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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Notes - Written Updates

Written Update 16th May

Episode Starts Khushi gets da msg.. Saying he reachd nd wil cal latr.. Evry 1 smiles.. Mami is lyk smply v got up.. Making us scared in da night... Nd akaash sas payal to take khushi to room..

Khushi says srry to anji saying she wke her up lyk dt.. Anji says its finend tells her to reply to da mssg... She replies "ok" nd payal nd khushi leaves.. Den daprecap scene.. Da guy takes da phone reads da mssg nd deletes it.. ":0"he den walks away smewhr..Nani says payal dtz its late night nd says her to sleep.. Payal sayssmething but nani says she will see.. Khushi assures nani she is fine.. Payal leaves.. Nani says khushi u r remmbring chhotay ryt.. She takes her to room.. She is saying 1 story wen arnav was 4 years.. She says arnav had got stuck smewhr so dey had to break da thing.. Khushi says so arnavji must've got hurt.. Nani says no..

But he had den bcme a hen.. Khushi asks y? Den nani says dt anji nd arnav had lots of ice cream.. Nd dey spoilt deir throat.. So dtz y anji got punishd but arnav took da punishmet..Khushi recollects sme moments.. Den she gets up.. *sbb scene* den she says sleep khushi.. Evn in dreams "rabba ve" nd she bck to sleep..Morning.. Khushi saying laxmi dt she will nt wrry abt arnavji nd will nt call him.. Shyaam on phone wid sme1.. Saying he will giv da papers nd cme.. Dt tym only khushi enters wid a tray of cup.. Nd she hears all diz..Khushi sees da paper fallen on floor.. She went nd took but shyaam snatchd it..

Den shyaam says anji is in nani's room.. If u hav cme to meet her.. But if u hav cme to meet me den... She walks away.. But shyaam says hav u cme to knw abt da papers.. Did u get? She walks away...Masala mama mami nd anji in da garden.. Mami thinking abt da cut out piks.. Mama talking to anji.. Khushi cmes wid phone nd tells da mama dt its a call 4rm home..Nani also cmes nd tells khushi to get ready as dey wil first go to orphanage nd den mandir.. Khushi says okay.. Nd den recollects da scene dt happened wid shyaam.. Khushi says dt isnt jijaji cming.. Anji says noo.. Den khushi says it wud hav been good if we all family wud hav cme... Den shyaam cmes nd anji asks him he says no coz he has sme work.. Nani says him to cme wid dem coz he kknws hw mportant diz day is for anji.. Den he agrees nd leaves.. Khushi says anji nd nani first to go coz she wil get da food nd all.. Nani says OP is dere na.. Khushi says dem to take OP coz he wil help in carrying stuff.. Nani agrees.. Khushi leaves.

.Anji says nani dt khushi is vry tened abt chhotay... Nani agrees nd says dtz y m nt forcing her on nethung..Mami asks bubbly abt da piks..but den she runs away.. Mami says dere is smething rong..Khushi enters shyaam's room.. She tries to open da briefcase but is nt opening.. She is lyk nw hw will diz open.. She tries to open da case by putting different codes.. But den she fails.. But den she puts sme numbr nd it opens.. she takes da papr nd shows a xpression of smewht shokd,shyaam helps anji sit in da car...payl saying she wil call khushi nani says no need coz khushi said she wil straight cme to mandir.. Shyaam hears diz nd says i knw vry well y u wantd to stay.. Khushi says dese r nt dose papers.. Coz dere r no signatures on dem..Mami nd payal setting da stuff.. Mami says dere r no flowers nd den she says payal to go nf get 4rm da stall of mandir.. Bubbly send OP saying she wants watr..Dey r in da same mandir.. *da one in which khushi had cme aftr da marriage nd wen she was playing hide nd seek*... Khushi sees da mandir nd recollects da tym wen she had kept fast nd den hw he had helped her wen she was abt to fall.. Den hw he helpd her drink watr.. *da new rabba ve going on*.. She is all sad.

mami walking down stairs nd bumps into bubbly.. Bubbly has got sme red color thing on her hand mami asks but she runs away..Payal brings da sweets box.. Wen mami opens she sees sindoor on top of all da swees.. Den mami is lyk wht is diz.. She says she doesnt knw.. Den da priest cmes nd says dt its fine coz sinddor only. Akaash says payal u cud've been careful.. Bhai is nt dere nd if anji sees.. Den nani says its fine.. It is bymistakely done nd allshyaam wid da papers down da stairs.. Khushi walking nd cming 2wrdz him.. His back is facing her.. Den sme hand is on his shoulder he gets shokd..

