if he did all this by scaring her. Arnav is laughing and she hits him saying she was scared so much. Arnav pulls her and they hug again.
Break 1..
Arnav says her ‘what did you tell me? When you came running and hug me, you will accept me as a husband and you just did that Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.’ He says he won’t mind if she accepts him as a husband. He’s about to kiss her and his family returns home.
Everyone is shocked and they see red roses around there. Khushi is getting rid off them but Arnav looks at her and says ‘relax’. Anjali says to him, you told us that you have to go to Agra for meeting. Arnav says, yes I was going but I got call.. and Manorama interrupts and says so it was this closed door meeting huh. Nani asks her to stop but Manorama says these two girls have done magic that Arnav started lying now. Nani stops her again and she leaves. Rest of the family leave as well beside Anjali, Khushi, and Arnav. Anjali goes to Arnav and says him you told that you’re going to Agra. Arnav tries to explain her and goes near her but she doesn’t let him touch her and steps back and leaves. Khushi also leaves now.
Anjali in her room thinking about how Arnav told her that he can’t come. Arnav comes there and says to her that she is misunderstanding and says meeting got cancelled so he was going to go with Anjali and he tried calling Aakash but it didn’t work so he didn’t know where they are and then he came to home. Anajli says him, she doesn’t want to talk with him right now and asks him to leave her alone, and she closes door. She’s crying. Arnav asks her to open the door and Anjali opens the door. Arnav says that he wanted to come with Anjali. Anjail says now you started lying to me as well. You wanted to spend time with Khushi right? and that’s why he lied that he is going for meeting. She says, Arnav didnt know they will be back home this early. Arnav asks her to listen him but Anjali says she is understanding everything now. Arnav asks her to calm down and gives medicine but she says she doesn’t want to take medicine and asks to leave her alone. Arnav leaves and she closes door as soon as he goes out of room.
Arnav goes to Aakash and asks him to give her medicine. Aakash says him not to worry and he goes to Anjali room. Aaksh is knocking the door and Payal comes there with milk for Anjali. Anjali is not opening and Payal asks if she could try but Aakash says he will handle it and Payal leaves. Anjali opens the door but doesn’t say anything and goes back inside. Manorama comes there now she gives her milk and Aakash gives her medicine but she says she is not in mood to take medicine and she will take it later. Manorama and Aakash try but fail and they leave.
Arnav asks whether Anjali took medicine. Aakash and Manorama say they should leave her alone for some time.
Break 2..
Aakash comes to his room. Payal says him you didn’t eat today so she brought it there, and that too his favorite food. Aakash says her to call Hariprasad and asks him to take this food from here. He says beside his favorite ‘bhindi’ he has more important things and he says he has never seen Anajli this upset. Payal says she is just asking him to eat and says she can’t do anything for Anjali but at least those who are taking care of Anjali, she can take care of those people. She says she is tired of getting blamed for everything. She asks him you’re upset with me because of Khushi right? but you’re forgetting that the truth of Shyam has came out only because of Khushi. She says they can’t ignore truth like this and asks him to give her one more chance. Manorama comes there and asks why is she shouting at Aakash when mistake is Payal and Khushi’s. She takes Aakash with her to give him dinner.
Anjali gets a call from someone but no one answers back to her and hangs up. Arnav comes there again and gives her medicine. He gives his swear but Anjali still doesn’t take it. Arnav says that means you don’t care about me? Anjali says you don’t say like this and she finally takes the medicine. She asks him not to say it again and Arnav says you don’t think I lied to you either again. Anajli says time has changed, you have changed, you have fallen in love. When you got married, from that time everything changed. Since you have stopped answering my questions, everything has changed.
Episode ends..
NO Precap.
 Written update 19-07-2012
Khushi apologises to Akash for what she said before, she states that Payal didn’t say anything about Shyam as she was told not to, Payal enters at this point and scolds for interfering in her and Akash’s matter again. Mami comes and adds salt to the wounds, Nani tells Mami tp be quiet but Mami continues that the Gupta sisters have ruined Anjali’s life. Nani continues that what happened to Anjali was wrong but its not Khushi but Shyam’s fault, she continues that they remained quiet for the good of the family. Mami leaves hearing Nani’s scolding. Akash goes after her.
As Khushi sees Anjai coming she leaves to go to her room. She opens the cupboard and sees that Arnav is sitting there and is shocked but smiles seeing him and recalls when he found her in the cupboard in the same position

