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14-07-2012 Ipkknd Written Update

The episode started with ASR coming to know of Khushi's birthday and he questions her if its her bday all surprised ! Buaji is all surprised that he has forgotten her birthday and on top of that he is scolding her and reprimands him and scolds him !Garima tells buaji it is okay and tries to pacify her ! Khushi takes aarthi and he looks at her lovingly ! Everyone prays to DM ! Buaji tells her Sadaa suhagan raho and Khushi stares at ASR that time! Then she hugs her mom dad buaji and all ! Khushi comes to ASR and they both stand staring at each other and he apologises to her telling that he wasnt aware of her bday and all ! Then he stammers happy happy something and Khushi says dhanyawad and then he says Happy ji was looking for u lol Khushi just stares at him ! Then he tries to wish her or something and keeps stammering and she says she'll go help Buaji and leaves ! He stares at her aghast ! Then Buaji is taking aarthi utarofiying for Khushi and doing the nazar utarna ritual ! Khushi is acting all bubbly and is all cheerful as she was before and ASR is just looking at her with a smile ! Haaye his smile ! Then Buaji asks her not to do nautanki and then puts something into her bag which is very heavy so Khushi's bag tears when she lifts it ! ASR gets a call and is talking on the phone !
               Then Buaji asks Khushi why ASR hasnt wished her yet and she says he has never wished anyone else Happy bday and Lavanya only once told her that and Buaji is all surprised ! Then back at RM, Payal is cooking something on the stove and Manorama asks her what she is doing and she says she is cooking something for Khushi and Maamiji taunts her as usual ! I'm not writing the whole scene ! It was boring as usual Then back to Buaji's place,Buaji is ignoring ASR and he is trying to get her to talk to him ! Lol it was so funny Then he sits down beside her and says he really didnt know of Khushi's bday and she didnt even tell him about coming here and all and tells her that he can manaofy Khushi and asks Buaji how to manaofy her and she says she knows a way ! Then Buaji gives him lot of puris,aloo and lot of other desi stuff to eat ! His face when he saw all that was hilarious But he eats everything and Buaji says that she wont trouble him anymore and he has already eaten everything ans says he has manaofied her and asks him how he plans to manaofy Khushi ! Then he just thinks ! Then back to RM and Maamiji tells Payal that she thinks only of Khushi and not about the other RM members and just continues berating her ! Akash just comes in and says
that he is leaving in 10 min and says he needs lunch ! Payal is looking all tensed and runs behind him ! Back to Buaji's place,bell rings and ASR opens door and takes a blue gift from him and Khushi sees him with the gift and becomes all happy that he thought about her ! ASR turns behind sees her and gives her the gift and she is all happy but then sees that th gift is from Aman Mathur ! Then she sees its a hand bag and ASR says that because her hand bag tore thats why he got her a new one !
           Then Khushi sees it and when Buaji and Garima come she shows them the handbag and they ask her if Arnav has given it and says it looks really beautiful and all and she says its from Aman,ASR's manager and not ASR ! He looks all flabbergasted haha Then he pulls Khushi away and tells her that he has got the gift for her and she asks him whether he chose the gift,went to shop or gift wrapped it and replies No to everything lol ! Haha ! Then back to Shantivan and Akash continues scolding Payal and tells her only Khushi is impt for her and not him thats why she keeps making mistakes and Maamji looks at them fighting with a satisfies smirk on her face Then ASR says he has to leave home and Khushi requests him that she wants to stay back and then he before leaving he asks her if she will come back home and she says what other choice she has