Khushi is lyk fine he didnt call me.. But he cud've called dii.. He neva cares abt othrz.. 2dayy is his mothers b'daii nd hee...Den she chks her mobile she opens da mssg... She is lyk y did he mssg me only.. He neva did diz before.
15-05-2012 IPK Written Updates

khushi nd shyaam.. Shyaam is lyk eht happnd da papers.. She says dnt act smart i knw u hav it.. I kept it in da pot.. He says wht.. U knw hw important dose papers were.. He turns a li'l.. She says u hav already playd such games wimme.. I knw u hav.. He says u r blaming ur mistake on me.. I think u r playing wimme.. Nd says if i had taken da papers den y wud i cme to da a...irport nd leaves.. Khushi den thinks whr r da papers... Den da precap scene.. da man entering RM...he opens da door.. Mami reading a story saying da man opens da door.. Nd enters da room.. Nd dt happens wht da man dint xpect den mami's phone ring she gets scared nd she askd who is speaking.. It was dt man only.. He is manorama's brothr.. Den mami ask whr he is.. Den da mama says her to tell da adress ( hw dumb is he.. Same lyk mami) da man gets hit by smething.. Mami says him to wait nd says sme1 is dere.. Mami den cmes to da hall.. Da man is also lyk i feel sme1 is dere mami says him to find.. Den dey r finding both on phone nd den deir back collide.. Den mami screams my brother nd den mami says him to wait nd she on's da light... Den mami calls evry1 saying her brothr arrived.. Nani cmes nd gets happie seeing him..nd she also calls evry1... Payash nd all taking his blessings.. Khushi cmes down nd den nani introduces her to him.. Mami says him fatti saadi.. Den nani introduce payal.. Mami says khoon bhari taang... Den da guy is lyk no need of it.. Coz i wil forget in 2-3 hours.. Den nani says he has a habit of forgetting.. Payal says u want masala tea.. Den evyr1 smiles.. Den akaash says dt evry1 calls him masala mama... Den dt mama ask abt arnav khushi gets sad.. Anji says dt he has gone to london.. Bubbly also cmes.. Den mama opens sweet boxes nd distributes.. Shyaam luks at khushi wid a smiles *evil*... Den nani says him to go nd rest as it must be a long journey.. Mami leaves mama to room.. Mami says him to snore slowly othwise othrs wil get scared.. Mami sees bubbly's room door open.. She enters nd sees smething fallen down she piks up nd puts in da bag.. While closing she sees payals pik which bubbly cut 4m da photoshoot.. Mami is lyk so she is nt a ghost.. So who cut da piks.. Is it bubbly? Nd leaves khushi cmes out of bathroom nd says shall i believe shyaam.. No no.. He must be having da papers.. But wht if he doesnt hav.. So i hav to make sure he doesnt get.. She den says i shud find da papers b4 arnav leaves.. Y did he hav to go.. He cud hav cme home.. He cud hav listened to shyaam nd believed me.. No.. I shud nt loose hope so soon.. Nw also he can believe me.. Den she was abt to keep da towel on da recliner but stops nd recollects hw dey both came at a tym to attack on da recliner during deir honeymoon.. Den hw dey slep on it da same tym.. Den hw dey got up in da morning.. *ad rabba ve* she gets tears in her eyes.. She den goes to da bed.. Nd recollects hw he unwillingly took his hand off her's in da airport.. Nd den hw she got up in da morning in Gupta House.. Bubly saying akaash dt she won..akaash saying its tym to sleep.. Payal cmes.. Akaash calls her nd tells her to sit.. She sits he catches her hand.. Nd den he asks forgiveness nd says he shudnt hav screamed at her.. Nd says dt he is possessive abt bubbly nd says i shud knw dt u will neva do it on purpose.. Payal says its okay.. Bubbly sees dem hand in hand
Part 2:- akaash smiles nd is abt to kiss da hand but bubbly cmes nd says dt she is afraid to sleep in her room coz she gets scared luking att da cupoboard nd ask whthr she can sleep wid dem.. Akaash calls her nd she lies down on bed akaash sayin story payal worried.. Khushi hears arnav calling he rin her dream she gets up.. Still she hears her voice being called by him.. She gets up nd sees sme p...earls fallen down she piks up nd recollects deir first encounter whr he had broken her dori.. Den dere is 1 place whiich is surrounded by white curtains she is lyk whr m i.. Den she sees da mannat ki nd recollects da day.. Arnav calling her voice.. She is lyk whr r u... Den she sees payal she piks it up.. Arnav calling her name.. She is lykarnavji.. Whr r u? Nd says cme bck arnavji.. Strong winds blowing.. She screams arnavji nd gets up 4rm her nytmare.. She is lyk dose pearls.. Mannat key.. Whr r u arnavji...khushi sees da tym nd says he must've rweachd till nw so y dint ne1 temme.. Y dint he call.. I wil call him nw.. No.. I wil ask sme1.. But nw.. Evryu1 wil get tensed especially dii.. She is trying his numbr but no1 pikd up.. She is running down da stairs hurrily nd breaks 1 pot.. Nani is lyk wht noice nd evry1 cmes.. Akaash asks wht happnd.. Khushii is lyk he is nt piking up his phone.. ...Akaash asks payal to make khushi sit nd akaash asks OP to clean dt thing.. Khushi drinks wtr.. Anji cmes nd says wht happnd.. Mami saying dt fati saadi is getting tensed.. Say her dt arnav has gone to london nt lucknow.. Nani ask wen he wil reach.. Shyaam says dt he must be reaching nd she is simply worrying.. Khushi gets a mssg.. Nd got a mssg 4rm him saying he wil calll latr coz da battery is low.. precap:- evry1 dismissing.. Payal is wid her only.. Khushi replies to da mssg saying "ok".. Den dey show his mobile (arnav's) it is on table... Da mobile light gets on'd.. Den sme random person takes da mobile nd sees it.. 