Arnav states that he is only re-inacting what they have gone through in the past and asks if she remembers anything, she says no. Arnav then gets a glass of water and throws it at her and says if she remembers anything now, we get a flashback of the tea throwing incident. Khushi goes to leave and ASR is about to shout at her when he remembers NK’s words about keeping his anger in control. He has Khushi turn to him and asks her why she is turning away. Khushi replies what will he do and goes to leave again, he then grabs her and states she knows very well what he is able to do, she as held her arm and then we see the first meeting flashback. He takes her hair to one side and holds the back of her neck, he draws hear to her but she pushes him away and throws water on his face.
ASR gets angry and pulls Khushi to him holding her hear and they have an eye staring match with Rabba Ve in the Back. Khushi says he is being batameezi, but he replies he hadn’t even started, she is his wife and he can do so much more. Khushi replies he married her by force and she doesn’t consider him her husband, he replies then lets consider it now. He draws near her again as if to kiss her and Khushi closes her eyes. HO/OM comes and calls them, KHushi tries to get away but ASR still holds on to her and doesn’t let her go

Khushi then pushes ASR away and leaves, he has a smirk on his face he follows her. In the lounge Nani questions why they are both wet, ASR states Khushi threw coffee, she goes to reply but stops, Khushi gets tounge twisted. Khushi holds her hand were ASR held onto her. He looks concerned. Nani states they are getting ready to go and ASR states he will join. Khushi replies that she will stay at home.

ASR holds on to Khushi and asks her if she is hurt, she replies she is used to it now but still doesn’t consider him her husband and leaves, he follows her and blocks her way and tells her that she will claim him as her husband and he will make her. She tells him he is dreaming a lot these days, she goes to leave but he blocks both he exits and tells her, she will come running to him and calls her Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, Khushi replies if that happens she will consider him her husband but it will not happen in this lifetime, they make a deal on this.
NK looks on and states ‘Iss War Ko Kya Naam Doon’
ASR comes to Anjali and asks after her. He asks about the mandir and questions her travelling. ASR gets a call and it seems like there is some complication with a meeting, he wants to cancel it, but Anjali tells him to go and not cancel and she will be fine. Anjali states that he was willing to come that is enough for her. Mami comes to get them, ASR tells Mami to take care of Khushi.
Outside Mami makes an issue with Payal sitting at the front and Anjali should sit there as she is preganant, Payal tries to explain she was getting the seat ready for Anjali but Mami cuts her.
ASR tells Khushi he is going Agra, and that she will be alone in the house, he wants her to come with him, but she says she has a lot of cleaning to do, he asks whether she needs to clean her head, she states it will be clean once he leaves. As he is leaving she makes comments and there is nok jhok

Mami continues to make issues about seating arrangements, Payal states she will sit at the back, Akash helps her in.
Khushi is cleaning up and she comments she likes it like that, there are eerie sounds which scare Khushi . She calls out for HP and Laxmi but no one is around. The doors shutting and noise scare Khushi.
The lights go out and Khushi is getting even more scared, she calls out but there is no answer. She then notices light in another segment of the house but now where she is. She thinks the fuse has gone. She holds her mangalsutra and wills herself to walk, she then sees a shadow of someone and calls out, there are more breaking noises which scare her, she states it would have been better if she left to see the Taj Mahal. She gets a flower pot and calls out but there is no answer

No Precap today
Written Update 18th July 2012  
Episode starts with Arnav holding gift in his hand asking Khushi if she can see it now. Khushi says she doesn’t want but Arnav says this is for you so take it. Khushi takes it and opens it and there is a saaree inside. Khushi gives him back and says she doesn’t want it. Arnav asks why and says he hasn’t given her any other option beside taking it. He says he bought it himself, color is his choice, and he ordered it. It’s for Khushi and she can’t say no. Arnav then remembers what NK told him that he will have to talk with her sweetly saying baby, sweetheart etc.. and he calms himself down and says he wants to see Khushi in that saaree. Khushi says she won’t wear it.