             Then back to Shantivan ASR informs Naaniji that its Khushi's bday and she exclaims that she wasnt aware nor did Payal tell her ! Then she understands and says that Khushi didnt want to tell it because of the present situation and says Khushi is very mature and all and asks ASR if he wished her or gave her bday
gift and he remains silent ! Then he goes to his room,opens his laptop and then suddenly spots Nk !! Yay Nk my doll is back Then NK asks him why he is all sad and suddenly sees he is about to plan a bday surprise and then suddenly realises its Khushi's bday and is all excited !! So cute !! Khushi tells Garima that the bag is too small and she wont use it and id she keeps DM's idol inside it it would be lost in the bag haha
typical Khushi Garima tells her not to talk like that ! NK tries to give him some ideas like cutting a cake and wishing her and all and ASR says she is not a small child and that is not enough ! Then NK says thoda romance aur thoda magic always works ! Lol ASR just rolls his eyes ! Then NK says all his plans have
always worked and says because of that New Year he went to her house and saw at 12 only and see he got to spend his whole lifetime with her Then ASR recall the flashback where he removed the twinkling lights from Khushi and all and then he suddenly says he has got an idea !!
          Khushi on the way buys all vegetables and all and then when she rings the bell she is met by ASR and they stare at each other ! She has kept all the vegetable sin her bag which was not able to stand so much weight and had bent ! ASR looks at it in consternation and asks her what she had kept in the bag and
she says in her prev bag she used to keep all of that thats why she kept all the vegetables in this bag too ! ASR asks her how much that bag was and she says it was a very expensive 200 rs bag and his face was a sight to behold The he says this bag costs 2 lakhs and Khushi is all shocked lol Then Naaniji comes with
aarthi plate and comes to take Aarthi to Khushi ! Then Khushi come to know that they know its her bday and Naaniji takes aarthi and Khuhsi hugs Payal and takes blessings from Naaniji ! Then Naaniji tells ASR to atleast wish Khushi now and they leave ! Then ASR tries to wish her again but is not able to do so and she leaves huffily ! Khushi says he couldnt even wish her Happy bday but got a 2 lakh handbag for her !! Haha
Then Khuhsi is about to go to her room and ASR stops her and says that she is not supposed to go there and Khushi questions him why and he says because he says so !! He looked so cute that time Then Khushi got angry again and tells him that she is leaving for Buaji's place again and then he hurries to pacify her ! LOL Then she leaves and then NK comes and tells ASR to stall her more ! Then the bell rings and Anjali opens it and sees that someone has sent a bouquet of red roses and is all happy on seeing that and thinks Shyam has sent her ! Then ASR comes and tells her that he only had asked for some flowers to be delivered and is about to tell her that it was Khushi's bday hence he thought of doing that but Anji misunderstands thinking that he got flowers for Anji and hugs ASR ! He stops and hugs her back ! Khushi watches all
this !
precap anji n arnav huggin anji tels arnav dt he. knew abt hs sistrs choice...arnav huggin n lukin at khushI khushi smiles at arnav Episode ends !!