Written Update 14th MAY.

The show begins with Airport scene after Arnav's flight took off, Khushi turns back with tears in her eyes. When she turns back, she finds Shyam. He ask innocently: Sorry, Did Arnav leave ?Khushi is angry and sad...Shyam hands handkerchief..Khushi ignores him 

At home Anjali, Nani is in drawing room. Suddenly Laxmi the goat is running they call Shyam to catch Laxmi, the goat hits the vase where Khushi had hidden the Will paper, the vase breaks and paper fell out. Shyam gets the paper. He smiles after reading the paper. Its all flashback of Shyam at Airport.

At home, Bubbly once again plays game to blame Payal. She first tells Payal to close properly lock the cupboard of Anjali's cupboard where she had gone put some clothes. Then while playing hide and seek she hides inside that same cupboard, where Payal puts Anjali's clothes. Payal as reminded by Bubbly, locks the cupboard door without knowledge of Bubbly hiding inside the cupboard. After a while when Manorama cannot find Bubbly they search here and there finally they check cupboard. Bubbly acts as if she had fainted. Slowly she opens her eyes as if she is gaining conciousness ... she says PAYAL TOLD HER to hide behind some door so i hid here. Akash comes and once again scolds Payal tells her to be time...When bubbly leaves with Akash she smiles .. looking to Payal.. Payal is confused why is bubbly doing such things... 

At night Khushi finds arnav's medicine on bed table, she runs to Anjali to confirm did Arnav take his medicine or not.Anjali confirms he took in another medical box. 

Khushi cries on Anjali's lap. Says I wanted to tell Arnabv something but he didn't stop. Anjali says: I know what you wanted to say to Arnav and why you wanted to stop Arnav ?Khushi is shocked...DUMBO Anjali goes on talking about their MOM...Khushi is relived... Anjali consoles Khushi to have paitiance and wait for Arnav. Arnav will come sooon... 

Anjali leaves...
Flashback of Arnav-Khushi airport incidents... Kyunon Dard Hai .Itna... Rabba MEre...

At midnight, Khushi goes to garden and sees a vase is missing where she had hidden the paper... But she cannot find the paper. Now she is worried... She tries to remember.. where did she misplace the papers... 