Arnav asks her why and asks her to look at him. He asks her what happened that she can’t even give a smile. Khushi says, you succeed in buying saaree for me but you couldn’t buy smile. Arnav leaves from there.

He comes to NK and says everything happened because of him and says him do you know how Khushi talked with me? Arnav is angry. NK tells him calm down. Arnav says he’s trying since morning, made nani to make breakfast, gave saaree but Khushi didn’t even look at him once. NK asks if wore saaree. Arnav looks at him angrily. NK then says not you, did Khushi wear saaree. Arnav says no one wore it. NK says he has one more idea but Arnav says he doesn’t need any of his ideas and he will think what he should do.

Khushi holding saaree and saying why he doesn’t understand all this won’t make her happy. She says Anjali is not talking with her, Manorama is not happy with her, there are problems between Aakash and Payal then how can she be happy. She says she isn’t even upset with Arnav. And then she says how easily Arnav blamed her for everything and said her to leave and stopped her when she was leaving. She says how can she forget all that easily. She says some things never change but can be changed.

Break 1..

Aakash comes home from work. First he takes Payal’s name but then says Hariprasad name and asks him to get water. But Khushi comes there with water and she asks him how is everything. She then tells him you couldn’t go to honeymoon before but now you can go, you will also get a break. Aakash doesn’t say anything. Khushi then tells him to apologize her if she is saying too much but as Arnav wasn’t here, Aakash had to do lots of work and now he needs a break. Aakash leaves saying he has to change his clothes.

Aakash comes to his room angrily. Payal tries to talk with him but he ignores her. Payal asks him if he’s still upset with her. Aakash thinks Payal told Khushi about holidays so he tells her to keep Khushi out of this. Payal wonders what Khushi did. She goes to her. Khushi asks if Aakash told her anything. payal tells her why she did all this. Khushi tells her that she saw them fighting in morning so she thought to do this. Payal says to Khushi that if she wanted to do something then she could tell her first. Why she had to go to Aakash. Khushi says she wants Payal and Aakash to be happy but Payal asks her not to do anything. It is their personal matter. read full updates faster at Nani and Anjali are talking and Anjali says she wants a son who is exactly like Shyam. She asks her what all this happened and Shyam is not like this, he must have not done anything wrong. But Arnav wouldn’t remove him from house without any reason so she says she is not sure who is right and what is truth. Nani calms her down and gives her medicine.

Break 2..

Khushi is thinking about what Payal told her. Arnav is comin downstairs and is saying it’s better if he goes to work, he can’t understand anything else and this Khushi.. and They two see each other.

Arnav says damn it and turns back. Khushi says she doesn’t want to see Arnav either and she also turns back and Arnav clash with NK and Khushi clash with Payal. Payal asks Khushi can’t see see. Khushi asks her why is she so mad at her. NK asks Arnav so he is looking at Khushi and says he said him love is blind. Arnav leaves from there. NK follows him. Payal says to Khushi she knows the reason and leaves from there. Khushi says she will have to do something.

NK says to Arnav, ‘No way bro, no one can do anything in this matter because love just happens’. Arnav says on one side it’s Khushi and other side NK who keep bothering him. NK says you love Khushi otherwise what Khushi does or tells shouldn’t matter you. He tells him to think about his good moments with her. Arnav thinks about his good moments with her and NK says him, see how you got romantic look on your face. Arnav says leave it and forget it. NK says no and tells him to think about romantic moments and tell him. Arnav tells NK that Khushi spoiled one of his major events and he thought some rival sent her there so he locked her in a room for whole night. She joined his office after that and she was falling down from first floor but Arnav held her hands but then left and she fell down. Then he made her stand in rain whole night. NK tells him to stop, he doesn’t want to listen more. He says you’re Nannav so not you but Khushi is sweet and she must have created some romantic moments so tell those moments.

