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Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Notes - Written Updates

10th April 2012 Written Update

The show begins with Khushi entering the bedroom where Arnav acting to be asleep on couch.Suddenly goat comes she starts talking with goat. She says I will not show my face to Arnav. Will be working to keep myself away from him..Arnav hears all that... she goes to bed and sleeps.Arnav looks sleeping beauty.

Next morning suddenly Arnav is awake due to some disturbing sound.He comes down dressed. Anjali meets him. She says: Why has Khushi gone so silent why is she giving tution ? She advises Arnav to look after Khushi.Arnav says: There is nothing to worry. 

Arnav goes to office. Anjali goes to Khushi's room advice her. She tells Arnav's childhood. Arnav never liked anyone showing love to him. He loves everyone but he doesn't know how to express his love. Khushi plans to use his that behaviour against him to make him angry now. 

So when he comes home from office... she acts like SATI-SAVITRI and tries to take off her shoes. She enacts Gopi of Saath Nibhana Saathiya... Arnav gets irritated... and goes to other room. 
Manorama goes to Akash-Payal's room to give news regarding some guest coming soon in the house. 

At Arnav's bedroom, once again Khushi acts as SATI-SAVITRI Dulhan... Calls Arnav: Swami...She says: Yeh Garma Garma Chai Hum Arpan Karte Hain... Arnav says: What is this madness. 
Khushi goes on irritating Arnav says she has already arranged Towel, perfume and everything for morning... She hands him a glass of water. Arnav goes to bathroom. 

At drawing room, Akash is happy that guest named bubbly is coming. Payal is bit amused who is Bubbly. 

At Arnav's bedroom, Arnav is anxious to see his wardrobe being changed with colorful clothes... 
Khushi has thrown all his old clothes.. and replaced with all colorful flashy shirts. He calls Akash for some shirts but even he has gone out even Payal can't help has Akash has cupboard keys.

At dinning table Manorama talks about Bubbly. Suddenly Arnav comes wearing PINK SHIRT...

Episode ends

9th April 2012 Written Update
The show begins with Khushi's voice talking to someone.Arnav goes towards the sound and sees Khushi is teaching some children tution. Arnav saysWTH ... Khushi begins her tutorials. ... tries to teach ard. 4 students. Arnav is angry and goes out and ask Nani what is this ?Manorama says: Until you guys have your child, Fatisari will teach other children.Nani says: Khushi works with tiffin system and evening she will do some tution whats odd in that.

Khushi begins tution with some storytelling about some Angel and Jungle... Horror ... While telling horror story in dark. Suddenly Arnav comes and scares everyone... Khushi shouts and so the children.Arnav goes out of the room. Khushi continues her story of demon & angel. She slowly starts telling her own story in disguise...While telling story... her eyes meet Arnav's even Arnav understands the story ... The story of Prince & Demon both are same... one haunts her another is her prince charming... Angel is confused...

Children ask what happened then ?Khushi says nothing... .Suddenly the children starts fighting... and breaks pencil. Khushi goes out to bring new pencil. The children makes some plan.Arnav is watering plant, suddenly phone rings he goes out while talking... when he returns... all his plants are gone...and the children are in pose to attack Arnav

One child says: If you want your plants then you need to eat Green Chilli. Or you need to sign this letter. The letter says 'I will eat harpeet... Sign Here'.Arnav makes joke and says why not eat you. They give one letter to Khushi. Which says I am shaitan.. why are you using children... blah blah...She writes something on paper and hands to one child to give that letter to Arnav...
The exchange of letters begins each rambling what they think about other... each making fun of other.While exchanging notes, Anjali comes in between and reads one note send by Khushi to Arnav. She reads and realizes once again the couple are fighting. She takes note and tell kid that she will hand that note to Shaitan.
Episode ends

6th April 2012 Written Update

Hari prakash gives Anjali some papaya and ...Arnav stops her saying she shouldn'teat papaya during pregnancy.
Anjali triesto argue but Arnav doesn't listen and tellsHP that he does't want to see even onepapaya in the house.
Khushi sees all thisand wonders how the man who loves hissister so much can hate her to this extent

She seems genuinely sad. Arnavsees the medicine Shyam and Khushi hadgot for her yesterday and Anjali is forcedto tell her the truth. Arnav gets panickedbut Anjali says that Khushi and Shyamtook care of her. Arnav is shocked to knowthis. He goes but HP comes saying that hefound something in his room which heforgot to give.

Anjali recognises that it'sShyam's mauli but doesn't suspect him.Arnav sees Khushi going upstairs andrecalls how he was so rude and harsh withher. He stops her and tells her that heknows the truth about Anjali's medicine,she should've told him. Khushi says shedoesn't need to tell him anything andleaves.

Arnav gets angry recalling howShyam had touched Khushi and howthey'd hugged. He thinks it doesn't matterif she got Anjali's medicine, she could'verefused to go with Shyam.Nani gives Shyam some prasad and he ishappy. He shows her a dhaga and saysthat his client told him this will get himhappiness.