Precap: a new entry at RM, wearing a hawaiin coconut print shirt (Holy Crow)!! and climbs the steps

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 12th May 2012 - MAHAEPISODE WRITTEN UPDATES

Episode begins with a dull morning in Raizada!
Khushi opens the curtain so as the sunlight gets in the room which wakes Arnav's sleep who is lying in the recliner! A silence in the room. Khushi thinks to herself to get ready and have a bathe soon and goes to fold the blanket while she gets a call from Shukla ji. Arnav was go to the bathroom but stops and turns to watch her who gives him the towel. It makes him recollect the moment where they both once fought to get into the bathroom first and the swami act! A painful morning...for both without talking to each other after that terrible truth or more a misunderstanding. He then hears that Khushi is NOT continuing her dabba service. He is shocked to hear that !

Arnav goes to the washroom when Khushi takes the file and recollects Shyam's warning given to her in the office! She is in a dilemma whether to get it signed or not. She reads the file, she is confused but on hearing Arnav coming out from the washroom, she hurriedly folds the file by which all the papers falls on the floor. She collects all the papers hurriedly but left a paper which was under the bed and went unnoticed by her.
By the time he comes from the washroom, she keeps the file back in her bag. Arnav wears his suit and then finds the paper which was left down. When he was about to take it Khushi picks it up. Arnav leaves without uttering a word.

At the Breakfast tableKhushi is dressed up beautifully and asks HP about other memebers of the house. He leaves from there saying that they were out for a function and only Anjali was left at home. She watches Arnav coming down the stairs... an eye - lock with Rabba Ve ...
Arnav takes his seat in the table while Khushi leaves to Anjali. On the way, she meets Shyam who is eager to find if she had made him to sign those papers. Khushi says not to worry more about it as she will get it signed and leaves.

Arnav at the dining table recollects his usual chores and silly fights with Khushi and then tries to suppress those feelings telling himself *stop it! why should I think of her.. It doesnt make any difference to me neither her words nor her behaviour* He takes his cup of coffee when his HEART goes in with memory of hers and thinks to himself * I neither want to hear her voice nor hear any explanation from her ... Why am I WORRYING for her so much .. even if she is there or not it doesnt make any difference.. then why ? why damn it ?!! *

He struggles himself not to think of her but he is unable to do so .. It DOES make him difference Damn it !!! He leaves the table angrily.

Shyam thinks by this time Khushi might have read the papers and now its his turn to play the game. He waits impatiently for Anjali so that she can go to Khushi and by the time to make his plan work out.

Arnav's room
Khushi has got the file ... standing confusingly. Once again thinking of the incidents and says to herself *I have left with no other choice to prove my innocence*

Her train of thoughts comes to an end when Anjali knocks in there. She was there to take some thing which was kept for drying at the pool side. Khushi and Anjali moves to the pool side when Shyam gets into the room to exchanges the papers. He keeps the Will in the file. Shyam leaves setting up his new plan! Anjali too walks away from the room.

Khushi stands confused thinking how to get him signed in those papers when she hears Akash talking to Aman of getting signatures from Arnav to some papers.

Khushi takes the file and goes to Akash. Khushi tells that she will get all the papers signed from Arnav. Akash gives those papers to Khushi and leaves. Khushi thinks to herself * Doesnt know if it would benefit you or not but still I will not let you escape so easily Shyamji*

At the Pool side
Arnav still struggling to get rid of Khushi's thoughts. He recalls the dance during the holi, their cnfession. But he suppresses them when Khushi comes there.
A - What ?
K - P.. Papers !
A - What papers ?
K - [ forwards the file ] Akash needs your sign in these papers. 
A - [ grabs the file ] Why was it necessary for you to give this to me ?!
K - He was on a call and was busy. 
Arnav takes out the papers and signs the papers without checking them out.. he says...
A - Dont think that I dont know what you are tryin to do... Made the room as it was before.. took all your things..and IT DOESNT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO ME.. okay ?! [ he said coldly ] 
K - I didnt do this intentionally so that it make you feel the difference ! As well you are blind to the real truth ..
 But before she continues.. he handovers her the file and says..
A - Whatever ..Khushi is hurt at this and leaves. 

At the sitting hall 
Khushi gives those papers to Akash and takes the file to the pool side and takes the PICS of those papers. She folds the papers and keeps it in a cover and thinks as where to hide them so that it doesnt get into the hands of Shyam. She takes a plant pot, takes out its soil and keeps the cover with that Will in the plant pot and covers it up with the mud. She then decides to herself * I wont give him the paper until he tells the truth to Arnav .. and as soon as he says the truth I will show these papers to Arnavji.. I cant let Shyam cheat Arnavji.. and neither will I cheat Arnav*

A few minutes later
Arnav - Khushi's room
Shyam gets into the room and asks her to give the papers. But Khushi courageously offends him and reminds him of the deal made by her with him. She puts forth a condition that he has to tell the truth to Arnavji at first and only then she would give him those papers. She shows the pic taken in the mobile so as to make him believe. Shyam asks how can he tell the truth to Arnav in the house and tells some stupid things. Shyam searches the room for the papers. Khushi tells that she is not so stupid and he wont get the paper until he tells the truth. Shyam leaves.