Arnav says she threw hot tea on him, once threatened him with a knife etc… NK again asks him to stop and says he asked for romantic moments. What kind of love story is this.. this is more of a horror story. Arnav laughs. NK leaves from there. Arnav says wherever is Khushi, you will find madness there. He says says, ‘That’s it.. old moments’ and episode ends.

Precap: Khushi opens a closet and Arnav is sitting inside.

17-7-2012 IPKKND Written Update..! 

Episode starts with Khushi sleeping and Arnav coming there. He looks at clock and 5 minutes are still left till midnight. He goes to her, takes out a red rose and puts beside her on her pillow. Rabba Ve plays in background and he says HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHUSHI and says he hopes she gets all happiness and he kisses her on her forehead (Picture will be added in a bit). Arnav turns back and Khushi opens her eyes. Arnav turns back to her but she closes eyes again. Arnav leaves now.
It’s morning now. NK is eating cake and Arnav comes there. NK asks him what happened last night. He asks Arnav if he did candles and lightings. Arnav says yes. NK then asks him who cut the cake. Arnav says why does it matter and then he says that he made her cut the cake. NK then asks if Arnav wished her. Arnav says yes but Khushi was sleeping. NK says what the.. Arnav says she was sleeping and that’s her problem. NK says Arnav doesn’t know anything about girls and says that’s why he is there. He then says Arnav will have to do something sweet for her, he will have do romantic talks with her, take her to dinner.
break 1..
Arnav says why is he even listening NK. NK says because your that kind of husband who wishes his wife when she’s sleeping. Arnav gets mad. NK tells him to calm down and tells him to go and do all that he said.
Arnav comes to Nani and says her that he wants something. He asks to make a special dish that Nani used to make before when Arnav was young. Nani asks she will make but why all this today. Arnav says just like that, he felt like eating it today.
Hariprasad comes and gives food that Nani made to Anjali. Anjali gets a call from a clinic and he says today is her appointment. Anjali again thinks about Shyam and is crying.
Everyone is on dining table for breakfast. Payal gives breakfast to Aakash but he doesn’t take from her. Khushi comes there and seeing her, Arnav pulls chair beside him for Khushi but Khushi sits on other chair and NK comes and sits beside Arnav. NK says to Khushi that she has became 1 year older now. Arnav is upset. NK asks Arnav if he did anything special for Khushi.
Nani says to Khushi you love puri-aalu right? and gives her to taste. She then tells everyone that today’s breakfast she made herself. Manorama says, this house bahus don’t do anything so..Nani says to Manorama, you’re bahu too. She says that if she knew then she won’t let even Nani go inside kitchen. Nani then says Arnav loves aalu-puri and that’s why she made. NK tells Arnav that he said Arnav to do something special for Khushi but Arnav is just sitting there and eating his favorite food. Arnav says this special breakfast is for Khushi only. Khushi tries to hear what they are talking but she can’t hear. NK says loudly, ‘So Arnav this special breakfast is for Khu..’ but Arnav stops him. Khushi starts coughing and she says she is not feeling like eating and she should just drink milk. Arnav has angry look at NK. Khushi leaves from there. Arnav thanks Nani and he also leaves.

Anjali is sad and crying. She thinks how Arnav used to say that Anjali is her life and he doesn’t care about the world. Anjali says now Arnav has gone too far from her.
Aaksh is leaving for office and he realizes he forgot his handkerchief. Payal comes there and gives him one but Manorama also comes and gives him one and he takes it from Manorama and leaves. Khushi sees that.
Break 2..
Nani comes there and she tells Khushi and Payal to go with her in ‘santskan’. Khushi is smiling first but after Nani says especially for Anjali, Khushi says she won’t be able to come and it’s better if Anjali goes with Nani because if Khushi goes then Anjali may not like. Nani says ok.
Arnav is waiting for Khushi in his room. He looks at a gift which he put on bed and says, ‘I hope I won’t to take NK’s help again’. Khushi comes there and Arnav tells her ironed clothes have came and they are on bed. Khushi goes to take clothes and she sees the gift but doesn’t pick it up. Arnav now stands up and puts gift in middle of the bed so she can see it clearly. Khushi still ignores it and leaves. Arnav takes the gift in his hand now, Khushi comes back and he asks her if she can see it now.
Episode ends..
NO Precap
WU 16th july 2012

