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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Notes - Written Updates

25th April 2012 Written Update

bua tells him forcefully to eat it and also tells Khushi feed to asr
Arnav says khushi ..eek kha loonga
Khushi take one Golgappa and feed it to Arnav
Rabba ve play in BG
their bit eyelock scene
Asr tells after eat...accha hai
Asr feel unwell after eat golgappa
Khushi tells him..why you eat golgappa..I knew resion behind it
Asr wondering and asked about that
Khshhi says...aap humse sorry Bolna chahte thee..isliye
Asr get irrited and says...tumhe koi dhoka hua hai...aisa nahi hai
Khushi's naughbour comes and she looking worried  about her daughter marriage wher she
stay her guest
Madhumati house like your house..dont worry stay some your guest here
she gone and after that khushi amma and bua reliaze that how they stay naughbour guest
 here because here already damad ji also
Asr overhear and says...koi baat nahi mein edjest kar loonga
Bua and Amma happy after hear it
Arnav not heared  whole conv.. and tells himself. why amma and bua looking worried
Bua comes to Asr room and asked ..are you feel  well
Asr reply..yes
Bua give him tea
Khushi also sitting there on the bed with wearing bedsheet over her
bua also give her tea and wondering how she doing it
Khushi tells her that she feel cold from air conditionar
Bua wondering and says,,,you have also a air conditionar to your house than why you feel 
cold from AC
khushi reply..there was big AV with Big room but here Big Ac in small room
Asr taunt over khushi and says...2-4 bed sheet aur lakar de doo khushi koo
Arnav comes closer to khushi...THERE beautiful eye lock scene
Asr shurprize about wedding prepration In Khushi's House
there are lots of crowd,,
Khushi dancing with kids
Asr called to khushi but she ignouring him
Asr irrited and ask. her loudly

24th April 2012 Written Update

The episode has started.

Arnav talking on the phone with the police...he has found all the parts for the car. Then he remembers blaming Khushi for it.

Arnav sees Bua Ji and Amma Ji having problems paying the Rashan man...he helps them!!
Bua Ji says itna ziyadah saman kyun kay ayay...he says khata jo bohut hoon...aur app khilati bhi bohut hain!

The precap scene has started...Khushi asks why dont u call her amma ji...he shouts at her... meri koi ma nahi hai...mar chuki hai...and goes away from there.

Bua Ji and Ama Ji start shouting at Khushi for irritating Arnav this way.!
Arnav enters the room...and is thinking about his past...the same scene where her mother gets shot.

Khushi enters the room...apologizing.

Arnav says tum nay jo kaha hai us say mujhe kitna bura lag raha hai...tum nahi samajh pao gi.

He says...sik tuo main tum aur tumhari family kay saath is ghatiya ghar main...and he stops...

Khushi says kah app bhi nahi samajh saktay kah ghreeb log kaisay rehtay hain
Khushi says hum bhi app say naraz hain kaafi batoon per...but I dont take out my anger on ur family members like u do!!
Mami Ji and Ms. B scene...Ms. B wants to make a family tree so she is taking Mami Ji's photos.

Back at the Guptas...Bua Ji gives honey to ama ji saying that we can ake some sweet from this wot effect his diabetes.

Bact to the Raizadahs...Ms. B is taking everyone's photos
At the Guptas...Bua Ji goes to call Arnav...but he is not in the room.

At the Raizadahs...Ms. B jealous of Payal.

After the starts with Payal-Akash-Ms. B scene...I am skipping it.

At the guptas...Arnav brings Gol Gapay...he says sorry for being angry bua ji and amma ji...he tells them kah main kissi ko maa nahi kah sakta...they both say its ok...and forgive him...and they say no need to take Khushi words to the heart!!

Khushi is very happy to see the Gol Gappay...she starts eating it...but as she comes to know that Arnav has brought it..she drops it.

Khushi is thinking to her self that she wont eat the Go Gappay brought by Arnav...but us ka dil bhi cha raha hai...she is so sweet...and Arnav looks irritated...he knows why she is doing this. Then she says...aik tuo kha saktay hain...aik say kuch nahi bhigray ga...and she starts eating...Rabba ve...Arnav is mesmerized!!...rabba Ve....

Precap: Someone wants to come and stay in the house...bua ji and ama ji looking skeptical to it...but Arnav comes from behind and says he doesnt mind...its fine with him
23rd April 2012 Written Update

The show begins with Arnav entering the bathroom to take a bath at Khushi's house but after applying soap for few minutes the TAP WATER goes off. Everyday at 9:30 AM the tap water goes off in that area. Khushi knew that and wanted Arnav to face such trouble.Arnav calls out for Khushi for help, she enters the bathroom and takes Arnav outside the house WATER PUMP to clean him off ... due to soap in face he was closing eyes, but when he realized he is outside the house ... he scolds Khushi for taking him outside the house...

Khushi smiles..