Arnav at the office
Khushi calls him but he disconnects the call. She rushes to call him from the home landline, Anjali sees a worried Khushi. 

Anjali says it was the 56th birthday of Arnav's and Anjali's mom. And during this day, Anjali goes to the orphanage and distributes clothes and sweets to them and then she goes to the temple. And Arnav on this day, always wishes to sit alone not knowing where he goes on that day just to stay alone. Khushi says he should never sit alone on that day as some one must be there for him to support. Anjali replies to her that she always tells him that but he NEVER SHARES HIS SORROW WITH ANYONE !And then Anjali gives the shocking news to Khushi that ARNAV WAS LEAVING TO LONDON. Khushi's eyes go wide out of shock! Anjali watches the clock and tells her that he will leave to London within 3 hours and leaves from there. 

Khushi is worried and tells herself * I know you are today and its my responsibilty to tell the truth to you as soon as possible! No I will never let you go !  I need to prove my innocence* She takes her purse and leaves to the airport.

Arnav's room
Shyam  is tensed thinking of the papers and decides to find it out at any cost! He messes up Arnav's room searching for the papers. Khushi in taxi calls Shyam and asks him to meet her at the Int'l airport and warns him that if he doesnt come there she wont hand him the papers and cuts the call. 

Shyam again starts searching for the paper in the room. Anjali who was passing by thinks that she must console Khushi as she might feel bad coz Arnav left without informing her. On the way to the room, she talks to HP. On hearing her voice, Shyam keeps the things back to the position. Anjali knocks the door calling for Khushi. She then finally opens the door when there was no response from Khushi. She is surprised  to find Shyam in the room. Its not the first time he is getting caught in Arnav's room and as usual he escapes giving his silly stupid reasons. 

At the airport
Arnav gets into the airport who is completely lost in the thoughts. Khushi reaches the airport and gives all the money to the taxi driver without taking the back. She tries to get in when the guards stop her asking her to show the ticket. Khushi goes to take the entry ticket but then she finds that she doesnt have money as she has given it all to the taxi driver in a hurry! She tries to get in but the guards again block her and asks her to move aside ! Khushi is worried and mutters Arnavji under her breath which only she could her ... no not only her but that low voice also was heard by some one too .. the person who IS HER HEART BEAT - Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada !!! Yes! He felt her presence there... the gust of wind on both when they both gazes at each other which brings a hope in Khushi..Rabba ve in the BG ! Unbearable to get separated even for a minute. She then calls him in his mobile, but watching her he cuts the call. She pleads to listen to her atleast for a minute. She again calls him .. finally he picks it up ..

K - Arnavji.. just listen to me once ...
A - what ? what should I listen to you again
K - Arnavji Just once.. I need to prove you the truth...

but then he cuts the call on anger.. she cries ... calls him aloud .. pleading him to listen to her once .. just once !!! But without bothering it.. he walks away with Khushi sobbing.. She was to go back when she finds him infront of her ..

K - { smile } You dont go ... ?
A - You forced me to stop from leaving .. [ Yeah it makes a difference to him ]
A - Why are you doing this ??
K - I need to talk to you .. How could you even think that I and Shyam ji ...

Hearing their both name together.. it was unbearable to him .. he cuts her in ..

A - I dont want to talk anything about this !

Khushi takes the ticket and passport from him...and pleads him to stay back just for a minute so that she can prove her innocence! She calls Shyam who tells that he would be there within few minutes. 

K - You will have to stay back !

Arnav takes his ticket from her and keeps it in the pocket and goes to the airport..

K - Arnavji.. please stay back for few minutes. I cant bear having a bad image of mine infront of you ..
A - You cant bear ??!! I CANT BEAR TO KNOW THAT ! Its time for my flight ...
 K - Please give me just one last chance to prove my innocence ... I have never done anything wrong to hurt you .. to which you are punishing me ! [ tears flew from her eyes ]

Arnav softens but still doesnt believe in her ... Rabba Ve ..