He wants to give it to Arnavsince he seems tensed. Nani is happy thatShyam is worried about the family. Herequests Nani to give Arnav the dhagasince he will not take from his hands. Nanithinks it is a good idea. Just then, Arnavarrives and Nani goes to give it to him.

Itis revealed that through the thread,Shyam wants an insight into Arnav'swallet where the locker's key might bekept.Payal is trying to cheer Manorma up butshe is still upset since she again fell on thestage. She tells Payal to go away from herroom.

Nani tells Arnav that she wants him tokeep the thread in his wallet. Arnav sayshe doesn't believe in all this. Nani getsupset at this and starts to emotionallyblackmail him. Shyam also comes andtries to convince him in the name of Anjali.Arnav finally agrees tired of all the'emotional drama'. He starts to put it inthe wallet when Shyam bangs into himand his wallet falls. He apologises sayinghis leg slipped and picks the wallet up. Heis delighted to see that the key is there indeed. He gives it to Arnav and starts tothink of how to get that key now.Arnav comes and sees Khushi taking her clothes from the balcony.

He scolds her fordrying her clothes in the blacony. Khushi ignores him and tells HP to take the clothes and dry on the terrace. He can'tfind the file and again scolds Khushi forkeeping the room messily. Khushi giveshim the file and starts playing with Laxmi.

Arnav says it is good she isn't talking,easier to tolerate her and he doesn't wanther to come to the office either since hedoesn't want to see her face and sayssome hurtful things which get tears inKhushi's eyes Khushi decides she won'tcome in front of him now. She calls upMadhumati.Arnav is working in the balcony on hislaptop.

He calls Anjali to ask if she hastaken the medicine. He goes to look forKhushi but realises he hasn't seen her allday. He just thanks his stars and startsreading something. Finally, he feels sleepyand goes to the couch. He misses Khushiand recalls all the moments spent withher on their honeymoon night.

In the morning, he is woken up with thesound of windchimes. He turns to the bedand sees Khushi missing again. HP comesand tells him everyone has gone to thetemple. He gets ready and sees theSalman Khan poster and misses Khushiagain.At night, HP opens the door.

Arnav startslooking around the house and HP asks ifhe wants something. He nods in a no andgoes.In his room, he freshens up and wondersthat he didn't see Khushi even today.Finally, he tries to call her and sees somestars hanging. He recalls how she wantedto hang them on top of the bed.Finally, he goes outside and starts lookingfor Khushi around the house. Nani noticesthis and asks him who he is looking for. Hesays no one.

He asks HP also but hedoesn't know either. Just then, he hearsher talking to some children and followsher voice. He wonders where she is.

No precap.
5th April 2012 Written Update

Aakash consoling his mother...the winners are the same saas bahu , Nani says it's all because of Khushi, and asks ASR  where is she..he excuses himself
the winner entry giving the winning speech, looks at the check (illogical stuff, fancy dress and 5 lakh, gotta be kidding me!)
Mami is throwing kiddy tantrums, the winning saas comes and says I want to say something, and thanks themselves ..ASR is shocked too when she says how her son lost job and she needed this money..
ASR realizes what she did, nani says  KSR is so good
She also says how Payal did that on purpose..and they say Mami being in the compt killed their winning chances
Mama says what good did you do to get such a gem of a DIL? Aakash calls her and asks the other to wait
ASR is lost in his wife's thought, sudden;y realizes that Shyam is not there too, asks Mamaji..
Arnav searching Khushi
 Khushi comming with Shyam
Shyam holds her hands
Khushi scold him
Snake tell wrong somthing about Asr
Khushi andgry and says..voh hamare husband hai
Khushi tells him...leave me wanna i will slap you
Shyam reply..maria khushi ji iss karan aap meujhe tauch toh karengi
Khushi cring and tells..leave my hands
Snake evil smile and not leaves her hands
Asr watching whole scene  getting Much angry but cant says anything to him
ASR misunderstanding after Watch Khushi with evil shyam and asked khushi about this
when he get her alone
Asr and Khushi  confrontation scene
asr blamed  khushi about all things Happened
Asr anggry and  asked khushi about whats her plan now
khsuhi feeling sad
asr holds her hands
Khushi wants to go but asr again holds her hands and pinned on the wall
Asr tells her..mujhe tumhari tarah accha banne ka natak karna nahi aata..i am asking somthing
from you demit..reply
Khushi reply..hume nahi pata aap ko kya answer vajah ka gusaa karte hai aap
asr tells..mere gussa ki vajah hai..are you want to know about that
khushi..yaa.i want to know about it
Asr reply..tumse itni hate karne ke baad bhi mein tumhe sahan kar rahoo hoo
khushi shocked and asked..toh aapne humse saadi kyo ki
asr and khushi fighting talking
khushi try to go and feeling inblance and going to fall down just asr holds her hands
Rabba ve playing on BG
their cute eyelock scene
khushi asked him. with pain eyes..if you hate me than why you saved me and holds my hands