After the bathing incident Arnav now thinks to teach lesson he orders food from resturant. The food delivery guy comes and hands food with Rs. 5000 bill.Now the family member are tensed how to pay it. Bua ji and Aama anyhow arranges the money. Later Khushi comes and sees such bill and hears how they paid all their savings for single bill.
Shyam has gone to make duplicate key from the SOAP to key maker... he says the key maker to make it fast before anyone sees him.Suddenly Mamaji comes he ask him what was he doing there. Shyam says he lost LOCKER key of his office so is making a duplicate one. The keymaker hands him a key, at the same time tells him to take the soap too..Now Mamaji aks what soap...Shyam explains he had habit of taking a mark of any key in case it gets lost. ...Mamaji says good habit... 

Arnav comes out of the room and says Why did you pay ? to Bua ji..Khushi is thinking how to handle this situation...They all sit to eat the food... But Arnav says he had ordered for whole family ---Khushi is now happy that he took care of everyone ...Buaji is happy to eat such good dish...While having food a driver comes in and says Arnav to come out to see the jeep...Someoone had stolen all four tyres of the Jeep.Arnav takes Khushi out and shows... look what happened... Arnav thinks Khushi has done it...

Arnav comes to dining table, and he is silent, and Buaji and amma serve him.. They begin to eat, and arnav says he had ordered for all.. He says this is khushi favorite and gives a pack to khushi and one to each of them al have food.. 

Looks like arnav's car tyres, steering, seats and other parts also missing looks like it stolen.. Arnav shouts its all because of her, and accuses her, khushi refuses and they both fight.. Khushi asks to complain to police and asks arnav to come and have food, then goes inside.!! Arnav is irritated and stands aside his car..

 Episode ends..

Precap: arnav walks, khushi behind him she asks u call buaji as buaji, but y u r not calling amma as amma?? Arnav is angry at this question and shouts at her..
20th April 2012 Written Update

The show begins with whole bunch of neighbours knocking doors of Khushi's home saying due to A.C. load the light of whole area went off. Aama suggests to open window, Buaji suggest to burn mosquoti coil Khushi interrupts, finally mosquito net is placed.Arnav places a border cloth on the bed and says we can sleep together in a bed BUT DONT CROSS the border.

They both again fight for side of the bed and finally Khushi gives in and they both sleep on same bed... While alseep Khushi starts moving ... Arnav cannot sleep due to her frequent movements...While sleeping Khushi starts pushing Arnav ... whole night...

Next morning when he gets up he scolds Khushi how did she behaved last night during asleep...He says he is going out for jogging...While jogging he meets a group of people doing exercise with their traditional logs... They say to Arnav why dont he join he first says no thanks but when Khushi comes there saying No need you wont be able to do ...

 He takes off his tracksuit and starts doing amazingly ... Everyone praises him... and says Khushi to bring water for Arnav... She is stunned to see his skill...Rabba MEre...Arnav now teases Khushi tells her to hold log but she couldn't hold... He says: Ohooo you cant hold...

At home Bubbly and Manorama are in the room. Bubbly is looking to laptop.Payal brings some doll to give to Bubbly but she says she dont like dolls even when payal advices her to not look into laptop for long Bubbly says YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER...

At Khushi home, Arnav and Khushi enters home ... Arnav goes to take a bath but Bauji advices him about few problems of tap . Khushi says she will need to fix something in bathroom and enters...

Arnav enters bathroom to help her to take out the clothes for washing...She once again teases him asking for washing power. Whatever he hands she says its not that... finally he handles all jars of powder. She once again says him to place all other jars back to same place. When she is about to leave she sees Arnav's shower gel has dropped .. Arnav is angry.

Episode ends

While bathing the water stops.. Arnav calls for Khushi ... Bauji says didn't you tell him that water stops at 9:00 AM. 
18th April 2012 Written Update