Episode starts with Anjali saying to Arnav that Shyam sent her Red roses, but Arnav says he ordered those, not Shyam. Before Arnav says they are for Khushi as it’s her birthday, Anjali thinks it’s for her and she hugs him. Khushi is watching this and she smiles. Seeing Anjali happy, Arnav says, ‘Yes Di, For you’. Anjali asks him if he remembered that Anjali likes Red roses. She says they are beautiful. Arnav looking at Khushi, and he says he knows whose favorite those roses are. Before Anjali sees Khushi, she leaves. Anjali thanks Arnav and says she will put those roses in her room. It’s night time, Payal wishes and gives a gift to Khushi. She opens it right away and it’s a dress. Khushi thanks her.

NK comes there and takes Khushi with him. Payal wishes Khushi always stays happy like today. NK gives Khushi a gift before she goes inside her room. NK gives her a bangle and says he will be there for her forever. Khushi says she knows and thanks him for gift. NK then asks Khushi if she felt bad as she didn’t get Red roses that Arnav ordered for her. But Khushi says that Arnav gave to Anjali to make her happy and how can she feel bad. Arnav smiles seeing that. NK pushes Khushi insider room now.

Khushi sees lighting and cake inside room. Arnav comes there now.
In kitchen, Anjali is making some food.
Arnav sees bag in Khushi’s hand and asks what did she do with bag. Khushi says she washed it because of tomatoes. Arnav says you washed it? Khushi says bag got worse after washing and says she doesn’t understand why expensive things don’t last long. Arnav says just forget it. Arnav then tells Khushi, she did similar lighting on New Year’s eve so he thought Khushi might like it. Khushi asks do you want to say something. Arnav says it’s your birthday so .. soo .. cut the cake. Khushi asks why. Arnav says because it’s your birthday.
Anjali is taking good upstairs.
In Arnav’s room, he says Khushi to cut the cake. Because of wind, candle gets blowed. Arnav burns candle again and says her to cut the cake fast. Khushi says she doesn’t want to cut any cake. He asks what you mean, at least blow the candle. Khushi says she doesn’t want to do anything. Arnav says it’s your birthday. Khushi says yes that’s why you can’t force me to do anything. Arnav now holds Khushi’s hand and pulls her and says he has done all these preparations so cut the cake fast. Khushi says are you celebrating my birthday or threatening me? Wind blow candle again. Arnav gives her a knife to cut the cake but Khushi says she is that mad that she can use it wrong way. Arnav now holds her hand and make her cut the cake.
Anjali enters his room and he sees that. Arnav gives a piece of cake to Khushi but she doesn’t want to eat. Arnav then makes her eat forcefully. Anjali is sad and leaves from there.
Arnav asks Khushi what she is saying. Khushi says she is promising herself that she will also put lots of sweets in Arnav’s mouth on his birthday and will do everything that Arnav doesn’t like. Arnav just smiles.
Anjali is thinking about how Khushi took both Arnav and Shyam away from her and is crying.
Back to room, Khushi tells to Arnav that you don’t even know, you don’t celebrate anyone’s birthday forcefully like this. All these won’t make khushi happy and she doesn’t want any fake things. She wanted something that she would remember forever. Something simple, just a simple wish but she says Arnav can’t even say ‘Happy Birthday’. She is disappointed and thanks for gift, all these preparation and leaves.
Anjali is sad and crying.
She looks at red roses and realizes Khushi also loves red roses. She then throws roses away. She says, was it that easy for you chote to forget everything? You forgot everything so fast. Just now so much happened with your di and she went through so much and you forgot. In such time, Khushi still matters to you more than your di. How can you forget chote? She is crying.
Episode ends..
Precap: Arnav is talking on phone with someone and says to get it packed and write ‘to my dear wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada’ and Anjali is listening that. Arnav asks when he will get it, he turns back and sees Anjali.

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