13-07-2012 Ipkknd Written Update

Episode starts with Khushi thinking about what Arnav just said to her that why she came in her life and it’s all her fault. She’s very sad and crying. Payal tells Aaksh that she should go and check Khushi but Aakash says whatever happened today happened with Anajli and do you know how is she feeling right now? Payal says she also cares about Anjali. Aakash says you’re not only Khushi’s sister and you have some other responsibilities for this family as well. Aakash leaves then.
Arnav comes running and opens their door and he sees Khushi packing her bag. He asks her what are you doing. Khushi says, you said right. It was all my fault and if I never came in your life then nothing bad will happen. Arnav asks her to stop. But Khushi says if she wasn’t there then Shyam wouldn’t do anything and Anjali would be happy with her family and she would never think about abortion and she says that’s why she is leaving. Arnav says you’re not going anywhere. She says him just to believe that they never met. Arnav says he didn’t mean to hurt her and he said too much in anger. Khushi says but that’s the truth. She tells him she is not going because she is angry but she just can’t hurt anyone anymore, especially Arnav and Anjali. And that’s why she’s going to her bua house. She starts walking but Arnav holds her and stops her.
Break 1
Arnav says he won’t let Khushi go like this. Khushi asks him not to stop her, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Arnav says he didn’t want to say all that he said and says without her he can’t… Khushi says she can’t see Anjali in problems because of her either. Arnav asks and what about him. Khushi says if Anjali is sad then would you be able to stay happy and asks him to let her go. Arnav leaves her hand and Khushi again starts walking. Arnav now holds the door and says you can’t go. He pulls her back and says how can you break contract and reminds her about their contract marriage and says forget about leaving. Khushi is shocked and asks after all this happened you still saying our marriage as contract marriage? Arnav says he is saying what’s true. Khushi says what you will do. Arnav says he will do what he said, tell Aakash to leave Payal. He says more you say about leaving, more he will stop her. Khushi says you will always stay like how you used to, an evil, who doesn’t care about anyone and she says until contract is not over, she won’t go anywhere. She leaves. Arnav says in his mind, sorry I had to say all this but how could I let you go. And he just won’t stop her from going but before this contract ends he will win her again.
Anjali is in kitchen and Khushi sees her. She goes there but then she stops and hides. Manorama comes there and asks Anjali why she didn’t tell her and then she takes her. Payal comes and hugs Khushi.
Khushi is standing in her room and thinking about what Arnav said about their contract and she is looking at sky. Arnav is also behind her. Rabba Ve plays in background… Arnav says in his mind, I am sorry. I have hurt you so much but I will win you again and make you part of my life forever.
It’s morning now. Arnav wakes up and he doesn’t see Khushi in bed. He searches for her everywhere.
Break 2..
Nani is with Anjali, Arnav comes there and asks Anjali if she saw Khushi. He realizes what he just said and then asks if Anjali took medicine and leaves.
He goes outside and says what the hell did he do and says he shouldn’t have asked Anjali. Nani comes there and says not to worry about Anjali, she is with her only. Nani then says Khushi has went to bua ji’s house.
Arnav goes and gets ready and leaves to go to buaji’s house.
At buaji’s house, she is saying to Khushi if everything is fine. Khushi says everything is fine. She asks why you didn’t bring Arnav with you. Khushi says he’s busy. Buaji then asks if she told everyone at her house because she is expert in running without telling anyone. Khushi says how she could come without Arnav’s permission.
Khushi is saying to God to forgive her for hiding truth from Buaji and her mother. But she didn’t want to hurt them so she told Payal to not to tell anything either.
Arnav comes there and goes to Khushi. He tells her that he said her not to come here then how dare she and says don’t you know what I can do. Khushi doesn’t say anything. Arnav asks how dare she to come here without informing him. Buaji and Khushi’s mother come there and asks why you’re scolding Khushi. And then Buaji tells him, she came to eat jalebi and rabri like her every birthday. Arnav and Khushi are looking at each other.
Episode ends..

NO Precap

Update 12th july
Part 1:-
Episode begins with Arnav at hospital. He hears doc caling for Anjali. Anjali gets into a room, while doc and Arnav searches for her. Anjali recalls how Arnav slaped Shyam and some moments in the past. She takes a scissors and stares at it. Arnav asks doc abt Di. They enquire abt her to the nearby nurses. At RM, All are panicked, mami is taunting Khushi for Anjali's condition. Nani prays for Anjali and Arnav's safety.

Part 2:-
Arnav finds Anjali with scisors through a window. Arnav is shocked and throws away the scissors. She says she dnt want it, Arnav is confused and asks what she dnt want. Anjali tells that she dnt want the baby as no one would care abt such a child whose father is cruel and whom everyone hates, so she dnt want to keep the baby. She goes violent and faints. Arnav panics. They reach RM, everyone is tensed abt her. Arnav takes her in his arms and takes her to her room and lays her there. When Arnav was to leave Anjali holds his hands and asks what has happened to them, they have a hug. Anjali asks him to correct everythng by Bringing BACK SHYAM..She asks how and who is doing all this and asks him to bring back the happiness. She holds his hands and cries. Arnav apologises and they have a hug.
At night:-
Mami kncks at Arnavs room, he asks where they were when Anjali went out without infrming anyone. Mami tells it was Khushi who went to Anjali's room and talkd sumthng. Arnav is angry and goes in search of Khushi. He finds her and drags her angrily to their room. He shouts at her for meeting Anjali when he had asked her not to. He says only he knws how he had saved his Di. Khushi says she felt to talk to Anjali as she is feeling guilty coz ths was all bcz of her. Arnav yells out that yes it was bcz of her!