Episode Starts Arnav is wroking on his laptop nd is sweating.. he is feeling uncomfortable nd he is nt able to concentrate.. he den gets up 4rm da chair nd sits on da bed.. he sees 1 pik in da room of khushi nd salman khan nd is lyk "0.0" ... bua nd amma near da door bua says amma to go nd asks amma says her to go.. bua is lyk hw wil i go nd dey realizes dt he is going to see.. soo dey move bck nd close da door.. arnav luks at da door nd den he asks whthr it is bua ji she says no its nt me i wil goo.. arnav is lyk buaji.. dey cme.. amma is lyk sme ppl hav cme to meet u. he says ohh yeaa i knw.. bua is lyk u knw? he den gets up nd cmes out nd says yea for da AC nd den wen he is out he sees oll da aunty.. khushi is lyk u bought him so fast.. he is lyk WHT THE.. oll da aunties luk at him.. khushi is lyk wht the means kaun hain meri pehchaan karao.. den khushi introduce dem.. 1 aunty says dt he is vry nyc.. bua is lyk oh yess he is one of a kind.. arnav is lyk i wil go. khushi stops him nd makes him sit.. den says dt he is a li'l shy.. den 1 aunty asks dt is fine buh wht abt his education.. he must be 10th pass.. khushi says arnav to say.. arnav den says dt he dd MBA 4rm Harword.... den sme thing happens.. he meant ki he has a chain of industries. den da aunties r lyk CHAIN.. u hav Businees of Chain.. den khushi is lyk nooo he has chain of business.. den 1 aunty gets up nd says u r vry beautiful beta.. nd pulls his cheek.. den 1 aunty givs money khushi is lyk nooo.. den da aunty says u can buy perfume for him.. khushi is lyk he lyks perfume a lot.. esp in da hanky.. den da aunty is lyk keep khushi happie nd hope u leave for oll da SAATH JANAM.. dey luk at each othr.. den bua is lyk she wil drop da aunties til da door nd cme.. evry1 went.. only ARSHI r dere.. nd dey r luking at each othr *RABBA VEEEE*.. khushi is standing for smetym buh den leaves buh stops nd luks at him evn he wil luk at her.. nd den dey both goo...anji is tokking to bubbly abt da baby she is showing her sme book nd toking.. dere is sme1 on da door.. bubbly is lyk Mr.A came nd goes nd question wht is dere in deir hand.. den dey answer nd she opens da door.. bubbly sees dt he has a gift.. she is lyk so sweet she drew painting for him nd he bought gift for her.. she runs away akaash cols her to hav tea buh she olready went.. akaash goes to anji nd says dt its been 1 month dtz y he bought gift.. payal cmes akaash says her happy anniversary.. anji says bubbly dt dey shud be going nd dey wil go to anji's room to watch cartoons.. anji left buh bubbly is dere nd akaash hands payal da gift.. bubbly luks at da painting she made nd is sad..den dose ppl came whom arnav had cold.. dey askd 1 of da aunty dt whr is ASR.. den da aunty told him da house.. da aunties r lyk oh wow new AC in MAdumati's house.. den da aunties cme to da door nd dey r lyk see hw good he is..t aking care of da family..da aunties go.. khushi asks arnav dt wht is he doing.. bua is oso abt to ask buh he says wait.. den arnav is lyk m only putting a AC... aftr we leave it wil help dem.. amma is feeling a bit bad abt it.. nd dey leave.. khushi sees amma going..den da AC ppl r lyk wil da walls be able to take da weight of da AC coz it is a old house.. bua is lyk it wil take care.. den da person hands him his stuff.. den da bua nd amma r a li'l sad.. arnav says dt he has a habit to use his stuff.. bua is lyk no problem.. as far as u r satisfied ovr here we dont hav ne prob.. khushi is feeling bad coz amma nd bua is oso feeling bad abt his behavoiur..khushi is sad.. amma is abt to leave.. khushi says dem stop... amma is lyk nt a problem.. wen u oso went to dt house evn u must hav had sme changed.. den she remmbrs da scene in which he told her dt she wil sleep bu da poolside.. den bua is lyk nt a problem :) nd leave..nyt:-khushi is shokd to see his bathroom stuff *shampoo's nd oll :P * nd den AC.. khushi is lyk he dd lyk hw i dd in his room.. he took ovr my room.. :@ den she is lyk i dd change ur room.. buh i neva hurted othrs feeling.. nd den she is oll frustated.. abt hw arnav insulted dem by his act.. she is lyk i wil do sucha thing dt u wil remmbr til ur lyftymmarnav cme's out of da bathroom nd says i wil nt sleep wid u on da same bed.. he says is dere no sofa.. she says no. nd dere is no spare bed oso to sleep on.. u cant sleep down oso.. nd if u doo oso ur hairs wil be da food for rats.. he is lyk WHT? she says yea at nyt dere r many rats.. he is lyk ok i wil sleep in da car.. she is lyk think abt iut again.. wht wil amma nd bua think.. newyz olready u dd such a thing by showing dt u r da dammad of diz house..khushi opens da curtain.. he is lyk bloody hell *coz dere r mosquitoes*.. she is lyk hoped dt u dint hav allergy wil da aggarbatti (coil)... she den takes out smething.. its lyk a badminton.. which kills mosquitoes.. dere wz 1 machar on his nose.. she is lyk hw dare u nd is abt to hit him he bends down.. he says dt he wil on da AC.. he on's da AC nd closes da window.. he is lyk he wil sleep on diz side of da bed.. he is abt to go wen da lights goes off .. khushi opens da window nd sees dt da fool arrea lyts went off (coz of da AC)

Precap:-ppl of da area r near da electricity box den da man is lyk da load had increased.. den dey r lyk hw dd da load increase.. den he says wen sme1 brings new machine we cme to knw by diz problem... den 1 aunty is lyk yea dt Madhumati ji has bought AC nd dey r lyk lets go dere..bua is lyk dt dt dammad ji has bought AC.. nd den arnav cmes 4rm back nd sees da ppl on da door nd is a li'l shokd! xD

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