3rd April 2012 Written Update

gabbar arrives with his samba dialogues and thakur ka jhooka sar and ek hath :P
says samba went to dhobi ghat  rubbish dialogues
audience laughing :P
KSR getting worried about Nani, Nani in the gr says that how can I wear this? ASR putting his piece of advice, Nani keeps the cloth on him and says you can wear this
ASR looks like he had been told to do home work dheer sara
another entry arrives, lagta hain Salim Anarkali
the manager comes and asks where her partnher is..KSR gets worried,
the announcer says it's time for heer ranjha..KSR looking around for nani, the announcer pushes her to the stage, she stares blankly, family is worried
she blankly starts calling for ranjha, audience ki khush phush
they laughi
KSR starts caling for MAJNU!!
she starts I'll start again, she calls naniji
NANI is still deciding to make him wear that! ASR denies, she says that that's what I taught you? leaving us like this? she is angry
he comes back saying it's a stupid competition
Nani says you will like when they will make fun of your wife? she goes and brings his keys and asks him to leave
KSR starts again, she is serious and introduces her character, Audience is still laughing, she looks dejected :(
ASR arrives
she is shell shocked, she says Arnavji? he says hurry cause I don't know a line
she says that those who are in love don't need words
the act starts showing how Heer fell in love with Ranjha. ASR is lost in her
she says today I am marrying him whom I love
she is twirling around, acting to look in a mirror..she is smiling to herself and ASR is
KSR eats the sweet that's poisonous, she says it's so sweet!
she says if I will have poision too it will be sweet
ASR whispers when do I come?
she says after sometime
he says then?
she says the best part of your life and the worst for ranjha, he says matlab? she says my death'
he is shocked
she stumbles a little and falls (dies)
ASR comes to the stage and bents down begging her to come's like he is telling their own story how he tried to make himself understand that she doesn't mean a thing to him but he knows he won't be able to leave without her
he takes her head and eats the sweet from her hand
Upc: his face is inches apart from her and says it's not truth or lie, but I will , oforever and ever...and he falls
KSR opens her eyes
he falls down and she opens her eyes, she looks at him having misted eyes
someone stadnds up and gives them a stading ovation, Shyam ka baccha won't stand up
ASR gets up and picks her up, they bow down HAND IN HAND
she says that you were saying something?
he says what? she says hamesha and hamesha kya?
Anji goes and nani and she laughs, they all did that on purpose
she asks him tell!! he leaves her hand goes,
he is about to go when she says you can't leave like that
he slowly gives her ring back , fingers lingering and brushing against each other *MUSTWATCH*
she says you also get angry when I go have to tell me!!
he says what?
she says when you were unfair that didn't matter, what mattered was..that I will forever and ever..what?
he says it was a dialogue..
and I did it for my family and goes
precap: the judges chose them but she says it was cheating cause he joined last minute and were "just acting"
ASR is..hurt!

2nd April 2012 Written Update

The show begins with Last week secne, where Arnav reveals Khushi that he doesn't want to give credit to Khushi thats why he was acting dumb for past few days. Khushi asks: Why ? But isn't the credit still goes to me... Arnav tries to ignore but as Nani is watching so Khushi gives hint to Arnav.

Naniji tells Khushi: Lets go to Fancy dress competition. Naniji, Arnav, Khushi, Manorama, Payal leaves for fancy dress competiton...After droping family Arnav tries to leave, but Nani doesnt give key to Arnav's jeep in order to force him to stay for the show...

At home, Shyam enters Arnav's room again checks cupboard, can't find keys to locker. Suddenly bell rings...

At the show;

It looks like Khushi forgot Nani's costume. Nani makes arrangement for the costume by calling a tailor.Arnav still argues with Anjali, Akash to let him go home, but they insist him to stay. The show begins with SANCHITA's performance 'Chikni Chameli' from Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar 2Manorama also promotes Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar 2 .Khushi and Manorama both says Chikni Chameli is their song...
Arnav just keeps on staring Khushi ... Naniji's cloth has not yet arrived... and they will have to perform soon...

Next song is by Shivam from Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar 2 Tu hi mera song... Arnav is watching Khushi dancing on the song tunes... He hands earring to Khushi... He is watching her closely...She wears that earing ... .Wow gr8 song...

Finally Moitlal brings costume, but he brought HEER RANJHA costume instead of their regular costume... Manorama is wearing KRISHNA ... costume... Payal says she is looking gr8 and she will win...

Payal is concerned whether Khushi is ready or not and is about to go to meet Khushi. A girl who says she is daughter in law of Veena stops Payal and tells her to come along with her.

At dresssing room Khushi has worn her attire now Nani is worried how to wear male costume... Arnav arrives and Nani gets an idea - WHY NOT SEND ARNAV ?

Nani tells Heer Ranjha's tragic love story to make her understand her role. Nani sends Khushi on stage... Arnav comes and Nani thinks of Arnav as Ranjha...At stage entrance ... Khushi is asked where is Ranjha...
Episode ends


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