Part 3:-
Arnav :- yes it was always becoz of u, why did u cum to my life? Why did i meet u? It was all fine befre u came to my life.. My Di was happy.. It was all because of you that Shyam did all ths.. Its all your mistake Khushi Kumari Gupta, I wish I dint meet you.. - by saying this Arnav leaves. Khushi is shattered and recalls hs words and cries.
Arnav driving in SUV, he recalls abt Di, Nanis wrds asking Khushi to stay away frm Anjali, Mamis words of Khushi meeting Anjali, and his own words to Khushi. He brakes his screeching car, regretting for what he told Khushi. He thnks - 'What have I done? I must go back'.. Episode ends.. no precap!

Written update 11th july 2012

Epi begins with Precap scene, after Khushi leaves, Arnav thinks - 'I need to see this smile on your face'.. Khushi finds that Anjali hadnt had anythng. She goes to Anjali with a food tray.. Anjali is checking photos of Shyam. Khushi comes there bt Anjali ignores her. Khushi tells dnt get angry, Arnavji is tensed, forget about the past and think of the baby and tells lot abt the baby. Khushi leaves, Anjali cries holding her belly.

Arnav - Akash comes from the ofice. Arnav asks Akash to check for Di. Akash leaves. Khushi comes to Arnav who is sitting in the sofa. He asks wht hapened when Khushi was to tell, Akash comes panicking with a news that Anjali is missing. The whole family panics and goes in search of her. From HP, Arnav gets to know that Anjali had gone smewere bt dnt know where.. Arnav goes in search of her, Khushi too wants to go with him but Nani stops Khushi. Arnav gives an assurance look and he leaves. Arnav meets the auto driver who came there for taking the money from Raizada for dropping her in the Nursing home. Arnav pays him and leaves to the hospital. Meanwhile, Anjali at the hospital asks for an abortion but the doctor flatly refuses as it can harm her. Arnav is trying in Doctor phone but she is not picking it up as it is in silent. Arnav calls Akash and tells that she is in nursing hospital. Everyone wonders why she is there.

Anjali is stubborn and says she needs abortion at any cost, doesnt listen to the doctor. Nani asks calmly to Khushi as why did she go to Anjalis room when she had asked not to. Khushi replies that she heard Anjali hadnt had anythng so she had to go. Mami is angry and scolds Khushi. Arnav reaches hospital, searches for Anjali. He hearz doctor calling anjali. Epi ends No precap
Written updates 10th july 2012

Arnav thinks Khushi is fast asleep, he goes to Di's room but he doesnt find her there. He panics and goes in search of her, and finally finds her sleeping in the lap of Naniji. She goes to Arnav and tells Anjali cried alot, she gave her medicine, so she slept. Meanwhile, Akash is angry at Payal for hiding such a great thing, and acuses her for this situation. He leaves Payal is sad!

Arnav is sitting on stair case recalling all moments with his Di. Khushi comes and sits besides him. She rests her head on his shoulder. She then moves to Anjali who is recaling the moments of slap. On seeing Khushi, Anjali acts as if she slept. Khushi on seeing Anjali has slept, Khushi leaves. Anjali cries hard. Nani witneses all this.

Nani and Khushi goes to Arnav. Nani asks abt the truth. Arnav replies he knew everythng already when he got married to Khushi, tells abt the terace scene. Nani is heartbroken as how could Shyam cheat on them by pouring so much of love to them!

Next day morning, Arnav takes food to Anjali, he says tofee se meethi hain..and tells it was her turn bt she refuses to talk to him or see him. Arnav takes a piece of food and forwards it to her bt she refuses to take it. Arnav gets a call, he leaves.

At the pool side:
Khushi brings tablet to hm and asks hm not to go anywhere..he simply obeys her..a flirty ASR back in action and has an ArHi moment. Epi ends

Precap :- Flirty ASR tells Khushi not to back off when he approaches towards her and tells to move forwards in life with him ♥

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