A - 10 minutes ! you have 10 minutes to prove it.. and after that I will be leaving ! 

Khushi calls Shyam who reaches there. He watches Arnav - Khushi waiting for him but still not moving towards them ! 

As time passes by, it gets crowded, when people starts hitting on Khushi. She is disturbed at this... but when the protector is near her why to worry. He protects her by keeping his hands on both her sides so that the people passes by without hitting on her. Rabba Ve. 

K - Di was telling that you were leaving... why dont you stay ..
A - you just have 3 minutes..

The final announcement goes to the passengers of London! 

A - thats the final call for my flight ... you asked to spare few minutes and I did it ... now thats it !
K - Please just 1 minute [ takes her mobile ]
A - stop it Khushi Stop it NOW ! I know no one will come .. I just stayed back only because ... [ pauses ] only because you could prove your innocence.. just a hope that you might be right ! BUT I was wrong ! Enough Khushi ... Now tell the truth .. no one was going to come here right ?
K - Please belive me .. I ...
A - You ... yeah right ... why did I once again believed in your words !
K - No .. I didnt make any excuse to stop you .. I didnt have any other intention.. I just wanted to prove my innocence to you.. just to gain your trust on me [cries] 

But Arnav leaves when Khushi held him back by holding his shoulder to which he just shrugs it off.

A - why ? Why Khushi ? WhY Is it so important for you to make me prove your innocence ? why does it make difference ?K - why ?? [ she asked sarcastically ] why does it matter ... its because its realted to YOU... if it was some one else it wouldnt have made any difference to me .. AND IF YOU LEAVE LIKE THIS THEN I WONT BE ABLE TO BREATh......... [ pauses] 

Rabba ve in the BG when they share an eye - lock ! an emotional eye - lock .. struggling to confess their feelings for each other ! To disturb  them the announcement goes for Mr. ASR ! He has to leave..But Khushi held his palm..

K - Please DONT LEAVE !
But he takes his hands away from her ..
K - Are you really going ?
A - Yeah ! I am leaving ... I just stayed just for you.. and now its time to go .. Good Bye ! 

He got into the airport when Khushi was stopped by the guard ! He took each step with flashbacks of all the memories with her ... Rabba ve .... He stops at a certain distance ... recalls her confession and his words during Heer - Ranjha Act ! and thinks to himself *WHy is it troubling me so much when going far away from Khushi.. why damn it ?!* He turns to go back to her when somebody calls him and asks if he was Mr. ASR ! 

Flight takes off ! The pilot asks air hostess if all the passengers had boarded the flight. BUt she replies that there was one who didnt... MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA !


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th May 2012 - Written Updates

You Idiot .. thats my Husband's chair ... get lost from the cabin else I will Bang your head with MY HUSBAND's STRONG LAPTOP !!!
Episode begins with Khushi shocked to find Shyam infront of her sitting in her husband's cabin. Khushi asks how dare he. but Shyam cuts her in asking why is she disturbing him when he had already said that it was just a simple deal. She tries to go away but Shyam stops her. He warns her NOT to interfere in his matters else he would spoil her life ! Khushi is shocked !!! He asks her to have trust on him.. Khushi looked at him pitily ... Does he even know what is the meaning of trust ... ?! He comes to his true colors.. he says he can tell Arnav that She was the one who came back of him and Arnav would believe him easily ! He says its her necessary to prove her innocence and so she has to give in for Shyam's offer .. He puts her in a dilemma! Without uttering anything she leaves the cabin worriedly.

He Left ignoring his OWN wife to WOO his laptop ?!
He surely must get married to the laptop !!!
She asks an employee where was Arnav... The employee replies that Arnav was at an important meeting... Khushi says she would wait for him.

Arnav giving his presentation when Khushi is worriedly waiting for him to come out of the conference hall !! Rabba Ve in the BG Time passes ... finally Arnav comes out of the room.

While passing to his cabin, he sees Khushi ... she is elated to see  as if she had got her life back on seeing him ! But without bothering her he walks past her [ new version of rabba ve's piano played in the BG ] While getting into the cabin, he glances her through the corner of his eyes... but still ignores her !!! He is trying to concentrate in his laptop when his eyes are stuck on Khushi who is still waiting for him worriedly! He moves to the corner to watch her who is all alone even when the office is crowd ... sobbing... who is verging to prove her innocence... to prove that she loved only one that is Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada and NOT Shyam Jha !!!His eyes spoke volumes of hate ... pain ... heartbreak ... when he watched her sobbing all alone ! Should he believe her words or should he believe what he saw that terrible night .. he stood confused watching her ... he wanted to comfort her wiping her tears and to say  * dont worry am always there for you* ... but he cant ... he is unable to do it ...the terrace scene is stopping him from doing so ...

Both stood staring at each other with flashing their memories... Their eyes spoke a lot, which they both themselves were unable to figure it out !!! Arnav turned away unable to tolerate it anymore ... he was back to his ASR mode and walked out of his cabin... with Khushi following him pleading him to listen her atleast once! But he never bothered her words... got into the car ...  shut his car glass .. and drove off ! Not even bothering to look at her through the side view mirror left her alone by shattering her...

Never giving up Khushi promises to herself  *I cant bear to see these hatred in your eyes.. I need to prove my innocence.. I havent done anything as you think... whatever may happen but I will win your trust back!* Shyam comes putting an end to her train of thoughts asking about her opinion. A lone tear flowing through her milky cheeks she thought * I need to make him believe and thats my ultimate aim...and for that I have just one way that is .. Shyamji* Shyam gives her the file which she takes... She tells that she wants to read those papers before getting it signed from Arnav! Shyam agrees to it and with an evil smile asks where should he drop her to home... Khushi leaves angrily.

Manorama scared of Payal thinking her to be a ghost! She is having the Nimbu and Mirchi to keep her away from evil eyes... [ it makes me remember of Arnav tying Nimbu and Mirchi to the tree when Khushi thinks he is doing some black magi on her :D :D ]

Arnav - Khushi's room
Khushi stood confused with the file in her hand without understanding if she should do get it signed or not... She keeps it in her cover and places it on the table. Khushi takes the stars and moves to the pool side when Arnav gets into the room. He is pretty suprised when there was no noise of wind chimes which he heard always after Khushi took over his room! It was missing now. He then notices that there were no starts no poster of Salman Khan. He wonders where was Salman Khan's poster. He hears the voice of wind chimes from the pool side and calls her who obediently goes to him.
A - Khushi ?!! What have you done to the room ?
K - I have taken all my things back and made this room as it was before ...
A - Why was it necessary ?
K - I felt like ...

Arnav grabs the stars from her hands and throws it away and grabs her by her shoulder...

A - You cannot chnage it as you wish for ... did you hear that ? Who gave you the permission to change it ??
K - No one .. and I KNEW IT TODAY !

Tears filled her eyes ... when saying that ... He slowly losens his grip on her..

A - [ calmly ] whats all this Khushi ?? Each day a new drama .. once it was the drama of being a good wife and whats up today ?
K - I felt like ... when you dont like to see my face then my cheap things would disturb you alot right ?!!!
[ Rabba Ve in the BG ]
He is hurt at her words.. its the face which he always wants to see .. would never leave a chance to be without seeing her ...  the 2 days which he spent without seeing her was the horrible days in his life ! But still he cannot express it .. its her antics which keeps him alive ..
Both have an eye - lock ... but Khushi backs off and takes a blanket and walks to the pool side when he stops her..A - Khushi STOP IT !
K - No .. I will sleep outside.... [ slides the door open ]
but Arnav grabs her from doing so throwing away the pillow from her.
A - [ angrily] I dont want to hear anything neither any explanation nor anything else ! Now you will do whatever I say !
K - No.. I ..
A - Khushi dont try to make me more angry okay ?
He said cutting her in ....
He grabs by her wrist and throws her on bed making her shocked !
A - You will sleep on the bed and thats final ! NO ARGUEMENTS ..
Saying this he switched off the lights and made his way to the recliner while Khushi laid on the bed using his blanket to have sleep or more apt to have a SLEEPLESS NIGHT !!!
[ NEW VERSION OF RABBA VE ] Khushi watches the file kept on the table and thinking *Now to prove the truth I must take his sign*


Arnav - Khushi at the airport ...
K - Just few minutes then I will prove everything..
The announcement goes calling all the passengers for the flight for London ...
They both stare at each when the next announcement goes calling for Mr. Arnav SinghRaizada !
A - Khushi I cant wait for any longer.. I will have to leave !
Arnav leaves... 

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